Leanna’s Ready for a Scoop Seeing Phyllis Manipulate Diane Into Going Upstairs, Devon Agrees to Drop the Lawsuit, and Elena Reconsiders Calling JT

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Leanna Love looks for a scoop, Lily tries talking Devon into putting their fight behind them, and Christine is thinking of returning to the DA’s office. In the previous episode, Neil was honored at the gala, Leanna Love appeared, and Mamie refused to mend fences with Jill as Ashley’s heart warmed at reuniting with Mamie.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for March 24, 2023 episode airs in the USA March 27. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Jack hands Diane a glass of champagne at the gala and they toast. They hit the dance floor as he warns her that people will talk.

jack and diane toast

Spotting them, Lauren vents to Michael about Jack reuniting with Diane. He’d told her that door was shut.

Michael gives a little hurrah to second chances and reminds her Jack’s a big boy. He thinks they look great together.

michael and lauren dance

She thinks all hell will break loose if Phyllis shows up and sees them together.

Lauren and Michael get a table with Jill and start teasing her about her life and loves. They toast and drink.

Leanna Love comes in and tells Diane and Jack that they’ve won. Their reunion is just the story she was looking for. They shoo her away.

leanna interrupts jack and diane

Leanna says Diane will never get a better chance to clear her name. Jack thinks that’s bull.

Leanna tells her how luck she is. She remembers what a phenomenal lover Jack is.

Kyle and Summer slow dance and he tells her how cool it is to have a jazz venu in the athletic club. He’s glad they moved home after hearing all the speeches about the future of Genoa City.

kyle and summer dance

When they get a table, the nanny calls. They panic for a moment when they mishear her saying that something is missing.

They head outside to brainstorm about where to search for a stuffed animal.

Victor and Nikki watch the dancing. He loves to see the families celebrating. She’s cringing at Jack and Diane and says it’s not too late to save him.

“Baby, it’s not too late to dance with me,” he says. They dance.

Adam and Sharon return after getting some fresh air. He’s been avoiding Jack and Sally. She thinks he’s been handling it well.

Spotting his sister, he thinks he needs something stronger than champagne.

Elena and Audra gape at Nate and Victoria sitting at the bar. Audra urges her to keep her eyes on the Newman.

audra warns elena about victoria

Elena stalks over and makes sur to kiss Nate until Victoria feels awkward enough to walk away. Elena asks what she missed.

elena stops victoria with nate

She tries talking to him but gets annoyed because he won’t stop staring at Victoria.

Victoria sits with Tucker and Ashley. She wishes she knew what was going on with McCall Unlimited. He claims he’s keeping it open but has some strong preferences.

victoria, tucker and ashley mope around the gala

He admits he would prefer to sell to Devon. She says they can revisit that when he turns him down and asks what Ashley’s angle in this is.

Ashley claims she doesn’t have one. They make an excuse and walk over to the bar.

Victor strolls over and asks his daughter what that was all about.

They talk about Tucker and he suspects that McCall has been playing them. Adam joins them and wants to be filled in. He surmises they both want to buy the company but have different visions.

victoria at the gala

His sister tells him that no matter how it shakes out, he’ll never be CEO.

adam talks business gala

Victor is annoyed by his children bickering.

Victoria wanders back to Nate, who tells her that he and Elena are back to where they need to be as a couple.

victoria finds nate at gala

Audra corners Elena, who tells her she’s reconsidering her suggestion to interview JT for her podcast.

audra and elena decide maybe they will get JT to do the podcast

Billy and Chelsea arrive and he assures her he will be by her side all night. If it’s too much, they’re out of there.

chelsea arrives with billy

They find Daniel and chat with him about her game. He’s encouraging.

They chat about Lily. This is uncomfortable for Chelsea.

Esther arrives and immediately bumps into Leanna, who hardly recognizes her without her feather duster. Esther wonders why she’s at an event for the elite of the city.

esther with leanna love

Leanna quizzes her about the rumblings at Chancellor-Winters.


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Tucker and Ashley sit at the bar. Jill joins them and attacks him for coming after her company and thinking they would be too stupid to catch on.

tucker bored at gala

He apologizes. She doesn’t accept it. He says they are both players.

She’s miffed and tells him she’s taken steps to prevent whatever he has in mind. All he’s done is make Chancellor-Winters stronger.

Jill finds Chelsea and Billy and they chat about the positive strides in his life since his break-up. She tells him they can only do their best and is sorry she was so hard on him when he left Chancellor-Winters.

jill goes to see son

He thanks her for her vote of confidence on his life. Jill tells him he’s an outstanding father.

Billy isn’t sure why she’s being so nice. She unloaded all her negativity on Tucker already.

She notes that they are together and glad they are friends. After she leaves, they bust out laughing.

chelsea and billy react to jill

Under a giant photo of Neil, Devon tells Lily he doesn’t know how they can fix anything. She asks him to go somewhere and talk this over for their father’s sake.

lily wants to get past issues with devon

Devon and Lily go outside. She says cancelling the IPO changes everything. He points out that Victor made that possible.

She reminds him that Victor has cared about him since he was a teenager. Everything and everyone he was worried about is gone. She’ll back off and let him run his own division and she’ll run hers.

lily wants make amends devon

He doesn’t think he can work with someone who went out of his way to hurt his feelings. She’s sorry for lashing out. Hiring Amanda was wrong.

He admits he should have been more honest about his feelings. His sister thinks they can get past this and reminds him of all they’ve been through.

“This can’t be the thing that breaks us,” she begs.

When Neil’s favorite song comes on, Lily says it must be a sign. Devon hates that they’ve let things go this far.

Shaking his head, he tells her he will drop the lawsuit. She hugs him and they apologize to each other.

In a suite, Phyllis tells Stark that she’s sure Diane and Jack will declare their engagement to all and sundry. He tells her they need to get that engagement ring and slips on his mask.

Stark heads down the stairs in his velvet coat and mask and pulls up his Argyll socks.

stark puts on mask

He walks around the tables in the jazz lounge snooping.

Michael and Lauren dance over to Jack and Diane. Jack is happy to be out enjoying himself. Michael wants to challenge him to a dance off.

Stark sweeps between them, brushing up against Jack’s jacket. They instantly assume the disguised man is Jeremy.

Jack wants to chase him down but Diane urges him to back off. She suggests they announce the engagement right now. He doesn’t want Stark to ruin their moment and takes off to talk to security.

When she turns around, Phyllis startles her and gives her a death stare. She tells her that Kyle is sick and he’s in her suite. He’s been asking for his mother.

phylis glares at diane

Diane assumes she’s lying and tries texting her son.

Stark has Kyle’s phone.

jeremy has kyle's cell phone

When Kyle doesn’t respond, Phyllis assures Diane she’s not planning to kidnap and gives her the number of the suite.

Kyle and Summer return after sorting things out. Daniel wanders over and asks when the last time they saw Phyllis was. They had an odd conversation and she took off.

daniel and summer find Phyllis words odd gala

Summer explains the same thing happened to her.

The siblings wonder if they’ve been too hard on her.

Michael and Lauren find Christine and ask where Paul is. She explains he’s visiting his family in Portugal and then commends them on their food and beverage selections.

christine at the gala

He asks her how the arbitration is going. All Christine will say is that she’s thinking of going back to the DA’s office when she’s done with it. She needs a change.

Christine chats with Sharon, who starts showing her photos of Mariah and Tessa’s baby. Nikki joins them to coo about the cuteness and welcome Sharon to grandmotherhood.

nikki, sharon and christine look at baby photos

Leanna Love watches Phyllis follow Diane up the stairs.

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