Bold & Beautiful Spoilers April 10 – 14: Liam Confronts Thomas as Hollis Asks Brooke Out

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for B&B from Monday,

April 10 to Friday, April 14.

Coming up this week on the Bold and the Beautiful 

Hope finds herself in a serious quandary.

Taylor doubles down with Ridge and Thomas about her pact with Brooke.

Brooke questions Hope’s feelings and her recent behavior.

Liam turns to Steffy while he feels estranged from Hope.

Steffy alleviates Liam’s concerns about Thomas and Steffy.

Thomas shares his latest ideas with the team. 

Monday, April 10

Monday’s B&B recap: Hope fantasizes about Thomas during sex

Brooke is faced with a difficult decision. 

Brooke refuses sex with Ridge.

Ridge somehow blames Brooke for making him want her since she was wearing a nightgown.

Brooke invites Ridge to stay and only talk.

Hope watches Ridge and Brooke and gets angry, and lashes out at her mother.

Hope worries that history might repeat itself. She projects her own guilt onto her mom.

Thomas creates a new design.

hope sees thomas' face during sex with liam

Tuesday, April 11

Tuesday’s B&B recap – Brooke spies on Hope and Thomas

Taylor reacts to Brooke’s news about Ridge.

Brooke lies to Taylor.

Taylor and Ridge set up a family dinner.

Thomas shares his latest design for Hope For the Future with the team.

Everyone loves Thomas’ design.

Brooke asks Hope if she is into Thomas.

ridge eavesdrops on women

Wednesday, April 12

Wednesday’s B&B recap: Hope apologizes to Brooke

Taylor makes a heartfelt apology to Thomas.

Taylor feels bad she hasn’t been there for her kids.

Ridge accepts a dinner date with family.

Brooke questions Hope about her recent behavior.

Hope claims she has no feelings for Thomas.

hope tells mama she doesn't want thomas

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Thursday, April 13

Thursday’s B&B recap: Steffy reassures Liam

Steffy disagrees with Liam’s concerns about Hope.

Liam talks out his feelings.

Hope and Thomas share a genuine and heartfelt moment.

Hope has a meeting that goes well and shows that her line is doing excellently.

steffy repeats that thomas has changed

Friday, April 14

Friday’s B&B recap: Hope obsesses over Thomas

Brooke is flattered when she is asked on a date.

Hollis asks Brooke out.

Taylor gives Hollis time alone with Brooke.

Hope obsesses and then lies to Steffy that she’s not into her brother.

Liam confronts Thomas about Hope.

Liam likes Thomas’ new design.

steffy wonders how things really are

Sneak peek at B&B the week of April 17!

Bold and Beautiful celebrates their 9000th episode which will air April 18 with a special stand-alone episode that celebrates “love and family.” 

Coming up!

Lil Nas X and James Corden (The Late Late Show with James Corden) guest star on Bold and the Beautiful on April 19. 


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