Laura Threatens Victor Who Won’t Back Down, Cam Puts Dex on Notice, and Laura Decides Trust Esme Who Wants to Run

General Hospital recap for Friday, March 24, 2023. In today’s GH episode, Eileen is given a directive from Anna and Valentin, Marshall and Trina feel that they’ve lost their way, and Laura threatens Victor.

We also have Wednesday’s GH recap where Maxie asked Cody for a favor, Sasha kept her eyes on Gladys, and Portia urged Marshall to contact his original medical team.

Eileen is brought to the safe house by Anna and Valentin.

Valentin opens the box holding the Ice Princess and Eileen tries to touch it.

eileen doing vanna bidding

Valentin smacks it closed on her and they say she’s going to set up an appointment with Victor. She vows not to betray them.

They’re giving Victor what he wants. “Or so he thinks,” clarifies Anna.

She’ll meet him today so he has no chance to have the necklace appraised.

alentin also wants to wire her. “Are you insane?”

She asks, knowing she’s dead if Victor figures it out. 

valentin with the ice princess

At Laura’s, she asks Spencer to ensure Esme feels welcome.

Esme will not stay in a place where she feels unwanted. Victor arrives.

victor wants his nephews

He’s come for his nephews. Laura looks concerned and tells him to leave.

She threatens to call security but Spencer takes his uncle outside and asks him to back off.

Victor refuses to back down no matter who gets in his way.

spencer tells victor to stay away

They both hate the name Ace and talk about both of them wanting Esme behind bars.

Spencer wants custody and says he won’t keep Victor from the boy.

He needs his uncle’s help but they can’t talk about it here. Inside, Laura offers Esme coffee.

She’s concerned about breastfeeding but it’s fine in moderation, Laura says.

Laura calls her protected. “Even from Spencer?” She asks.

laura and esme coffee

Spencer arrives and apologizes for the intrusion. He talks to the baby and goes to pick up Trina for Cam’s party.

Esme asks about Cameron and is glad she didn’t ruin his whole night. Laura says she caused damage.

She says, “Yeah damage. I can never forget.” She’s hurt people and isn’t absolved.

Laura’s letting her stay there so her grandson is safe and cared for and she knows the pain of the separation of her child.

Spencer has good reasons to distrust Esme. Laura knows being a new mom can change someone but she believes in redemption.

laura wants what's best for esme

Laura is trying to believe in Esme and asks if Esme believes in her.

Esme’s not sure who to trust and wonders why anyone would trust her. Laura’s willing to take the first leap of faith.

She lets Esme stay home alone to bond with Ace while she goes out. Esme’s shocked she trusts her but Laura says she’s no prisoner.

She hands her money in case of emergency.

laura leaves esme alone

Esme says she could take the money and run but Laura thinks she’ll stay, knowing it’s best for Ace if she does.

She goes and Esme plays with Ace and vows not to let them part her from her son. She stares at the money.

esme and ace play

At home, Trina is stopped by Marshall who asks why she’s sneaking around.

She’s not sure if this is her home.

Doesn’t feel like it. She half expected to find a tumbleweed.

Marshall laughs. 

marshall and trina GH recaps

He says Epiphany is out of town. She got accepted to a load of medical schools out of state. John Hopkins is the first one.

They’re happy for her. It only takes 9.5 hours, Marshall mopes.

He could do it but everything there is what bothers him.

He doesn’t know where he fits in.

Trina snuggles him and gets it.

marshall talks about spencer

She brings up Spencer living with his ex-girlfriend again. Trina doesn’t trust the woman.

Marshall thinks she should be in prison. He’s shocked it was her idea to get the DA to stop pursuing the case at least for now.

Marshall asks what the heck possessed her. She knows.

She’s having second thoughts.

They discuss Spencer’s life being complicated and Marshall asks why she needs his friendship.

trina talks to marshall

She sighs and talks about her jealousy and then family and what determines that. It’s not DNA but connection, Marshall says, holding her hands. She can come to him to discuss anything, anytime.

Even Spencer, though he thinks she should stay away from him.

Spencer arrives and they stare at him.

marshall spencer and trina

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At Kelly’s, Cam picks up his last paycheck. Joss says it’s the end of an era. 

Outside, Sonny tells Dex the burner phone didn’t pan out. Brick couldn’t ID the contractor from the warehouse.

Sonny calls someone to meet at Pier 55 in an hour and tells Dex they never give up.

They head inside as Joss tells Cam she was thinking of their conversation about Dex.

cam leaving

Cam goes to get drink orders for the men as Sonny takes Joss outside to talk.

Sonny says he’s rooting out his enemies. He asks her to keep an eye out for her.

Inside, Cam tells Dex that if he hurts Joss, he’ll tell Sonny about them and find himself back on that hook so fast he won’t know what hit him.

Dex promises he won’t hurt her. Cam has no idea how much he cares for her.

cam trheatens dex

Sonny and Joss reappear and Cam offers to pay for their coffee. Sonny wishes him the best at Stanford.

The men go and Joss apologizes for how awkward it was with Dex. They laugh. It’s been their MO for days.

Joss offers not to go to his party but he wants all his friends there. She’s happy he called her that.

joss and cam friends again

At his suite at Metro Court, Victor gets a call from the safe house. Eileen talks to Victor to meet.

He tells her to come to his suite at Metro Court in 45 minutes.

Spencer arrives, interrupting the call. Vic says Esme won’t be raising a Cassadine air, as long as there’s a breath left in his body.

They need to work together to find a way to get her back to jail.

eileen calls for meeting victor

Back at the safe house, Ashby is told Robert Scorpio will call her to ensure she’s safe since she refuses to wear the wire.

She wants to move on after this delivery but Anna and Valentin say that she’s not free. None of them are until this is over.

Outside Kelly’s, Laura calls Valentin.

He thinks Ashby will be in line but Valentin says they can’t let their guard down.

Laura goes inside and Joss whines worried that Cam won’t forgive her for hurting him.

laura calls valentin

Ashby brings the necklace to Victor who grins.

He opens it up and takes a look. “At last.” He asks how she did it.

She covers and says she has to work.

ice princess

He opens his briefcase and says she can’t go yet.

He wants to inspect it with her. He takes out a loupe and eyes the necklace.

She looks sick to her stomach.

victor with the FAKE ice princess

Dex and Sonny meet Miss Wu at Pier 55. Sonny shows her a photo of the guy from the warehouse.

She’s never seen him before. He was last seen at her bar, Sonny says. She still can’t help him. Sonny says, “Can’t or won’t?”

He asks why she didn’t tell him she bought Brando’s garage. She apologizes for not saying anything to him first.

Sonny warns that she messes with his family, she messes with him. She gets it but the garage can be a benefit to them both.

She offers to make inquiries about the man in the photo. “You do that,” he says.

She tells him this enemy is one they share. She goes, leaving Dex unsure they can trust her.

sonny and miss wu

At Laura’s, Esme doesn’t feel safe and decides to take off with the baby.

She stuffs the cash into a backpack and heads to the door with Ace.

She runs into Cam who has dropped by.

esme takes off

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