B&B Recap: Luna’s Disoriented Upon Waking up in Zende’s Bed as RJ Boldy Declares to His Parents That He’s In Love With Luna

Monday, Feb 12, 2024: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Luna wakes up in bed with Zende as Li has another go at Poppy over her “life choices.”

Friday’s Early B&B recap: After Popping Some of Her Mom’s Happy Mints, Stoned Luna Stumbles into Zende’s Bed and Imagines He’s RJ

At Forrester Creations, Ridge calls last night one for the records. She agrees the party was fun.

He alludes that he’s talking about sex.

Brooke agrees and Ridge calls his dad the master of romance.

She kisses him, saying he’s not so bad himself.

ridge and brooke had sex last night B&B recaps

Eric texts Ridge to tell him he and Donna are staying home today. He’s glad.

Brooke thinks Donna bossed him around. In the best way possible, she thinks.

Ridge agrees and thinks she’s like her sister. Ridge likes hanging out with Brooke.

She likes hanging with him. They smooch.

ridge likes hanging with brooke

RJ shows up and they talk about how interesting last night was and that Granddad is so full of surprises.

Brooke brings up Luna and RJ says they’re happy too. She’s amazing.

It meant a lot that Granddad invited her. RJ calls Eric high on Luna. “You too, I guess,” Ridge says.

RJ talks up how close he is getting with Luna and what a surprise it was.

rj in his fuzzy sweater

He tells them they’re more serious than just dating. They’re happy for him and approve. RJ says he loves her.

He begins sketching, later and then texts Luna to check in.

rj thinks of luna

Poppy searches her apartment.. “Where are my mints?”

She says, before hearing a knock and letting her sister in.

poppy's apartment B&B recaps

Li had to see for herself where Poppy lures and seduces older, helpless, and very wealthy men.

She can see her sister targeted Bill himself and thinks Luna’s learned her lessons well, cozying up to RJ Forrester.

Poppy wants to get rid of Li but she won’t budge.

Poppy asks why she hates them so much. Li denies that.

Poppy says she constantly shuts him out and is always so angry.

Li says it’s disapproval at her life’s choices. “Because I’ve had lovers in my life?”

li is rude to sister poppy B&B

Li says because there are oodles of men paraded around and they’re all rich.

Her promiscuous behavior disgusts Li. Li comments that she always calls herself carefree but she’s just on drugs.

Poppy frowns and Li says she sees her reaching into her purse for her “little stash.”

Li reminds her sister she’s a doctor. Poppy can’t hide that from her.

She thinks Poppy looks shocked and thinks she squandered all her potential with her loose morals and the way she treats her body.

Poppy’s heard it all before and opens the door for Li to leave.

Li won’t back down that easily. She calls her sister a druggie. Poppy denies it.

poppy upset with li

Li wants to know how often she takes her “so-called mints.”

Poppy says it’s not like that anymore. She takes mints because it gives her a little lift.

She doesn’t drink alcohol… Poppy says, “Come on now.” Poppy remembers being besties and thought that’s how it’d always be.

She thinks Poppy changed into another person, and abandoned her moral structure, running wild, and living her unorthodox lifestyle.

Poppy says they don’t have the be the same but can be close as sisters should be. Li says it’s too late for that.

li hates poppy drug taking

She doesn’t like that she’s popping her pills and calls her and her kid golddiggers.

Poppy gets in her face and rants. LLi can say what she wants about her but not Luna.

Li asks what’s in her pills and Poppy shuts down. Li says she doesn’t even know which could mean this can end badly.

poppy and li in her apartment

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Luna wakes up in Zende’s bed. She smiles.

Zende brings coffee and she says thank God, her head is pounding.

luna wakes up in zende's bed

She says he’s always so thoughtful and then rolls over. She sees Zende, not RJ.

What’s he doing here? Zende laughs. He lives here.

zende wakes up with luna

“Where is RJ?” Luna asks. Zende’s confused.

He doesn’t know where RJ is but he’s definitely not there.

She asks why she’s there and he says he asked himself that last night, too.

luna shocked at waking up in Zende's bed

She remembers leaving the party and drinking water in this room.

Zende came home and found her there. “Waiting for me.”

Luna’s puzzled. “For you?”

luna realizes she shagged zende

Zende says, “Who else lives here?”

Luna needs to know exactly what happened last night. Zende says, “You know what happened.”

Luna looks horrified. She asks for a robe.

When he gives it to her, she makes him turn around as she puts it on.

luna wants a robe Bold and Beautiful recap soapsspoilers

He asks if she’s upset with him. What they shared was incredible.

He calls her amazing, free and uninhibited.

Luna freaks out and grabs at her face.

“No, no, no, no. What happened to me?”

She tells him she and RJ are in love and now she wakes up in his bed? Zende’s now confused.

He came home last night and she was waiting for him.

What happened was mutual. He’d never… Luna doesn’t get how she got there.

luna holds her head, shocked she slept with zende

He says he wishes he knew but they didn’t do a lot of talking. He didn’t think she’d take my invitation seriously.

She asks what he’s on about.

He reminds her he told her he lived on the property. Luna says she’d never do this.

He tells her he’s crazy about her and is shocked she doesn’t recall how beautiful it was.

zende sorry to luna

When she flashes back, she sees RJ’s face and thought it was him.

He’s the only man she’s made love to. It doesn’t make sense.

Her head is pounding and she had a glass or two of champagne.

luna and rj bed

What has she done? Zende’s so sorry about whatever it is that’s happening.

He asks if she believes her. He’d never take advantage. She knows.

She can’t believe she could do this to him, betray him like this.

luna horrified


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