B&B Recap: Donna and Steffy Protest, but Ridge Repeats That It’s Time for Eric to Die, While Hope Comforts Thomas

Tuesday, Dec 12: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Donna and Ridge argue about what to do with Eric while the rest of the family eagerly wait for news and wonder what Ridge will choose.

Monday’s Early B&B recap: Ridge refused Finn’s radical treatment and declared they need to let Eric die.

At the hospital, given that Ridge has Eric’s power of attorney, Finn asks him if they should go all out to save Eric, uncertain with what the outcome might be, or send him to comfort care and let him go.

finn asks ridge what his choice is

Ridge says he loves his father enough to let him go. Donna’s jaw drops.

ridge doesn't want dad to suffer

He doesn’t want his father to be a guinea pig or die on the operating table.

Steffy, Brooke, and Donna all beg for a chance but he wants his father to go peacefully.

donna begs for chance

Steffy and Donna urge him to think about this.

donna argues for eric treatment

He reminds them that Eric was adamant that he wanted to live his life until he couldn’t and then be let go. He didn’t want extreme medical intervention.


Donna begs him not to let this be the end.

Steffy asks her husband if he really thinks he could save her grandfather.

The doctor says he loves Eric, but it is an experimental procedure and there are serious risks.

He’d be giving them false hope if he assured them this would guarantee Eric teh quality of life he was accustomed to.

finn can't make any guarantees

Ridge say quality of life is the key issue.

ridge reminds donna he's in pain

Donna accuses him of playing God.

donna argues with ridge

He thinks she’s being unfair. He understands she’s heartbroken, but so is he.

If Eric could see himself connected to machines, he wouldn’t want this either.

He gave him his voice and he doesn’t want him to be in pain anymore.

ridge doesn't want eric in pain

They go around in circles. Brooke tells her sister how hard this is for Ridge.

brooke defends ridge

Ridge goes off to see his father.

They file into Eric’s room. Ridge declares it isn’t right for his dad to be kept alive by tubes. He wouldn’t want that.

ridge can't stand this

He flashes back to his father making him promise to let him go naturally.

“It’s time. It’s time to say goodbye,” Ridge declares.

ridge says it's time

Stroking Eric’s hair, Donna tells him that she’ll fight for him because he can’t fight for himself right now.

Brooke admits that she may not agree with Ridge right now, but he’s trying to do what’s best for his father.

Donna is sure that Eric would want to stay with his family and finish his collection with RJ.

donna gasps

Steffy agrees with Donna.

Ridge is sure that his father would want that too but it’s not what Finn is offering.

Donna and Steffy beg.

Ridge asks them to help him figure this out.

ridge asks what they think

Donna may have accused him of playing God, but what is she doing? His father doesn’t want a medical miracle.

He loves that Finn is trying to save his dad, but he doesn’t want him used as a medical experiment.

Ridge just wants his father to leave the earth with some dignity.

“That’s my decision,” he says.

ridge makes decision

Donna shakes her head.

donna shaking head

Everyone has tears in their eyes.

steffy resting on finn

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At Forrester Creations, Zende is frustrated, worried that they are being kept in the dark.

zende in the dark

Hope thinks they need to keep their distance and let the doctors deal with this.

Zende is sure that his grandfather will fight until there is no fight left in him. Thomas points out there might be no fight left.

hope thomas weigh eric chances

Zende admires Eric’s sketches and Hope says his legacy will live on.

zende admires eric design

They mull over what could happen if Ridge is forced to make a decision about Eric’s treatment.

carter thinks of ridge

Thomas just can’t imagine his father having the power to decide whether Eric lives or dies.

Zende says they need to fight for their grandfather and Hope says they owe it to Eric that it’s a life he’d want to live.

thomas thinks of the choice his dad has to make

Standing by the desk, Thomas tells Hope about how his grandfather had a hidden stash of jellybeans in it.

She finds it and he eats one.

thomas eats jellybeans

They all recall how much of an influence Eric had on them, how he changed their lives and the world of fashion.

They owe him so much and none of them want to lose him.

zende and carter recall eric

As he picks up an old photo, Hope tells Thomas she know how hard this must be for him.

thomas and hope talk eric

He knew Eric wouldn’t go on forever but this is too soon. He was always there for him and wanted the best for him.

Hope knows it’s not the same but he has her and she’ll be there for him.

hope tells thomas he has her

They kiss and she holds him.

thomas hope kiss

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