GH Recap: Furious Maxie Kicks Spinelli Out — & Nina Won’t Give Up on Marriage Though Sonny Says He Can Forgive Nina But Not Forget

Tues Feb 27, 2024: Blaze and Kristina talk about her mom, Carly tells Drew he needs to move on, and Maxie and Spinelli admit they love each other.

Monday’s GH recap: Blaze came out to her mom after she found Kristina in her bed, and Sonny faced Nina.

At the gallery, Sonny tells Nina to just say what she has to say.

She’s never heard him address her in this tone of voice and wants a conversation.

sonny and nina in gallery

He prompts her to get to the point. Sobbing, she misses him and she’s done with that.

She heard about him almost getting killed and can’t stand the thought.

Sonny says this is not her concern.

Divorce papers haven’t stopped her from caring.

She notices his wedding ring is gone.

nina akss sonny to say he doesn't love her

He points out the fidelity is gone. She holds up her ring and says it’s not gone until they say so.

Nina can see this is hard on him and says the only thing that matters is that they love each other.

Sonny says that’s not the only thing that matters.

sonny says nina reckless GH

She owns sending the Feds after Carly and Drew but points out she was only following his golden rule of doing unto other before they do unto you.

They argue about this and he accuses her of just wanting Carly miserable.

Shouting, Nina says she’s the only one outraged by Carly taking away her daughters.

He admits he’s ruthless but she’s reckless and petty and that’s unforgiveable.

sonny on hot seat

She’s been called worse.

They rehash what happened in Nixon Falls and how she fell for him.

Nina claims she’s motivated by their love and that’s stronger than hatred or jealousy.

She knows he never had a love this strong with anyone else and neither has she.

nina challenges sonny

She dares him to tell her he doesn’t love her. He hasn’t stopped loving her. That’s why he feels so betrayed.

Nina suggests something beautiful can come out of horrible mistakes. That’s how they got together.

Maybe something beautiful can come out of this mistake too and they can make things right together.

She offers to do anything to get their magic back.

nina begs sonny

He can forgive her but he can’t forget what she did.

This is different because she lashed out without thinking of the consequences.

Walking out, he says she has to deal with them now.

She calls out that he may be willing to walk out on their marriage, but she never will.

nina won't give up

In her suite, Blaze tells her mom that she and Kristina are more than friends. Kristina is her girlfriend.

blaze tells natalia about life

Natalia starts cleaning up the room and lectures her for acting like she expects other people to do this for her now that she’s getting famous.

Her daughter starts to explain her relationship but Natalia shuts her down and insists that Kristina had fed some ridiculous story to her.

Blaze says there’s part of her she doesn’t know and her mom insists no one knows her better than she is.

natalia listening to blaze

“I know who I am and now I need you to know too,” Blaze says.

Kristina wants to make herself scarce but Blaze insists she stay. Natalia tries to change the topic to finances but her daughter insists they need to discuss this.

They bicker about her career and lack of focus. Natalia suggests Kristina has been distracting her.

blaze argues with mom

Blaze cries that she’s become her true self and her mom thinks she’s in no mood to talk. She’s had enough and walks out.

Kristina tells her girlfriend how sorry she is that her mom can’t see her for the incredible person she is.

She senses she’s been here with her mom before. Blaze says she’s been avoiding it for years.

blaze tells kristina about mom

The confusing part is that many of her friends and colleagues are gay.

Kristina suggests she’s just worried about her because she’s her daughter.

Blaze has always tried to be a good daughter and now her mom won’t even look at her. Kristina doesn’t thinks this should be so hard.

blaze frustrated by mom

Kristina is sure Blaze and her mom will come to a better place just as she and her mom did.

Blaze doesn’t feel like this is fair on her and Kristina wonders if she’s regretting calling her her girlfriend.

blaze kristina talk coming out

That’s not something Blaze will ever be sorry for. Saying that made her feel free in the first time in forever.

