Days Spoilers Mar 11 – 15: Nicole Supports Holly and Konstantin tells John the Aria Story to Hurt Him

Full list of spoilers Monday, March 11 to Friday, March 15, 2023.

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Chanel and Johnny are offered the Horton cabin for their honeymoon, Wendy asks Tate what they said as they faced death, and Konstantin tries to hurt John.

Days of our Lives spoilers for the next two weeks — March 4 – 8 spoilers.

Have you seen the Days promo trailer for the rest of the season? We’ve broken it down and added a bit of commentary. It also includes a gallery of the cast from Day of Days!

Days of our Lives Spoilers for Monday, March 11:

Tate startles Holly when he shows up at her bedroom window.

An angel pays a call on Abe and Paulina.

Rafe, Jada and Harris are furious and baffled after discovering that Goldman was working for Clyde.

John, Steve, and Ava decide to work together to track down Tripp and Wendy.

paulina dying with family

Days of our Lives Spoilers for Tuesday, March 12:

Rafe and Harris join John, Steve and Ava in their desperate bid to save Tripp and Wendy’s lives.

Ava offers to make sure that Harris is taken care of.

Brady questions Sarah about comas.

EJ and Nicole find Holly with Tate.

john stev and ava

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More Days spoilers into March

Days of our Lives Spoilers for Wednesday, March 13:

Paulina’s family is thrilled when the cardiology tests suggest good news.

Eli and Lani contemplate him taking a job in DC.

Johnny and Chanel are offered the Horton cabin for their honeymoon retreat.

Wendy asks Tripp what they said when they were facing death.

Steve is still infuriated by the part he played in Clyde’s escape.

tripp and wendy dying trapped

Days of our Lives Spoilers for Thursday, March 14:

When Harris comes to, he’s surprised that Ava is taking care of him.

John and Marlena meet Roman and Eric to talk about Jude’s upcoming christening.

Maggie and Konstantin get closer than ever.

John, Steve and Ava keep fuming over Clyde’s escape.

julie horton square days spoilers

Days of our Lives Spoilers for Friday, March 15:

Steve tells Marlena about the time that he spent with John in Aria.

Konstantin tells John the Aria story in an attempt to hurt him.

Nicole supports Holly as she begs EJ not to have Tate dumped in jail.

Harris confronts EJ about where Stefan has vanished to.

Tate gets some harsh treatment from his parents after he’s arrested.

steve talks to marlena about aria

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