Nate Begs Elena For Another Chance but She Rejects Him, as Adam Blows His Bid to Win Sally Back

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Nick wants to leave Sally to make her own choice, but Chloe worries she will be pulled back to Adam, Ashley tells Jack she is using Tucker to get information, and Tucker offers Devon his help.

In the previous episode, Nate confessed to corporate espionage, Tucker stalked Ashley, and Adam attempted to romance Sally.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for October 13, 2022 episode airs in the USA October 14. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

At the penthouse, Nate confirms to Elena that he confessed everything because of her.

He thought it would be a relief to do the right thing, but he just feels lost.

nate says he owned up Y&R

It was exciting to start a new direction in his life, but now he’s been fired. He gave it all up for her because she’s worth it.

She’s sure everything will work out for him, but it won’t include her. He’s baffled.

Nate says he proved to her that he cares about more than power and blew up his career for her.

She’s glad he told everyone the truth, but she didn’t want him to do that to save their relationship.

Betraying his family for a deal is a mistake and that’s what she needed him to realize. He clearly still doesn’t think he was doing something wrong.

The man she loved is gone and it’s not in her best interests to stick around.

elena still doesn't want nate Y&R

She won’t put her life on hold to see if he will disappoint her again.

he’s still taking the interview. He accuses her of forcing him to put the breaks on his career when she won’t do the same.

He’s sure she showed up at the office to pressure him into doing what he did. Her leaving is all about her, not him.

Their relationship used to be everything to her, but it has been excruciating trying to support him through his moral dilemma.

The man she’s holding onto is not the one in front of her.

nate cries and begs elena stay Y&R

Getting her to sit down, he says they are strongly united and can get through this if they get out of this situation. There’s nothing he wants more than for her to come home.

Kissing her, he begs her to remember them and stay.

Tears run down her cheeks.

She’s not doing this because she wants to but because she feels like she has to.

He still doesn’t know who he is or understand his own choices.

elena sobs young and restless cbs soapsspoilers

She wanted to work on their relationship. So did he.

Elena says they haven’t been a team for a long time and she sees no future for them.

She’s made up her mind to go to Baltimore. Even if she doesn’t get the job, she should probably be alone for a while. He probably should be too.

She’ll arrange to get her stuff later. She takes her bag and exits.

Nate sighs and paces before making a call to Victoria. They need to meet. There’s been a bad development.

Jack finds his sister waiting for Tucker at Society.

He wonders why so she explains he nagged her into having dinner. To her surprise, it looks like he’s stood her up.

jack shocked sis dinner tucker Y&R

She explains that she suspects that Tucker had something to do with Diane when she was in LA. She wants to use him to get information.

Ashley tells him what Nikki has learned and suspects that Diane was driving around in his Bentley.

When Jack defends Diane, his sister wonders how deeply she’s managed to get under his skin. He doesn’t like where this is going.

jack is worried about kyle Y&R

Jack doesn’t want his son’s relationship with Diane destroyed over ridiculous suspicions.

Devon shows up at Tucker’s suite at the GCAC and flatly asks him if he returned to Genoa City to take over Chancellor-Winters.

He’s just discovered a CEO is out to do that and he wants to know if it’s him.

devon wants answers young and restless cbs soapsspoilers

Tucker says it’s not him but hearing about this makes him wonder what’s happening at the company. Devon says a lot of things are still falling into place.

His father offers to put his people to work finding out what’s happening. Devon says they have their own people and turns him down.

He explains the leak has already been plugged. Tucker doesn’t seem convinced.

devon confronts dad Y&R

Devon doesn’t feel comfortable talking about this. The whole situation has him paranoid. Tucker understands.

As Devon heads for the door, his father asks him to bring Dominic next time.

With some prompting, he promises he would never make a business move that would jeopardize their relationship in any way.

tucker lies to son Y&R

Tucker heads to Society and apologizes to Jack and Ashley for being late. She says it’s good he’s late because it gave her time to realize she doesn’t want to talk to him.

After she walks out, Jack tells him his sister is out of his league. He asks him to stay and talk.

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Jess Walton is Back at Y&R

At Newman, Nick is confused when Chloe tells him someone set up a dinner with Sally.

She has a bad feeling about this if it’s not him.

They guess Adam invited her.

nick no date sally Y&R

She wonders why he’s not upset. This is the kind of thing he expects from his brother.

Chloe encourages him to go over there and stop Adam from getting his hooks into Sally. Nick thinks they should stay out of this and allow them to get closure or reconnect.

Chloe doesn’t like the sound of that. Adam and Sally are toxic and she doesn’t need him. If Nick is planning to hurt her too, she will break his legs.

chloe calls ally toxic Y&R

Nick hopes he and Sally can have something, but that’s up to her. Chloe worries about Adam and his voodoo.

He senses the Adam and Sally story is not over. She needs to figure that out before they can go any further. Chloe is concerned about how hard Adam fights for things she wants.

He suggests she’s giving Adam too much credit and not enough to Sally.

On the rooftop of the Grand Phoenix, Sally accuses Adam of manipulating her into meeting him.

He knows he can be duplicitous but wants to tell her the truth.

adam wants discussion Y&R

When she finds the stair door is locked, she threatens to call the cops.

He begs her to stay and listen and apologizes for deceiving her. Adam promises to swallow his pride and just have a conversation.

He wanted them to have some privacy without the threat of interruption. He’s hoping she will give him the last chance to plead her case.

adam says not forcing sally Y&R

Sally admits she’s not sure what she wants but agrees to have dinner with him. He shows her to their table and she admits it’s kind of nice.

She feels like they should just get to it because she’s not sure she will believe anything he has to say. Adam knows her guard is up and that’s fair. He’s sure that deep down she knows their connection.

Sally admits she felt that at one point. When he asks if it’s been so easy for her to move on, she says that seeing other men has no power to affect how she feels about him.

She thought they had something special, but he made her feel used. There may be no going back after all that happened.

Adam can accept that but is determined to prove her wrong.

They eat and chat over wine. Things get loose and they laugh as she commends his food selections.

He misses their friendship. She was a true friend and he doesn’t have many of those.

“That makes two of us,” she echoes. He saw things in her no one else did.

Adam admits that he blew everything up, even though he has a desire to protect her.

After realizing his mistakes, he chased her away and hurt her in ways that he spent a long night regretting.

sally smiling at adam rooftop Y&R

He’s deeply sorry for lying to her and hurting her… and loving her. If he hadn’t fallen for her, they wouldn’t be in this mess and she wouldn’t be in pain.

She thanks him for saying that, but she wouldn’t trade a day they spent together despite the pain. It’s impossible to regret anything that gave her so much and felt so good.

They toast to honesty, transparency, and an amazing future. He claims he can understand what she’s been struggling with. If she thinks she has feelings for Nick, it’s just a way to try to forget him.

sally adam toast friendship Y&R

This sets Sally off, who accuses him of doing all this as a power move and treating her like a prize to be won.

He insists this isn’t about Nick but he’s the elephant in the room and she’s moved on. She can’t believe she nearly fell for this nostalgic ruse.

Adam claims all he wants to do is make her happy. She thinks he just can’t stand her being with someone else, especially his own brother.

Next week on Y&R!

“I want to know what is going on between you and my dad,” Summer demands from Sally.

summer confronts sally demands Y&R

“I have news good news,” Christine announces to Mariah and Tessa.

tessa mariah talk christine adoption Y&R

“I’m going to find you a suitable position here. Chancellor-Winters loss is Newman’s gain,” Victoria tells Nate.

vicky offers nate job Y&R


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