Jack and Diane Are Appalled When She is Arrested at Phyllis’ Memorial, Victoria Tempts Nate With Desk Sex and Abby Moves in with Devon

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Danny sings at Phyllis’ memorial, Audra tries to impress Victoria, and Daniel thinks that his father is trying to set him up with Lily. In the previous episode, disguised Phyllis attended her own memorial, and Chance got confirmation that Diane bought the poison.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for April 12, 2023 episode airs in the USA April 13. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Some cops arrive at the Abbott estate with a search warrant. They find some papers and bag them.


At the jazz club, Daniel and Summer thank Lucy for what she said about Phyllis.

Summer talks about how her mom will never see Lucy as an adult or Harrison grow up.

If only they could know what happened the night they lost her.


Someone knows the truth and that’s all she wants and what her mom deserves.

Then maybe they could say goodbye.


She prompts Diane to speak and asks if there is anything she’d like to say about her mom.

Disguised Phyllis mumbles that her daughter is doing a good job.

Diane claims it wouldn’t be appropriate for her to speak. Jack agrees.


Summer won’t back down and reminds her she wasn’t hesitant about telling Phyllis what she thought of her.

Reluctantly, Diane gets up. She says Phyllis loved her children and they meant everything to her.

Daniel takes this as a cue to speak and stands up.


He says that it would be an understatement to say his mom was fierce. He’s always seen her as the most beautiful person in the world.

His mom was a dazzling and unpredictable adventure.

At the center of it all was intense love and it touched all she did, for better or worse.

Sometimes it was hard to watch her waste her power on the wrong things. She should be gone.

Even in a senseless death, he feels like she’s trying to teach him to love better and fight for his family.

He wishes he could have learned those lessons while she was alive and he’s sorry they fought and spent so much time apart.

Looking at her portrait, he says he’ll always love her.

Danny gets up and hugs his son. He says that Phyllis’ heart, humor, and brilliance will live on in her son and grandchildren.


Speechifying isn’t his thing, so he sits at the piano and performs “There’ll Never Be Another You” by Michael Damian.

People tear up and clap at the end.


Phyllis continues to listen silently and control herself.

Daniel thanks everyone for coming and suggests they have a drink and keep the celebration going.

Jack notices that Diane is upset. She complains that what Summer did to her was really awkward.


She feels uncomfortable, especially with Chance there.

Victor gives Summer a hug and tells her she has their support. Nikki tells her that her mother would be proud.

Michael and Lauren tell Danny his song was beautiful. Phyllis would have been moved.

Lily tells Daniel that his speech was really beautiful and his mom will always be with him.

As much as it hurt to lose her parents, she feels them with her every day.

Danny asks them to come out for a bite with Lucy.

Daniel walks over to his sister and tells her this event was wonderful and their mom would have loved it. They love each other and hug.

Phyllis continues to stare and thinks about how she will do anything to expose Diane and destroy her marriage.


Summer tells her husband she still can’t believe her mom is gone.

He’s sure she would have loved all this, especially her putting Diane on the spot.

She notices some cops come in and speak to Chance.

He walks over to Diane and asks to speak to her. Jack says this is not the place.


Chance won’t back down. He places Diane under arrest for Phyllis’ murder.


Phyllis and Summer both smirk.


Jack and Diane protest. Chance explains that Phyllis was poisoned and he’s just following the evidence.

He refuses to answer any questions.

Diane arrested and freaks out

Turning to Michael, Diane begs him to help her.

michaeal won't take dianes case

He urges her to get an attorney. She’s cuffed and taken out.

Everyone files out, leaving Summer behind with Nick.

“I guess I got what I’ve been hoping for,” she says, crying that she should have believed her mother’s warnings that Diane was dangerous.

When the room empties, Phyllis lets out a relieved sigh.

phyllis sighs in relief

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Danny, Lucy, Lily and Daniel get a table at Society.

He tells Lucy about how Daniel and Lily ran away together and ended up pretending to be fruit.


Danny tells his son how proud he is of him and how proud Phyllis was.

Daniel and Lily hold hands. They laugh about their past until Lucy starts yawning.


Danny offers to take her back to the hotel and gives his son and Lily hugs before they take off.

danny hugs lily thanks her

Once they are gone, Daniel tells Lily he’s sure the two of them were trying to set them up.

Walking her out, he thanks her for all the help she’s been. She thinks they will always try to help each other and gives him a kiss on the cheek.

Abby is overwhelmed as she and Devon drag her stuff into the penthouse.

He gets her to catch her breath and welcomes her to her new home.


She admires all the flowers and is amazed they are actually doing this.

They have champagne and he tells her to let the movers handle everything else.

Devon gives her a set of keys in a glittering box. They giggle and kiss.


He won’t guarantee roses and champagne every time she comes home but will try to keep surprising him.

She loves him for making this real and wanting her there with their son.

Pacing, she admits she’s nervous, excited, and happy.

He knows what she means. After the past few months of hurt and bad choices, he feels like he’s getting back to the life he wants.

“I’ve never been more excited about my future,” he says. They kiss and start taking off their clothes.

In her office, Victoria daydreams about kissing Nate until Audra interrupts.


She notes she seemed to be a million miles away and asks where she was.

Victoria claims she was just getting excited thinking about maximizing growth.

Audra hands her a file and tells her she plans to give her everything she needs.


Victoria says he keeps proving himself. They talk about his instincts and how fast he can shoot up the ladder.

Victoria thinks it sounds like Audra would like to take Nate’s place if he was poached or promoted.

Audra tells her she has a lot to learn and looks forward to proving herself.

Once she’s gone, Nate wanders in and they discuss operating performance and admire how much work Audra has been doing.


She admits she suspects his COO has her eyes on his job. He’d be disappointed if she didn’t. He’s not about to discourage her enthusiasm.

Nate assures Victoria she is stuck with him. He loves his job.

She’s glad to hear that.

They sit down and talk about debt ratios and liquidity. He commends her on dumping the McCall deal.

Work hours are over so she asks him to join her for a drink. He says she knows what he likes.

They drink and discuss all the nuances of the bourbon.

He likes to unlock mysteries and make it his.

nate drinks with vicky

She offers him a refill. “How can I resist?” he asks.

She reminds him he resisted before. He says that’s futile this time.

They start kissing and he lifts her onto the desk.

victoria and nate make out on her desk

As they have sex, Audra can hear the lip-smacking and flying staplers from the hallway.

audra eavesdrops on nate and vicky

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