Y&R Recap: Chelsea Calls Billy Out on his Gambling Behaviors and Mamie and Jill’s Feuding Reaches a Boiling Point

Tues Dec 12: Today on Young and Restless, Ashley strategizes with Jack, Mamie and Jill’s feud reaches a boiling point and Diane teaches Kyle a valuable lesson.

Monday’s recap: Nikki Gets a Threatening Text While Jordan Unpacks Weapons and Vials to Destroy the Newmans With

(This day ahead recap episode airs in the USA on Dec 12. Expect spoilers! Recaps go live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Chelsea meets Billy at Crimson Lights which is decorated for the holidays.

billy gets coffee crimson lights Y&R

He missed her last night. They kiss and he talks about missing her stealing the covers and snoring.

He reveals they finally landed on a way to take down Tucker. She’s glad for him.

They talk about how excited he is, there’s a lot of action.

“No risk, no reward,” he says, causing Chelsea to stare.

He asks what he said and she thinks he’s jonesing for a payoff, like he’s betting on a game of poker.

chelsea coffee at crimson lights christmas

He says this isn’t gambling but she thinks so and worries he’ll fall into trouble and not know it.

He doesn’t think she knows what she means but she’s had a business.

He talks about it more and hears it himself in his voice.

She hopes he doesn’t resent her for saying something. He’s glad she said something.

She is supposed to call him accountable. She knows it’s the dopamine hit.

billy realizes he's acting like a gambler

He agrees and talks about how he told Jack what a superior read at gambling.

He didn’t realize how much he craved it. “Truth is, you saw it and I didn’t.”

She calls herself a buzz kill but he’s glad for it.

He reveals he’s a step away from finding a game and thanks her.

She fishes for what he wants for Christmas.

He just wants her. They kiss. 

billy thanks chelsea for saving him

At the Abbott mansion, Jack’s glad to see Ashley since they’re not sparring anymore.

She’s considering Jack’s request because she wants to hold on to her company.

He thinks it’s the ticket to getting Tucker out of their lives.

It’s what they want, right? She heaves a big sigh and says she’ll always be connected to him because of Dominic but that’s it.

jack and Ashely in pink Y&R recaps

He says this is only about Glacade. He’ll buy her half of the company.

She thinks they’ll have more money than him since she’ll raise the price.

Jack says that he’ll try to destabilize them and take over. She knows. He says they’ll use his plan against him.

Once his cover-up story is out, the board of directors will kick him out.

Ashley admits being in the same area code as Tucker is unpleasant.

Jack knows and is sorry. He knows she doesn’t need him saving her but he needs to go.

ashley knows devon won't forgive tucker

Tucker arrives at Audra’s room at the Athletic Club.

He yells hello to her and she asks what he’s doing.

He’s trying to get Kyle ample time to get out. tucker makes a joke to audra on Y&R She wants to know he’s trustworthy from the sanctum of Jabot. She says yes and he yells, “What are they? What have you learned?”

She’s only laying the groundwork. Building trust.

Tucker thinks he’s screwing them over. Audra’s doing her best but he’s seen her best and this ain’t it.

He moves behind her and wants to touch her but backs off. He tells her she knows how much he respects and admires her intelligence.

She laughs and he joins the laughter. She finds it funny that he wants her for her mind.

audra with tucker Y&R

She’s unsure how to feel about it. He calls her gray matter smokin’ hot. She invites him to continue talking.

They sit down and he says he knows her better than she knows Kyle and he’s taken her places.

They’ve gone places where Kyle has never conceived.

He’s not threatened by Kyle he says when she asks.

tucker wants audra in bed Y&R

She wants to know what happens when this plan moves along and he calls her irresistible and knows her.

She loves the thrill, the electricity. He does. He breathes heavily and tells her he’s feeling it.

He looks aroused but when Ashley texts to meet, he tells Audra he thinks his ex has made her mind up.

text that reads ashley wants to meet

Diane and Kyle have pancakes at the Athletic Club lounge.

She’s excited about their plan and Jill’s alliance, which is an alliance to intimidate friend and foe.

Diane drinks tea and thinks of sticking it to Tucker. She thinks Jack will be proud of Kyle sticking it to him.

kyle and diane eat out pancakes Y&R

Kyle says so far he only wants him to keep his eyes open.

Kyle thinks he’s buying it but doesn’t believe the man trusts anyone. Diane says he loves when people seek his advice.

