Y&R Recap: Connor Learns He Has OCD, and Phyllis Badgers Abby & Fantasizes About Danny as He Chooses Christine

Mon March 4, 2024: Today on Young and Restless, Adam and Billy discuss their history in therapy, Phyllis buys out Society for the night, and Nina urges Christine to fight for Danny.

Friday’s recap:Nikki discovered Seth has been meeting with Jordan and decided to use it to her advantage, and Phyllis convinced Danny to let her taste his sauce.

(This day ahead recap episode airs in the USA on March 4. Expect spoilers! Recaps go live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Chelsea and Billy sit on one side of the waiting room and Connor (Judah Mackey) and Adam on the other.

They argue about what to get for dinner.

chelsea billy in wiating room

Connor assumes he’s in trouble if they are all there.

Chelsea says they are all there to help her just like she got help.

chelsea adam connor in waiting room

Adam explains they have arranged for him to see a specialist and she will just ask him a bunch of questions.

Dr. Alcott calls him in with his mama.

dr alcott

Billy urges Adam to get a handle of himself, sure his son can pick up on his attitude.

Adam asks who he is trying to impress and the Abbott urges him to lighten up. His son is clearly nervous.

They bicker and Billy claims he’s picking up on things that Adam is too upset to notice.

He’s there to help Connor whether he likes it or not.

adam billy moping

Adam worries that his son has never had a break. He worries about what he’s going through. What if he has OCD?

Sitting with him, Billy says they just have to find the right therapist and make sure he gets what he needs.

The Newman asks Billy if he got help for his addiction.

Billy admits it was more off than on but he thinks that therapy works.

billy and adam in waiting room Y&R

When he mentions he cracked, Adam starts to probe but Billy changes the subject for a second.

He admits he had a breakdown. That’s when he tried to kill him and he regrets that.

He went into therapy after that and has been better ever since. Adam is glad to hear that.

Billy knows that he’s seen professional help too. Adam reminds him of the expose he published on him and how it pushed him into therapy.

adam billy talk therapy history

In Alcott’s office, she lists her credentials and says she’s been doing this a long time so she’ll understand all he says.

dr alcott credentials

Chelsea assures her son that all will be okay.

Connor plays with some blocks and explains that he doesn’t like school. It’s harder lately and he can’t concentrate.

He’s been having scary thoughts all the time. they won’t go away.

connor plays with blocks

When he eats, he gets scared it could make him sick. He talks about germs and why he washes his hands a lot.

He worries that the other kids are making fun of him and will hurt him.

Alcott is sure that’s not true.

chelsea connor listen to alcott

She pushes him on his other scary thoughts and his mom tells him he’s doing great.

Connor admits he’s scared something horrible will happen to his mom and dad it will be all his fault.

connor explains what he's afraid of

He tells her about his counting exercises and the numbers that are lucky for him.

He hates math because he has to deal with unlucky numbers.

He also cleans his room a lot. Alcott thanks him. He’s been very helpful.

She wants to talk to Adam and Chelsea now.

connor chelsea and alcott

Connor goes out to the waiting room and sits with Billy.

He tells him the doctor didn’t think he was a freak.

billy talks ot connor

She made him feel like he could talk.

Billy tells him he was brave and honest and he’s proud of him.

Back in Alcott’s office, she tells the parents she senses Connor feels loved and supported.

alcott explains ocs

He has all the signs of OCD. She’ll email them some information.

His symptoms aren’t unusual.

Chelsea tells Adam how awful things have been for their son.

The doctor tells them they don’t know how this happened.

chelsea adam talk to alcott

There’s no cure. It just has to be managed.

Chelsea says they can’t panic or do anything that will get in the way of helping him.

chelsea tells adam how son hurting

The parents exit and tell their son he has OCD and it can be treated like her depression.

chelsea adam tells connor he has ocd

They promise he will be okay.

connor hears he has ocd

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Latest Y&R comings and goings


Nina and Christine go to Crimson Lights.

She assures she did the right thing by making the call.

nina and christine complain about phyllis

Christina hopes so. She doesn’t want to give up on Danny but she’s not letting this turn into a competition with Phyllis.

Nina says that if she doesn’t push what’s really at stake, this will not get solved.

Christine doesn’t want to have to waste any more of her life on this just because Danny is too nice.

christina and nina discuss plan

Nina is sure that Danny won’t just leave town.

The lawyer thinks this is all about her vs. Phyllis to Danny and he wants no part of that.

Her friend urges her to calm down and forget about Summers. As soon as she lets her in, she’s lowering herself to her level.

They all know Phyllis should be in jail but she’s not.

Nina tells her to stop dragging Phyllis into this and accept that reuniting with Danny is fate.

nian tells christine this is fate

Danny arrives. He explains that he moved up the second half of his tour and will be hitting the road in a couple of weeks.

danny tells cricket going

“Are you really ready to give up on us?” Cricket asks.

She and Danny head to the patio.

She knows he’s tired of the battle with Phyllis and so is she.

danny and cricket talk leaving

Christine says she’d had enough.

What is wrong with him? Just when they were almost there, he let Phyllis get to him.

She doesn’t know how to think of a future between them.

christine danny talk phyllis issues

He’s sorry if he’s ever given the impression that Phyllis has priority but he’s just tried to be supportive.

He points out that she’s part of the problem too.

They have been treating him like a door prize and he doesn’t want to get sucked in by anything not real.

danny doesn't want to be a prize

Cricket tells him he’s never been a door prize to her.

If he could only shut out Phyllis’ noise, he could see he’s falling back in love with her too.

cricket tells danny no prize

Phyllis jogs into Society and tells Abby she wants to rent the entire restaurant and kitchen tonight.

phyllis asks abby for restaurant

Abby says no. Phyllis says she has to. Everything in her life is riding on this.

This isn’t winning Abby over but Phyllis keeps pitching the idea.

She refuses to try any other restaurant.

phyllis asks abby for favor

Abby assumes they turned her down already.

Phyllis accuses her of turning her down because she despises her.

When Abby offers her something later in the week, Phyllis insists it’s tonight.

Abby asks who the unlucky prey is.

The redhead won’t let her and rescinds her request.

abby rolling eyes at phyllis

Abby happily walks off and Phyllis orders a martini.

Looking over at the couch, she imagines him serving her his sauce.

As she tastes it, she says it’s better than she could have imagined.

phyllis imagines danny sauce

He wants to cook like this for her for the rest of their lives.

She imagines them dancing surrounded by roses.

He tells her that she’s his destiny. She’s happy he finally realized that.

phylllis danny fantasy dance

Abby snaps her out of it.

phyllis startled by abby

She checked the reservation and tells her she can have the place at 10 and has to pay the staff double-time because she won’t let her be there alone.

Phyllis thanks her and starts giggling. She immediately sends Danny a text.

Back at Crimson Lights, Danny gets the text just as he’s about to kiss Christine.

danny gets text from phyllis

She wrangles the phone away and asks what Phyllis can’t wait for.

He knows Phyllis won’t give up unless he stops her.

Cricket reminds her he said he wants her.

christine thinks phyllis relentless

Danny kisses her and says he meant that from the bottom of his heart.

danny kisses cricket

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