Y&R Recap: Nikki Has Bag Lady Nightmares, Ashley’s Intervention Takes a Turn and She Pounds on Tucker’s Door While He’s In Bed With Audra

Mon Feb 12, 2024: Today on Young and Restless, Nikki has terrible nightmares, Ashley feels betrayed by family and goes to Tucker for answers, while Tucker realizes Audra’s the one for him, and Chelsea worries about Connor’s grades.

Friday’s recap: Christine Accuses Danny of Enjoying Pitting Her and Phyllis Against One Another, as Billy Accuses Mamie of Being a Threat

(This day ahead recap episode airs in the USA on Feb 12. Expect spoilers! Recaps go live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)


At Society, Chelsea tells Billy she heard from the teachers at Connor’s school and the news was worse than she thought. He’s struggling in all of his classes. He can’t focus.

They call it anxiety. He may have a “processing disorder,” he’s not eating, sleeping and using hand sanitizer all the time.

Chelsea needs to stay productive and says she and Adam’s main focus will be their son.

Billy’s supportive.

chelsea with billy at society talk connor

She wants to talk about him now so he tells her about his run-in with Tucker and how he whined about being the victim, then accused him of being power-hungry.

Said he’d like him to pull Jabot into Chancellor-Winters. Chelsea laughs but Billy doesn’t, making her wonder if he’d do this. He says it’s pointless but Abbott should have more representation in the corporate name.

He wants to add to it. His mother isn’t represented and thinks it should be called Abbott-Winters.

Chelsea assumes he also wants to stake a claim on this company. Billy talks about how his mother deserves this. 

chelsea talks to billy boy abbott


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Mishael Morgan (Amanda) returns

The Ranch

At the ranch, Victor gives Nikki some tea as Victoria arrives.

Nikki reveals, “I had my worst stumble yet and this one really scared me.”

Victoria listens as Nikki explains she made a bad mistake. Victor tells Victoria it happened after she learned about Jordan’s escape.

nikki drinks tea Y&R recaps

Nikki’s angry that they didn’t tell her when they found out. Victor doesn’t want her to worry. He’ll ensure Jordan won’t come near their house.

Victor says she might have died in the fire but Nikki has proof she’s alive and still out for revenge.

She tells them about Jordan’s call and the stripper music playing.

Victoria tries to reassure her mom.

victor talks about booze

Nikki needs some sleep but has a confession first.

She bought a bottle of vodka. The pull was too much.

She stashed it in this room but it’s gone. Victor says the staff removed every bottle of booze.

nikki bought booze

Nikki calls that a short-term solution.

She needs to build strength to resist it. Victoria hugs her and she thanks Victor about Jack, stirring Victoria’s curiosity.

Once she’s gone, Victor reveals Jack’s her sponsor. He explains finding her at a dive bar, drinking alone.

nikki hugs victoria

They debate whether or not Jack was enabling and Victor thinks he was.

They wonder if she’d consider rehab but with Jordan out there, Victor kind of wants her at home.

Victoria says that one time, Claire said that Jordan used to think fire made a nice distraction when things get dicey.

Victor says, “Oh boy,” but thinks he can stop Jordan from coming to the house.  

Upstairs, Nikki dreams.

nikki nightmares

Nikki has a nightmare that she is drinking from a paper bag outside of the Athletic Club and wakes up with a start.

nikki dreams she's a drunk

Athletic Club, Tucker’s room

At Athletic Club in Tucker’s room, Audra yells at Tucker for being obsessed with Ashley because he texted to see if she was back.

Tucker tries to defend himself but Audra reminds him he’s supposed to be done with her.

audra mad at tucker

She thinks she’s just the one who is available to him. She’s kept her distance from him.

“Sex? Sure, but actual intimacy, no.”

She broke one of her rules because of what he told her.

Tucker claims he only wants to avoid Ashley. He’s sick of the accusations and insistence that he’s gaslighting her.

tucker defends himself

He doesn’t want her to get in their way. Audra reminds him they eat every meal out because they don’t have kitchens in their suite.

She worries she’ll be too insecure to eat out anymore.

He jokes about buying a restaurant for them to dine at.

audra feels insecure

Tucker lays on the sofa as Audra says she thinks that there’s no avoiding the truth anymore since he had that intense run in with her sister.

Maybe it’ll shut down her thoughts on him gaslighting her.

tucker lays while audra talks to him

Tucker realizes it’s been Audra all along for him.

Not Ashley. Audra’s his best friend.

His lip quivers as he is almost in tears. Audra kisses him.

audra kisses tucker

Abbott’s mansion

At the Abbott’s, Ashley is angry when Jack and Diane tell her there’s a family meeting coming.

She thinks it’s an intervention and assumes that they’re concerned about her.

ashley is off her rocker

Jack tells his sister that none of the waitstaff remembered Tucker being physically violent during that argument.

Ashley thinks Tucker got to the entire restaurant staff. He bought them all off.

diane worries about ashley

Diane and Jack seem disconcerted and Ashley reminds her that this is Tucekr’s MO.

Traci arrives, happy to see her sister home, safe.

Ashley questions why Traci questioned the waitstaff without her and then went behind her back to tell these two.

traci tells Ashley tucker isn't gaslighting her

Traci says they all need each other and she wanted Ashley far from Paris. Ashley says he is gaslighting her while the family looks at her as if she’s losing it.

She yells, reminding them he’s done it before. Why are they acting like he hasn’t?

ashley maintains her story

Traci says she offered the entire bistro staff double the money to tell her that they’d been bribed. She knows it’s outrageous but nobody took the money.

What would they have to gain for lying for him?

Ashley doesn’t know. He’s rich and powerful.

traci tries to explain what she did

She starts to cry, feeling like they’ve all let her down.

She feels betrayed. Traci says they just want to help her move on. She feels attacked with suspicions.

“Are you questioning my sanity?” She asks, through tears.

When nobody responds she takes off. Diane asks why they did this to Ashley.

What was it all about? She thinks it’s important to note Ashley’s broken free of Tucker. Diane thinks that they went about this all wrong and were counterproductive.

Traci and Jack worry but believe Diane might be right. 

diane glad ashley is done with tucker

Athletic Club

Back at the Athletic Club, as Audra and Tucker kiss, Ashley bangs on the door and calls Tucker’s name.

ashley bangs on tucker's door

When he doesn’t answer, she texts to see him but he’s busy having sex with Audra.

Ashley gets some drinks in her.

tucker sex with audra

Later, from the ranch, Nikki calls Jack from bed.

She’s teary as she says she’s not angry with him for telling Victor. She gets it. Jack assures she’ll win this fight.

nikki in bed

She needs help and Jack says he’s there whenever she needs him.

“Just call,” he says as Diane looks on.

diane jealous

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