Y&R Recap: Victoria and Claire Share a Touching Moment as Ashley Breaks Down After Throws Herself at Tucker, Kissing Him

Wed Feb 28, 2024: Today on Young and Restless, Claire agrees to be released, Victoria protests the plan, and Cole offers his daughter whatever support she needs.

Tuesday’s recap: Chance confronted Billy about being weaponized, Audra issued Ashley a warning, and Jack had an ultimatum For Tucker.

(This day ahead recap episode airs in the USA on Feb 28. Expect spoilers! Recaps go live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Michael visits Claire in the psychiatric ward and they joke about the décor.

She announces she’s decided to take Victor up on his offer.

michael visits claire at ward

The lawyer wasn’t expecting to hear from her so soon but she thinks the sooner her aunt is dealt with the better.

He already has the ball rolling. She wonders if Victor was sincere when he claimed this was her decision to make.

Michael says the law is complicated and her case is gnarly so he had to anticipate how to handle things if everyone agreed to the plan.

michael claire discuss plan Y&R recaps

She thinks he’s smooth but covering for her grandfather.

She’s determined to be who her family needs her to be.

They agree to go full speed ahead.

All he has to do is talk to a judge. The doctor reports are exemplary and he can be very convincing.

claire asks if it's her choice Y&R recaps

She’ll be in the Newmans’ protective custody and they are extremely loyal.

Claire worries about safety and he says there will be heightened security.

They talk about what a brilliant lawyer he is and he says she could be starting her new life as a Newman by breakfast tomorrow.

michael assures claire he's good

Once he’s gone, Cole shows up to see how she’s doing with all the scheming.

cole drops by claire's

She feels like she should help and her dad assures her that no one blames her for what’s happened.

He’ll support her if she goes into this with her eyes open. She confirms she’s agreed to the plan.

Cole is worried and will support her but this is not what he’d been hoping for.

She hates making him and her mom worry but she needs to make them all safe from Jordan.

cole asks claire her choice

Her father asks if she’s really ready to face the outside world again.

She admits this wouldn’t be her first choice but she feels like she owes them.

He assures her that she will not lose any love if she doesn’t go through with this.

coel and claire talk plan

The only thing she will miss is visiting the children’s ward and he suggests they can keep that up.

He adds that she has younger siblings to meet.

That scares her. She can’t imagine what that will be like for them but she’s looking forward to holidays and babysitting.

Spending time with kids has been the best therapy and filled her with so much hope.

claire worried about getting out

At the ranch, Victoria lays into her father about his plans for Claire.

victor not changing mind

He claims he’s just trying to keep the family safe. Nikki comes in from her nap and asks what’s going on.

nikki walks in on victoria victor arguing

Her daughter says that Victor is being impossible and explains that he went behind her back and schemed to have Claire released.

She points out the other damage that could be done here. Claire is starting to believe she’s been accepted into teh family and this could undo her progress.

Nikki admires how much her daughter has been working to overcome the damage. Those are gains that can’t be lost.

That’s why she’s starting to think Victor’s plan makes sense. Victor smirks.

nikki thinks it's a good plan

This is appalling to her daughter but Nikki thinks this might be the best option. Knowing Claire is free and living with them will drive Jordan to act.

Victoria asks if they want a repeat of what happened at the cabin and her father assures her it won’t be before ending the discussion.

victoria argues against dad's plan

After he walks out, Victoria continues asking her mom how she can allow this. Nikki points out Claire is willing.

Victoria is determined to talk her daughter out of this by threatening to turn her back on her.

Her mom knows she couldn’t really go through with that and urges her just to trust Victor.

Victoria is tired of them ignoring her feelings and storms off.

nikki victoria argue about plan

Nikki looks at the booze bottles and has to control herself.

As she crosses her and breathes deep, Victor comes in and thanks her for backing him up.

nikki shuddering at ranch

She hates seeing the terror in her daughter’s eyes.

He tells her you have to get through the pain and is sure that their daughter will come down once Claire is with them and they are all spending time together.

victor explains next steps in plan

Nikki is shocked when he tells her about his plan to stage a photo for the press in Victoria’s house to trap Jordan.

She thinks it over and decides that he’s right. But how can they get Victoria to agree to a staged photoshoot.

