Y&R Spoilers Feb 26 – March 1: Kyle Loses His Nanny, and Phyllis has a Proposition for Danny

Monday, February 26 to Friday, March 1.

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This week is filled with drama as Audra and Ashley go toe-to-toe over Tucker. Who do you think can play dirtiest? Audra says she can but we’ve seen Ashley pull off some pretty dirty schemes in the past.

Meanwhile, Jack and Traci band together to look out for their sister, Phyllis gets to reconnect with her old friend since Amanda’s still in Genoa City, and she also has a proposal for Danny. Claire is used this week in Victor’s plan after Victoria and her dad reach an understanding, and finally… Nikki learns some shocking news. Is it about Aunt Jordan?

Y&R’s sneek peek promo the week of Feb 26!

At the Abbott mansion, Audra faces off against Ashley. “Are you threatening me?” Ashley asks.

“It’s a friendly warning,” claims Audra.

“I have much more experience at fighting dirty than you and I enjoy it much more than I should.”

audra warns ashley


Nate and Mamie are having a private conversation at Society.

“Jill Abbott has had a stranglehold on Chancellor-Winters for far too long. It’s time our family takes full control of our company. And I’m here to make sure that’s what happens,” Mamie tells Nate.

mamie wants family control

Michael visits Claire at Memorial Hospital’s psych ward. “It’s time to be who my family needs me to be. That means helping catch Jordan any way I can,” Claire tells Michael.

claire ready to get out

“Great. Go,” he says.

“Full-speed ahead,” she agrees.

michael claire agree to work together Y&R spoilers February 26- March 1


Young and Restless Spoilers Monday, February 26

In Monday’s Y&R recap, Audra goes to Ashley’s to confront her while Ashley’s family is baffled by her 180.

After Traci has texted Jack that Ashley’s safe at home and that she’s done a 180, Jack and Traci meet to discuss how to help Ashley through her crisis.

Audra’s feeling jealous and Tucker doesn’t know what she’s doubting. She tells him it’s Ashley and her claims. 

Tucker makes a promise to Audra. He tries to calm her concerns about their relationship. He finally admits that Ashley broke into his room and what was said.

Devon’s ready for the music festival idea that Nate and Chance present. 

Esther tries to keep the peace between Billy and Devon at Crimson Lights when things get heated.

chance and nate blowing minds

Young and Restless Spoilers Tuesday, February 27:

Audra settles unfinished business with Ashley by going to her house and making threats. 

ashley audra face off

Phyllis reconnects with her old friend Amanda.

After talking things out with Traci about Ashley, Jack gives Tucker an ultimatum.

amanda talks rehab mama young and restless

Young and Restless Spoilers Wednesday, February 28:

In Wednesday’s Y&R recap, Ashley does the unexpected, kissing Tucker.

Victor enlists Claire to set the trap for Jordan.

Victoria tries to talk Claire out of the trap.

Ashley has an experience that’s troubling to her.  

Ashley sobs after Tucker rejects her again.

Victoria faces a tough decision.

tucker wiping mouth

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Young and Restless Spoilers Thursday, February 29:

In Thursday’s Y&R recap, Jordan’s startled that Claire is being released.

Since she cannot control her father, Victoria and Victor reach an understanding about Claire.

Devon stands his ground.

Chelsea loses her patience with Adam.

Adam and Billy argue. 

Adam, Billy and Chelsea are going to see Connor.

Claire moves into the ranch.

adam chelsea and billy coffee shop

Young and Restless Spoilers Friday, March 1:

Victor makes a promise to Victoria.

Nikki learns some shocking news.

Phyllis has a proposition for Danny.

phyllis getting close to danny

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