Kristina thinks they need to just keep being honest and her mom will see how important this is.

kristina girlfriend talk

Blaze already feels happier with her and they kiss. When Kristina walks out, she sighs.

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At Maxie’s, Spinelli asks her what’s next after the kiss. She says it was fine but they can forget about it and go back to how things worse.

spinelli fallen for maxie again

He says it’s impossible to put the genie back into the bottle. He admits he’s falling back in love with her.

When he says he’s always been in love with her, she points out there were years when that wasn’t the case.

He claims he only sublimated his feelings but they have returned stronger than ever and they’ve been back since last Christmas.

maxie listens to spinelli general hospital

He told her how he felt in a song last night and now he’s telling her as himself.

When he starts to babble, she blurts out she’s in love with him too. He’s ecstatic but she stops him and asks if love is enough.

She reminds him that love didn’t keep them together and dismisses this as nostalgia.

They admit that Sasha and Cody have both encourages them to go for it and he says they are meant to be together.

She suggests that fate brought them together by bursting his pipes.

Taking her hand, he says fate had nothing to do with that. She pulls away as he explains he moved in to help her.

spinelli takes maxie's hand

He admits that her mom told him about her situation and they hatched a plan to help her.

She accuses him of thinking she can’t take care of her own life and kids and true love has nothing to do with that.

maxie startled by admission

He claims it was all motivated by love and she says that’s the same thing Peter and Austin used to claim.

She can’t get past him lying to her and moving in under false pretenses. There are no degrees to trust for her.

His heart hurts to see her in distress and he says things came out okay. Living together brought back the old familiar feelings.

spinelli pleads with maxie

She thinks he’s thinking of her old unreliable self and accuses him of seeing her as someone who need to be bailed out.

Spinelli says he’s seen the new her and she’s even more attractive. She tells him to go and tell her mom she doesn’t need his help.

He repeats he doesn’t see her as helpless and just wants to make her life better.

If he wants to do that, she says he can pack his bags and get out.

maxie wants spinelli out

She reminds him is pipes aren’t busted and he can go home or sleep with Cody’s horse.

She’s feeling furious and played. It’s like he and her mom have forgotten what she’s capable of.

maxie lectures spinelli

She declares they are over and shuts the door on him. As she looks around the empty room, she suddenly opens the door and calls for him but he’s gone.

Drew stops by Bobbie’s and he and Carly talk about their days. He hates the way things feel between them. Can they find a way forward or is this the end?

drew asks carly if it's over GH

They both said things in the office that they regret. They missed each other last night.

She’s been missing him for some time. He says the man he was is gone.

drew and carly talk at bobbie's

Drew admits he has no firm grasp on who he is. She says the man she fell for was funny and decent and kind.

She loves that Drew and she’s not the only one. She’s sure it must be hard to be such a good man.

As much as she loves him, she needs him to put the past behind them.

carly and drew argue relationship

Nina isn’t worth hating and she doesn’t have the energy for that. She doesn’t see how this relationship can work if he can’t let go.

He’s sure she enjoyed helping him take Crimson from Nina. She admits it but there are limits.

She says her mom always rose about her worse impulses and that’s what she’s trying to do. She needs him to get back to who he was…or Nina wins.

carly doesn't know how this can work

He says that Nina only wins if they break up.

She repeats that their lives will be better if they move on. Taking his hand, she says the only prison is in his head.

That doesn’t make it feel less real to him. She points out he needs to make the decision to move on.

drew carly argue moving on

He’s not done with going after Nina. She’s already landed on her feet again and he can’t see how she’s turning her other cheek.

None of this is easy for Carly. Even hearing Nina’s name sets herself. Nina won’t change but she can.

drew can't get past it

Carly has realized life is short and can’t waste it settling scores.

She assures him he’s not alone in hating Nina but she’s her own worst enemy and will destroy herself. If they are together, that’s all that matters.

He likes the sound of that and they leave to make up.

carly drew make up

They go to a hotel and knock mops.

drew carly in bed

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