Days Recap: Brady Confronts Kristen, Sami Calls Marlena and Lucas Calls Kate Before Kate & Roman Marry

Days of our Lives Peacock recap for Wednesday, October 13, 2022.

In today’s Days episode, Sami and Lucas call their mothers to see how they’re doing, Rolf figures out Kristen’s plan, Eric marries Roman and Kate, and Brady confronts Kristen about that letter she put in their daughter’s lunchbox. 

In Tuesday’s Days recap, Li made a big admission to EJ, Paulina and Chanel discussed what to do with the bad news, and Gabi called Stefan out for remembering her love.

ej and li talk about letting gabi loose days


As Kate rests in her bed, feverish, Roman calls Rex to see what he can do for her.

Rex says there’s nothing but he’ll be by soon. Roman paces. Kate wakes up and he gives her water.

She feels lucky he’s been at her side this whole time.

roman talks rex call DAYS

He’s glad it’s not contagious. He doesn’t know what he’d do if he couldn’t be with her.

She wants him to go see Kayla but he refuses to leave her side.

She’s feeling tired of fighting and can barely keep her eyes open.

kate tired fight days

He tells her he has plans for them — to keep fighting.

He holds out a ring box with a huge, beautiful diamond inside and proposes to her.

She knows she’s done a lot of questionable things but she must have done one thing right.

She’s sorry but has to reject his proposal. There’s no cure and they know what it means.

roman proposes kate days of our lives

She loves him and loves that he’s not giving up.

She cries as she tells him how she’s filled with love for him and regrets making bad choices over the years.

She hates that she was too stupid to realize she loved him back.

roman big engagement ring days of our lives

Roman doesn’t care about the past. They’re together now and he wants the world to know she’s his forever. His wife.

He asks her to say yes. She finally laughs and says yes.

They kiss and he slips the ring on her finger.

Lucas calls from Statesville. Kate happily tells Lucas she and Roman are engaged.

Lucas wishes he could be there. So does she but she’s proud of him for taking responsibility. It was brave. She cries as she wishes him peace and happiness. She knows he’ll be the man and father she knows he can be.

She loves him and will see him when he gets out. She says she loves him before they disconnect.

She tells Roman that she couldn’t tell him the truth. Roman decides they’ll marry right there. They just need an officiant and a witness.

roman kate kiss after proposal days

Sarah finds Rex at the hospital looking defeated. She asks after his mother and dad.

Rex calls him the best treatment his mom could ask for. She wishes she could help.

He wants her to have a good life and says he messed up with them. He’s grateful for what they had. “Me too,” she says.

They share a laugh.

rex overcome days


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Eric, Belle, and John visit Marlena in her room.

john kiss marlena hand days of our lives

John begs his wife to keep fighting while they talk about how Rolf insists he doesn’t have the orchid.

Shawn texts John.

The cops didn’t find the orchid yet.

Marlena wakes up. She hopes nobody’s giving up on her yet.

Eric says a prayer and Marlena asks after the other ladies.

Eric says they’re hanging in and Roman hasn’t left Kate’s side.

shawn texts john days

Marlena asks Eric to go to him. She loves having him here but Roman needs him. Eric won’t go. She insists. Belle is there.

“John would rather be trampled by elephants than leave my side.”

Eric kisses his mama and goes. Sami calls and Marlena tells her daughter she’s much better now that she’s heard her voice.

Sami’s sorry she can’t be there. There’s a situation with Sydney.

eric prayer to marlena days of our lives

When Sami asks what she can do, Marlena asks her to talk to Belle.

Belle takes the call and cries. She promises to take care of Mom for all of us. “I love you too,” she says before disconnecting.

Belle says Sami was very kind.

They’re all touched. Belle goes and Sarah brings in the orchids that were delivered.

John and Marlena’s eyes pop out of their heads. There’s a card from Orpheus that taunts that it won’t be long until she draws her last breath.

John looks murderous hearing how cruel the letter is.

marlena reads orpheus letter days

Rolf arrives at Kristen’s apartment, ranting.

She teases him and he tells her the police are tearing apart his lab as they speak. She grins. At least they won’t find the orchid.

She picks it up and it’s grown, considerably.

rolf rants to kristen days

He’s glad she’s so calm about the police raid. He moved some of his things to an undisclosed location but is defensive that they’re interrupting his life’s work.

He’s at least glad she’s taking care of the orchid. If she hadn’t taken it, it would be in police custody now and Rex would be synthesizing a cure for the ladies. He asks if Kristen will withhold it until the women die.

Kristen thinks it’ll be his fault. He created the pathogen. Rolf denies it. “You’re keeping the orchid to yourself instead of saving those women.” Kristen says, “Is it a crime?”

She’s become attached to it, especially in her drab surroundings. Rolf knows she won’t let them die.

She’d have destroyed the orchid. He was what her plan is.

kristen and grown orchid days of our lives

She bitches about Marlena’s refusal to help her with Rachel. He can see that she wants Brady back.

He doesn’t think Stefano would have approved of letting Dr. Evans stay in this condition.

Kristen doesn’t know why he cares.

He has a stash of clones at the ready. He grins but says he doesn’t know what she’s talking about. If these women die, it’s her fault. Nobody else’s.

kristen says trust her ddays of our lives peacock

In bed at the Salem Inn, Chloe wants to break up with Brady.

He thinks that Rachel will come around. Chloe wants him to prioritize his daughter. Brady already does.

If they break up, they’re giving Kristen what she wants. 

chloe wants to break up days of our livles

Rex and Eric show up at Kate and Roman’s room above the pub.

Roman tells them they’re having a wedding. Rex brings Kate her makeup bag and she gets dolled up.

Roman brings her flowers from outside. She’s moved. She adores wildflowers.

kate flashback days of our lives

As the wedding begins, Roman flashes to Kate telling him she’s not attracted to him, and the inevitable kiss.

roman flashes kate sex 90s days

He then recalls sex with Kate and their first wedding.

kate roman first wedding days

Kate remembers thinking about how risky love is and dancing with him at the pub.

They say their I dos and Kate recalls asking Roman to date her again and him saying yes.

Rex hands over the rings. They marry and Rex and Eric grin at the happy couple.

rex and eric happy marriage parents days

Brady finds Kristen at home alone. He confronts her about the letter she put in Rachel’s lunchbox, telling their kid that Chloe broke them up.

He says it’s enough that Marlena’s dying.

Now this? Kristen toys with him. What if she could save Marlena, Kayla and Kate, too?

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