Ashley and Traci Take Allie Out For a Special Lunch to Share Their Complex Histories

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Traci and Ashley give Allie the inside story of the Abbott family before joining Jack to remember their parents. In the previous episode, Adam and Sally celebrated while Jill made an accusation, and Ashland plotted with Victoria.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for June 16, 2022 episode airs in the USA June 17. Recaps live by 5:45 PM EST daily.)

ashley traci meet at society YR

Ashley and Traci meet outside of Society. They are happy that Allie has decided to stick around Genoa City. Both think she has had a hard time since Keemo died.

It reminds Traci of when she came from boarding school and had no friends. They miss their father and how he was there for every milestone in their lives. Ashley knows she had some issues with Allie at the beginning but doesn’t now.

She thinks it’s important they honor Jack by letting his granddaughter know she’s part of the family.

allie has questions YR

Abby greets them and shows them to their table, explaining she had a special menu created for then. Allie arrives and tells them how kind they are to have done this for her.

Traci and Ashley wanted to give her the chance to find out about their lives. She admires how close the sisters are. They say they are friends forever and encourage her to ask anything she likes.

Traci makes a pitch for her book about the Abbott family. Allie is feeling overwhelmed by all the questions she has. They discuss how amazing the Jabot lab is. Allie tells them how important chemistry was to her father and how thrilled he was that followed in his footsteps.

She admires Traci for forging her own path outside of the family business. Ashley tells her about how talented her sister is and how she could have been a singer. They recall her singing and touring with Danny.

danny flashback YR

Traci flashes back to their time together and then explains she eventually realized her real passion was writing. It has been so meaningful to do something she loves. She remembers receiving the first advanced copy of one of her books and smiles.

Allie wonders if they were always so confident. The sisters laugh and tell her they were nowhere near where they are now. The young adult years can be exhilarating, but they can also be the most challenging years of your life.

traci talks writing YR

Traci tells her that her sister was always more secure while she struggled with her weight and addiction to diet pills. She had to learn to love herself for who she was. Ashley says everyone had a hard time understanding why she didn’t love herself as much as they loved her.

lauren ice cream YR

Chuckling, Traci recalls how much Lauren used to hate her. She flashes back to dumping a giant banana split on her head after she sent it to her table to mock her weight.

The sisters laugh about this and Traci admits that she and Lauren eventually became friends. “You never know how it will turn out with someone in your life until you give it time,” Traci says. Allie is beginning to realize that.

ashley remembers YR

She asks Ashley if she’s had a nemesis too. That immediately leads to her recalling her rivalry with Nikki. Ashley claims she never wanted to make an enemy, but she and Victor had a very strong connection.

ashley victor flashback YR

She decides to spare her the grimmer details of that but her sister teases her about her numerous marriages to the Newman. They still have a bond, although a very different one.

allie abby ashley at table YR

Abby pops up to say she’s it. She’s part Newman, Abbott, and Carlton. This last name is unfamiliar to Allie. Traci tells her all about Brad and how he came from modest beginnings as the pool boy.

brad flashback YR

She remembers when he dragged her out to the movies. Ashley adds he was quite a charmer. Traci fell for him hard and recalls their trip to Hawaii. As much as they loved each other, they couldn’t keep things together. But they did have a beautiful daughter: Colleen.

She explains to Allie that Colleen passed away when she was about her age. Traci wishes they could have known each other. Losing her was the most difficult thing she ever had to face but she had her amazing family to get her back on her feet.

The topic turns to how Ashley got together with Brad after he and Traci were over. They all laugh as Ashley notes again that she’s been married many times.

ashley birth flashback YR

She wanted to raise a child on her own but Brad had different ideas and she wound up giving birth to Abby on her own wedding day. She flashes back to Brad walking in on her demanding her child from Victor’s arms.

Brad adopted Abby. She explains no one knew Victor was her father for years. Abby tells Allie what amazing role models Traci and Ashley are.

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billy jack join sisters YR

When the ladies return to the Abbott estate, they find Jack and Billy there. As they sit down together, Billy tells Allie how amazing his sisters are and how different they are. He also says that he’d be happy to vent to her about the Abbott story sometime.

Everyone in that room has been to hell and back but they have always had each other’s backs and that will never change. Without his brother and sisters he doesn’t know where he would be.

Ashley admits she’s felt lost sometimes over the years, especially when she had breast cancer. She fought very hard and got a lot of strength from her father and Jack.

abbotts together YR

“Your stories, they have touched my heart. This family, my family, is very special,” Allie says. Jack is happy to hear her say that.

Whatever strengths the family has comes from his father. They recall their mornings at the breakfast table. The sisters say that breakfast is their most important tradition and they are pleased they can reserve a seat at it for Allie.

Noah sends her a text asking to hang out but doesn’t want to be rude. They encourage her to go. She thanks them for everything and takes off with Billy.

jack ashley talk allie YR

Jack thanks his sisters for including her. Ashley thinks she’s a lovely addition to the family. He thinks she would benefit from having both of them in her life. They are both happy to step up for her.

The topic turns to Allie’s strained relationship with her mother and that brings up thoughts of Dina and how hard things were with her. Traci recalls her mom finally telling her she was beautiful.

ashley traci talk john YR

Ashley had to face learning that Brent was her biological father. It was hard for her to accept that she wasn’t John’s daughter. Traci tells her that she was always his daughter and always will be.

ashley thankful YR

Standing up, Ashley never thought she could move past her combative relationship with her mother, but in her final months she could see that she was trying hard to make up for things.

“She did love me,” she says, looking at a photo of Dina. She’s just grateful they had time to reconcile with her. Traci will always cherish what she wrote about them before she was too far into her illness. They will carry that forever.

Jack tells his sisters how proud he is of them. Traci wonders how everything has happened so fast.

Ashley is filled with hope for the new generation. They’ll learn from all their sorrows and joys and carry forward their best qualities, knowing how lucky they are to be an Abbott.

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