Y&R Recap: Sally Urges a Livid Audra to Fight For Tucker, Lily Confronts Devon and Ashley’s alter Makes Out With Tucker

Thurs March 14, 2024: Today on Young and Restless, Sally and Audra bond, Heather and Daniel look forward to their future, and Lily learns about what’s been happening in the company.

Wednesday’s recap: Lily guessed Daniel cheated and confronted him as Nick and Victor failed to disclose trapping Jordan.

(This day ahead recap episode airs in the USA on March 14. Expect spoilers! Recaps go live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Audra is packing her lingerie in her suite at the GCAC when Tucker stops by. She knows she’s packing too much but wants to be ready for everything.

audra packing for trip

She’s already made reservations at a romantic restaurant in Paris.

He informs her they have to postpone the trip.

The financial director of a company they are acquiring and the operation director of factory are both unavailable for a month.

tucker tells audra they need to postpone

She doesn’t think that’s enough reason to cancel.

He doesn’t see the point of two trips and suggests they wait a month.

She’s sure he’s lying and this is about Ashley.

He claims it’s not.

Audra reminds him that promises were made and he repeats this has nothing to do with Ashley.

audra needs assurances

She urges him to just cut her out and he repeats again that this has nothing to do with his ex.

When she demands the truth, he asks if all their conversations will devolve into an interrogation about Ashley.

If this is going to be a repeat of Ashley constantly doubting him, she can count him out.

tucker is fed up with doubts

He storms out.

Left alone, she throws things and feels stupid before stomping out.

audra feels stupid Y&R

In the dining room, Abby is having lunch with her mom (or who appears to be Ashley’s alter).

As she goes on about how energized she is to be back in the corporate world, her mom is clearly distracted.

abby having lunch with mom

Abby doesn’t know what’s been going on with her but wants her to know she can talk to her.

She hopes she’s not thinking about Tucker.

Ashley insists she’s over him for good and tells her daughter to move on and stop threatening him.

ashley claims she's listening

Her daughter won’t stop trying to protect her.

She says that Tucker thinks she’s only pretending to forgive him.

Her mom claims this is all ridiculous and the topic of Tucker is closed forever.

Abby hopes she’s not softening on him.

Her mom changes the topic back to her first day on the board at Chancellor-Winters.

abby goes on about new job

As Abby babbles about work, the voice in Ashley’s head thinks, “Ashley’s daughter is such a pain in the ass! The questions about Tucker.”

She can’t wait until this is dealt with so Ashley can come back and deal with her irritating daughter and family.

ashley thinks abby annoying

Abruptly, she declares she needs to get back to the lab.

As they head for the door, Abby asks her mom if she was urging Devon to forgive his father because she planned to do the same.

abby and ashley talk devon dad

Her mom claims it was just about cleaning the air and ushers her out, thinking about how “insufferable” Abby is.

ashley doesn't want to talk about this

Tucker walks down the stairs.

She surmises something is wrong and asks if it’s Audra.

He asks what’s going on with her.

After complaining about having a “very long lunch” with her daughter, she assures him that she is not playing games with him.

ashley asks why tucker upset

He’s starting to suspect that she doesn’t know what she wants or what she’s doing.

She offers to go up to his room to discuss this. He turns her down.

She taunts him about Audra and not jetting off with her.

ashley think tucker stayed for her

“You’re not you,” he says.

She claims she’s never been more herself.

tucker thinks ashley isn't herself

She smiles as he leads her off.

They go down to the jazz lounge and she wants an old fashioned.

He’s confused by her acting out of character.

The Ashley he knows is subtle and thoughtful.

Nothing like the way she’s been behaving: reckless, aggressive and dark.

tucker thinks something wrong with ashley

She suggests she’s being more like him.

She’s willing to change if it will make him happy.

When she lunges to kiss him, he holds her back.

She complains he’s no fun.

tucker holds ashley off

It’s starting to seem to him like she has no idea what the end game to her antics is.

She claims it’s him but he doesn’t buy it.

Ashley claims she’s sincere and wants to give him all he wanted.

ashely says she wants tucker

Last night he saw something in her eyes that he thought was doubt but which he realizes is confusion.

He’s never been more convinced that something is off with her.