“Let him see how devoted you are to him.” Diane thinks he’ll loop Kyle in so they can find out his plans for Glacade. Kyle loves this. He sips the tea.

Kye’s having reservations.

Diane knows but it’s the right thing.

They think Jack will dissolve Glacade into Jabot.

diane and kyle dining talking glacade

Nate drops in at Society and wanders by a pink Christmas tree to see Jill and Devon.

nate and the christmas tree at society Y&R recaps

They ask for him to join them and Jill says she’s been accused of exaggerating but not this time.

They’re in grave danger. Chancellor Winters is facing a threat.

Talk turns to the wildfire. Mattie losing one of her teachers. Her mentor.

They’re all saddened to hear. Nate’s glad Lily’s there. Jill says she’ll stay there with Mattie for a while.

jill states a threat for the company on Y&R

She asked for a short leave of absence. Jill worries about the timing since Tucker’s a wild card.

Mamie appears out of nowhere and tells them that the snake, Tucker, is after them.

This is no time for talking! “It’s all hands on deck.”

mamie says it's all hands on deck Y&R Recaps

She sits and thinks her invitation got lost in the ethers.

It’s fortuitous she found them together. Jill’s sorry but Mamie wasn’t invited. Mamie snarks.

“Good old Jill.” Jill says Mamie already knows what she was going to tell the guys.

Mamie comments on Jill’s poor memory.

jill vs mamie at society

They were going to do this together.

Jill thinks she should call in suggestions while she’s sitting on some lovely island somewhere.

Mamie calls the view pleasant there and leans toward Jill. “There are some exceptions.” Jill rolls her eyes.

Devon asks Jill to stop fighting. Mamie and Jill find it fun but Jill reminds Mamie she has no say in anything in the company.

Mamie thinks she’s being intimidated. Jill says no but does want her to zip it. They go over how much they’re glad Nate’s back.

mamie can fight with the best of them.

The men decide to head to the office and Devon worries the women will use that to fight. They reassure him and the guys go.

Mamie tells Jill they need their support. She thought they were together on this idea about Tucker.

JIll says no. She bites that Mamie doesn’t have the skills to help them in this enterprise.

Has she run a company or gone up against an enemy? Mamie calls McCall a piece of cake next to the likes of Jill. 

mamie says it's all hands on deck Y&R Recaps



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Back at the Abbott’s, Ashley gets Tucker’s reply text and tells Jack it’s good news.

Tucker’s on board.

ashley gets good news in a text

Back at the Athletic Club, Tucker talks to Audra about the other part of his plan. Glacade.

He fans himself as he looks at Audra and says he will only give her bits and pieces.

Keep her hungry. She wants more but he tells her to keep doing what she’s doing.

Give Kyle what he wants and leave him in ashes. He leaves to meet Ashley.

tucker fans himself at audra's hottness

Tucker comes down the stairs at the Athletic Club and sees Ashley. Kyle and Diane walk up.

“Oh for the love of…” Diane trails off. Tucker tells Kyle to tell his father he’s no longer interested in Jabot.

diane and kyle see tucker

He’s interested in another company, that is if he can get Ashley’s approval.

ashley and tucker sit at table to discuss glacade

He and Ash head to a table and Kyle asks what Diane thinks.

Is Ashley in on the plan? She hopes so.

At the table, Tucker thinks Ashley looks lean and hungry. She tells him she’ll sell Glacade to him.

“No caveats, conditions or strings?” He asks. She says no. He’s suspicious and she says just to make a deal.

He knows she’s angling but he can’t figure out what it is. She says there isn’t one. Except it won’t be cheap.

“I’m gonna make you pay. I’ll be in touch,” she says, leaving and saying hello to Audra on her way out. 

ashley looks lean


Nate and Devon get coffee at Crimson Lights. Nate wonders if the cops will call them to bail out Jill and Mamie.

Nate suggests they don’t get involved or take sides. Nate thanks his cousin again for everything.

Devon says he’s welcome. They agree he better not let him down.

devon and nate get coffee at crimson

Back at Society, Jill asks how much money it’ll take to get Mamie to leave town.

Mamie laughs. She doesn’t want any.

mamie can fight with the best of them.

Jill asks what else she wants.

Mamie could ask the same thing.

“What will it take to make you go away.”


Kyle and Diane arrive home to Jack. They saw Ashley with Tucker and hope this is good news.

Jack says she’s selling him the company.

kyle tells dad good news about tucker


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