Michael arrives and declares that Claire is all in. That’s what Victor assumed would happen.

michael arrives at ranch

The lawyer adds that she wasn’t thrilled by the plan to release her whether she wanted it or not.

He’s already sent letters to a judge and they should hear something in the morning.

Victor says once she’s released, they need to call the press immediately.

Michael worries when he hears Claire’s parents are still reluctant but Victor is confident it will all work.

michael nikki victor talk over plan

Victoria bursts into the psychiatric ward where Cole and Claire are still talking.

victoria rushes in to convince claire

She’s determined to talk her out of agreeing to the release. Claire says she can’t be swayed.

She thinks this is a good bet but her mom is afraid there is more to it and Victor is keeping them all in the dark.

victoria doubts the plan

Claire trusts him on this and is sure he loves his family and won’t put them in danger.

This is something she really wants to do and she can do it with or without her mom’s blessing.

“Mom support me on this please,” she pleads, explaining she wants to help the family.

claire determined

Victoria can feel how important this is to her and wants to give it to her but as her mom she knows this is dangerous and she’s terrified.

Claire understands but she’s an adult. Victoria asks what Cole things.

He thinks they need to trust their daughter’s instincts. Sighing, Victoria agrees to back her up but will lay some rules down with Victor.

claire determined to go ahead regardless

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Outside of the Abbott house, Ashley calls Tucker and asks him for a drink.

ashley calls to goad

He’s not keen. She assumes Audra is with him and he makes it clear she is, demanding to know what she wants.

Audra grabs the phone and reminds her she told her to back off.

audra nickering with ashley on phone

The Abbott starts goading her, claiming she’s the only woman Tucker has ever loved.

Audra reminds her how that’s ended and claims she’s the only one who cares about him and his broken heart.

“No one wants to play with you!” she declares, telling her how unwelcome she is and how sick they are of her.

Urging her to have some dignity, she tells her to leave them alone.

audra tells ashley get lost

Ashley keeps prodding her until Audra loses it, yelling into the phone and hanging up.

The voice in Ashley’s head tells her that didn’t go the way it was supposed to. She tells herself that he will come around because he can’t resist her.

Tucker asks Audra to fill him in but she says that Ashley is just desperate and wants him to tell her to her face that he’s moving on.

He thinks that might be a good idea. She thinks he will be playing into her hands.

Tucker thinks he just need to tell her it’s over.

He appreciates her running interference but he needs to be the one to shut her down.

Audra thinks this could be a trap.

audra tells tucker it's a trap

Telling her that Ashley can’t win him back, he asks her to come with him because he doesn’t want them to hide anything from each other.

She agrees but reminds him that she’s warned him.

tucker thinks they should just face ashley

He texts Ashley.

When Tucker and Audra arrive in the GCAC dining room, Ashley is swigging some wine and accuses Audra of not trusting him.

ashley with wine

He makes it clear he asked her to come. Audra says he wanted it to be clear to her that they are together.

When she accuses him of trying to win him back, Ashley says that’s a misinterpretation.

tucker audra face ashley in gcac

Both women prod him to tell Ashley it’s over. He stares at her.

Tucker says they have screwed things up to many times to count. He’s been too dumb to realize they will never work until now.

Audra accuses her of wanting him back.

Standing up, Ashley says she knows that Tucker loves her and she loves him too.

ashley pleads

She’s the woman he wanted her to be and they can take Glissade and make it into the powerhouse they wanted it to be.

She wants what they had back. She knows she broke it and can fix it and they can have everything they ever dreamed of.

ashley tells tucker she is the woman he wants

Telling him she knows he can’t resist this, she grabs him and kisses him. His head jerks back.

ashley kisses tucker

“Wow! Classy!” marvels Audra in disgust.

Ashley stomps off and Tucker wipes his lips with his shirt.

tucker wiping mouth

Audra and Tucker return to her suite as she rants about Ashley. She’s done with this and thinks they should go to Paris tonight.

audra has had enough

He smirks.

Ashley returns home and has a drink. The voices in her head start arguing about where this is headed.

ashley drinking

As one tells her to wake up, she sits, looking disoriented, and breaks into tears.

ashley crying

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