GH Recap: Drew Dumps and Fires Carly, Selina Blames Sonny for Curtis Winding Up Paralyzed and Michael is Reunited with Jason

Wed March 13, 2024: Curtis tells Marshall he found the doctor who misdiagnosed him, Sonny wants answers about who shot Dante, and Selina suggests to Curtis that Sonny had him shot.

Tuesday’s GH recap: Danny found Jason and Laura’s bold move with Heather sparked outrage.

Curtis arrives at The Savoy to see his father. He has news to share with him.

He found the doctor who misdiagnosed him all those years ago.

curtis has news for marshall

His name is Paul Braddock. Marshall is amazed he’s still alive in some retirement community outside of Baltimore.

Marshall has to sit down and isn’t sure what to think.

He always assumed the guy would be dead and he wouldn’t have the chance to confront him.

Maybe he can look him in the eye and get some answers. It’s a lot to take in.

marshall curtis talk confrontation

Curtis doesn’t want to push him to a confrontation he’s not ready for.

Marshall hasn’t been able to think about much else.

Being able to finally make sense of this gives him hope.

His son wants him to get closure.

His dad thanks him for all his hard work.

curtis wants to tell marshall what he learned

Before they can take off, Selina shows up and announces they have business.

Curtis told her their business was over and Marshall offers to show her out.

Selina announces she has information about who shot Curtis.

He refuses to listen, assuming that she’s out for something.

selina says they were betrayed

She tells him they have both been deceived.

It appears the man who shot him was Jason and they both know he only acts on Sonny’s orders.

It seems unlikely to her that Corinthos would escape so many attempts on his life so easily.

Wu suggests that Sonny has a long-term plan to annex territory using an enforcer no one could see coming.

Curtis thinks she’s paranoid but she suggests he think this over.

selina tells curtis to thinka bout it

Once she exits, Marshall declares that this changes everything.

His son hopes he’s not believing her but Marshall thinks they need to look at this rather than running off to Baltimore.

Curtis thinks his father needs peace of mind right now.

Plenty of people are already looking for Jason.

curtis marshall talk about jason

At Carly’s, Drew tells her that he knows Jason is the one she always counts on.

He points out she’s already making excuses for him being gone without telling her.

drew won't be there

Whatever it was, he’s sure she will be by his side helping him through this. He can’t be there to standby and watch.

Every relationship she’s had has been trashed because of Jason and he won’t go through that.

She’s already made her choice and it’s Jason.

He’s not okay with being with her while her heart and mind is with another man.

“I’m getting out now,” he says.

She chases him to the door and wishes she could say it wasn’t true that Jason will always come first.

carly tries to stop drew

He loved every second he had with her but will not compete with Jason.

It’s time to cut his losses.

He’s going to let her off the hook at Crimson.

Her heart wasn’t in the job anyway.

Telling her to take care, he walks out.

drew says time to cut losses

Drew goes to the gym.

As he pounds on a bag, Jordan shows up.

She vents about how she can’t do anything for Dante.

drew at the gym

She realizes she’s talking about the hunt for Jason and apologizes.

Drew wants him brother caught too.

If his brother is innocent, he should turn himself in.

She’s surprised he’s not insisting that his brother is innocent.

drew and jordan talk about his brother

Drew doesn’t know his brother well enough to say.

He explains that he broke up with Carly a few hours ago because he realized it would never work.

He urges her to take her turn to vent to him.

She’s not sure about her new job. He admires her for sticking it out.

jordan and drew talk jason

As they chat about the city, she suggests they set a meeting to talk about how Aurora can help promote Port Charles.

Carly goes to General Hospital to see Sam. She tells her she’s seen Jason.

carly visits sam at gh

He barely had a chance to say anything because the authorities showed up looking for him.

They talk about Jason obviously being at Dante’s shooting.

Carly says that Jason did not say anything about it.

Sam has to point out that she is upset that her supposedly dead ex is back and may have shot her boyfriend.

sam will never forgive

If it is Jason’s fault that the man who was helping her raise the children he abandoned dies, she will never forgive him.

The doctor keeps saying it will take time, but they don’t know if Dante will wake up.

If Carly wants to help, she will call the cops if Jason contacts her again.

Sonny meets with Anna at the PCPD.

He asks if there is any evidence Jason shot his son.

sonny warned by anna

She reads him the report on Dante’s shooting.

Voice ID confirms that Jason made the call to 911 but they don’t know if he did the shooting.

anna reads report to sonny

Jason jumped off the bridge and they assume he’s still alive and injured.

Anna can understand that he’s feeling helpless.

She tells him to pray rather than going after anyone and doing more harm than good.

anna tells sonny not to go after jason

He can’t believe that he’s telling her to find Jason, but he hasn’t really known him for years.

Jagger arrives outside and asks Chase how long that Anna has been talking to Sonny. Chase doesn’t know.

chase and jagger at pcpd

John thinks he should be bothered that his boss is talking to a racketeer.

He interrupts Sonny and Anna, telling the mobster how sorry he is about his son.

Sonny tells him to prove his badge means something and find who shot his son.

sonny tells jagger find shooter

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Michael returns to the boathouse.

Willow has already put the kids to sleep and can see how tired he is.

michael tells willow tired

Danny shows up, needing a favor. He says it’s private so Willow makes herself scarce.

Danny asks Michael to come with him and they head off.

danny asks for a favor

In the boat house, tattooed Jason tries to stop his wound from festering by bandaging up again and taking some pills.

jason tattoo

Michael arrives with Danny and tries to hug him until he notices the wound.

michael reunites with jason

Jason apologizes for bringing his son into this. That wasn’t fair.

He asks Michael to take Danny to the house and make sure he stays there and tells him he missed him every day.

jason tells danny he missed him

Michael walks Danny up to the gatehouse to get Willow and leave him there.

When they get to the boat house, Jason doesn’t want her involved but she thinks he needs a nurse.

michael brinsg willow to jason

Jason is surprised to hear they have more than one kid.

Willow checks him over.

The bullet went through but the wound needs to be sutured.

As she cleans him up, Jason explains that his colleague Hamish shot Dante. He’s dead now.

He called 911 and did what he could for the cop.

jason explains the shooting

Michael returns to Danny and tells him his father is doing okay.

Willow will stay with him and monitor him.

michael and danny talk about what jason did

Danny explains that his father claims he didn’t put a bullet in Dante.

He believes him but running away doesn’t look good.

Michael is sure that Jason had a reason for all he did.

Ned calls, asking Danny back to the house.

Michael asks him not to tell anyone about this and he will update him in the morning.

danny will keep this secret

Back in the boat house, Willow puts a blanket on Jason and welcomes him home.

willow blanket jason

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