She suggests he’s accusing her of having mental health issues just because she loves him.

McCall wants to help her if there is something really wrong with her.

tucker wants to help

Ashley insists she’s better than she’s been in a long time and just wants back what they had.

ashley telsl tucker they can go back

He asks if she would abandon her family and just focus on them.

“In a heartbeat,” she says.

She kisses him and he kisses her back. They start making out.

ashley kisses tucker in lounge

Audra bumps into Sally at Crimson Lights and they have some small talk about business.

audra bumps into sally

Spectra asks her what it’s like to work with Tucker.

Audra is sure it’s like working with Adam.

Sally asks her to join her for a coffee.

sally and audra at crimson lights Y&R

They sit and toast to both surviving from being fired from Newman.

audra sally toast to surviving newman

Audra tells her it’s great she’s with Adam.

Sally says not many people would agree with her and thanks her.

Audra tells her that she and Tucker are more than business partners and thanks her for not looking horrified.

They both like men who break things.

audra says she doubts tucker

Audra admits Tucker is on her bad side right now because he’s postponed their trip and she thinks it’s due to his ex.

Ashley wants him back and straight up told her.

He claims he’s done with her but she doubts it.

She’s not sure if he’s worth fighting for or if she should bail before it get ugly.

Sally feels like she’s been where she is.

Audra explains Tucker is brilliant and unorthodox.

That’s exciting and intoxicating.

She’s run from it but she always comes back.

audra isn''t sure it's worth the risk

She thought they were finally committed but “that woman” seems to be back in his head again.

The Spectra gets that she doesn’t want to be hurt again.

She did all she could to purge Adam,. but she couldn’t.

When you have a once in a lifetime love like that, it can be worth fighting for.

She urges Audra to fight harder.

sally urges audra to fight

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Daniel joins Heather at Society.

She can understand if he didn’t tell Lily about them because of how hard it would be since he’s such a nice guy.

heather daniel talk at society

He told her everything and she was hurt and upset but not totally surprised.

He thinks he may have also been a little too honest because he admitted that he never stopped loving Heather.

Their reunion isn’t just about Lucy, but about giving them another chance.

daniel tells heather about lily

She says he’s a good man.

Daniel doubts Lily would agree and regrets hurting her.

But he’s happy they have a future together and kisses her hand.

daniel kisses heather hand

Heather and Daniel return to his place.

She wonders if what happened will make things challenging at work.

heather and daniel talk being open

He says they are all adults and will have to find a way to make it work.

He’d rather talk about their daughter’s prom plans.

He’s not sure he’s ready for this.

daniel and heather discuss lily some more

“What about us? Are you ready for that?” she asks. He is.

They don’t have to hide anymore and kiss any time they want…except at Chancellor-Winters.

He can’t wait to see what comes next. They kiss.

heather daniel talk future

Devon is startled when his sister shows up at Chancellor-Winters.

“How could you have not told me about Daniel and Heather?” she asks.

devon startled by lily at work

He’s sorry. She hopes he can do better than that.

He’s not sure he can.

He made Daniel promise he would tell her and they both hated keeping this from her but they didn’t want to overwhelm her.

Lily knows he was trying to protect her but she wants to scream and slap their faces.

devon and lily talk about the break up

She felt how strong Daniel’s connection to Heather was when she returned.

As he explained, she could understand. He wants a family again.

As hurt as she is, she gets it.

When she asked if he was falling back in love with Heather, he admitted he never stopped loving her.

So it was all about him, not Lucy.

What does this say about their relationship?

lily sad

She’s not angry at Devon, just really sad.

She thought what they had was special and she was wrong.

Her brother says she hasn’t found anyone who deserves her.

Lily needs the distractions of work or she will go crazy.

She asks about the issues with Billy.

lily tells devon about split

He admits things aren’t good but Chance is settling in okay.

Abby shows up, happy to see Lily back.

Lily congratulates her on joining the board.

abby welcomes lily back

She wonders if Billy will return now that she’s back.

Devon explains that he’s settled in to protect the company from their family.

Mamie wants to split the company into two entities.

Devon thinks this is too extreme.

Abby feels like she’s stuck walking a tightrope between two families she loves again.

Lily is starting to feel like she came back at the worst time.

abby devon and lily talk work

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