John and Marlena Share a Touching Reunion, and Bo’s Behavior Stuns Kayla

Days of our Lives recap for Monday, March 27, 2023.

In today’s Days recap, John makes a shocking discovery when he finds Marlena alive and well, and Kayla is reunited with Bo while Steve captures Megan.

In the last Days recap, Ben and Ciara received news that she’s pregnant, and Rolf awakened Kayla to test out his newly finished serum as John finally laid eyes on Marlena, and Kayla ran into Bo.

On a call at the pub, Roman updates Lucas about the search on Megan.

Eric appears and he tells his son that Hope has a lead on Megan thanks to Harris Michaels.

Eric worries. After what he did last summer, do they trust him?

Roman fills him in on Michaels’ being a hero in the Navy before Megan got a hold of him.

eric and roman at the pub

John and Steve are looking for Megan now and Roman says he has a plane to catch.

He’s going to lay Kate to rest in Ireland.

Eric learns that Kate liked being a Brady and she wanted to learn all about them.

roman at the pub

Austin, Carrie and Billie will meet there and they’ll scatter her ashes.

Lucas wants to be there but he knows Roman can’t wait any longer.

He can’t carry the urn around like Anna did for years. Eric wants to come with his dad but Roman asks him to take care of the pub.

Eric says to give everyone his love and thinks what he’s doing is beautiful.

Roman says goodbye and they embrace. He takes off.

eric and roman hug goodbye as he goes to ireland

In Frederik Maryland at the ISA facility, Ciara walks in on Hope and Harris kissing.

harris kisses hope

They embrace and Hope wonders how she got in there since it’s a secured facility.

Ciara convinced Cousin Andrew to let her in and is glad because she’s in time to stop her mom “from making the biggest mistake of your life.”

ciara with hope at isa facility

Hope and Harris try to explain but Ciara can’t believe she’s kissing the man who almost killed all of them in Montreal. Bo would roll over in his grave. Hope tells her daughter that he’s helping them and that Harris isn’t the same man. Ciara calls him a monster, probably still loyal to Megan. Hope tells Ciara about his deprogramming and the shock therapy that he volunteered for. Michaels sides with Ciara.

michaels apologizes to ciara

He terrorized their family and is grateful he can apologize to Ciara in person.

He tears up and says he’s sorry and doesn’t blame her for not wanting him near her mother.

Hope reminds her that when she got together with Ben, nobody thought he’d change but she did.

Hope believes Harris. Ciara nods. She’s worried about her mama. The women agree to meet again before Ciara goes back on the boat. She leaves and Harris worries he’ll hurt Hope.

Maybe she should stay away. Hope thinks she’s capable of taking care of herself.

ciara and hope talk about harris

Bo runs into Kayla on the way out of the lab on the island. She gasps and throws herself into his arms.

“You’re alive. My brother’s alive.” Bo says, “Good to see you too, Sis.”

Megan groans and they update each other on what happened.

bo and kayla reunite

Bo wants to leave since Megan’s coming to. Bo takes her outside and says it’s the way off the island but Kayla’s not going anywhere. Marlena’s inside.

He tells his sister she can take care of herself. Kayla’s startled. She asks if he knows where Kate is and Bo says yeah, he shot her.

Kayla goes into shock. She doesn’t believe him.

Bo calls her a conniving, manipulative snake and he did Roman a favor. Kayla says Roman might never get over this. Bo doesn’t care.

Kayla realizes he was brainwashed to do this. They need to go get Marlena so she can deprogram him.

Bo doesn’t want to be that man. He died years ago.

He doesn’t need fixing. Kayla asks about Hope. He calls that ancient history but Kayla says they were still in love, like her and Steve. 

kayla shocked bo shot kate

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John finds Marlena in one of the cylinders in the other lab.

He tries to pry it open by hand and when it doesn’t happen, he hits a big red button that sounds an alarm and opens the chamber.

He touches Marlena.

john and marlena jarlena reunion on the island

“My God she’s breathing. She’s alive. Oh my God, she’s alive. He holds her close and kisses her head.

He begs her to open her eyes. He goes to get help when Rolf walks in.

John attacks him and Rolf says he’ll give them time alone.

john and marlena reunited on the island

John says to wake his wife up so they can get the hell out of there.

John uses his gun to force Rolf to wake Doc up. Doc talks about how she’ll be a living testament to his genius.

He injects her. She wakes up and John holds her as she cries.

They reunite and she tells him Megan’s been holding others. Kayla and Kate.

John’s shocked. He learns Megan said that Kate was shot. He tells Doc he’s there with Steve.

john attacks rolf

Back in the lab, Megan wakes up alone and angry that Bo left. Steve wanders in.

She tells him she was on her way out. He raises a gun. “Got that right.”

steve sees megan hathaway

She killed his wife and will pay. He calls her a psychotic bitch and asks why she let them die.

He knows she stole the orchid. Megan says she took the orchid to save the three ladies.

She tells him that his Sweetness is alive. Steve doesn’t believe her. He holds his gun on her.

steve holds a gun to megan

Steve and Megan arrive at the other lab and Steve is stunned to see Marlena.

He becomes emotional and John covers Megan while Steve holds Marlena.

They cry and she tells him Kayla’s alive. Steve looks at her in shock. He demands to know where she is.

Rolf snuck out, John says, and maybe he can direct Steve to her.

Steve goes off to find his wife and Megan tells Jarlena everything she did was for love. John says to spare them.

Her plan is another epic fail. She’s going to prison.

She says she was only trying to mend a broken heart. Marlena accuses her of killing Kate but she denies it.

She laughs when Marlena asks if it was Rolf. “He couldn’t shoot a fruit fly, let alone a human being.” She refuses to say who did it.

steve hugs marlena

Back outside, Kayla continues to tell Bo that everyone will want to see him. 

Bo tells her he doesn’t want to see any of those people. Kayla’s rocked.

She tells him he has a grandson named little Bo that Ciara and Ben had. Bo’s shocked but still isn’t interested.

He tells her she’s coming with him, off this island.

When she tries to get back into the compound, he holds her at gunpoint. “You’re not going anywhere.”

kayla outside the compound

Steve heads outside calling for Kayla but she and Bo are gone and her necklace is in the sand.

He grabs it and sobs. She’s really alive!

steve outside

Outside, Bo gets some water for his thermos and tells Kayla they need to get on the boat.

When they turn around, the orchid’s inside a box along with Bo’s duffle bag.

orchid on days of our lives recaps


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