ciara wants babies on days of our lives

Soaps Spoilers full list of spoilers for DOOL from Monday, September 6 to Friday, September 10.

Days of our Lives has a new spinoff, Beyond Salem, which starts September 6. Details on how to watch and spoilers are in the link.

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Monday, September 6

Calista hits on Steve.
Ciara realizes she’s almost out of birth control pills and suggests they have a baby, but Ben’s hesitant.

Tuesday, September 7

Xander realizes Bonnie stole his money.
Roman grows concerned about Doug’s mental state.

Wednesday, September 8

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Xander crashes Bonnie and Justin’s wedding.
Eli and Lani accept an invitation from Paulina.
Justin makes a shocking discovery.

Thursday, September 9

Philip confronts Gabi over her machinations.
Paulina’s in a bit of trouble once again.

Friday, September 10

Allie tries to smooth things over with Chanel.
Gwen plans to come clean with Jack.
Chad visits Abigail in Boston and tries to talk her into returning home.
Roman tries to track Doug down. Meanwhile, Julie is in denial that Doug has a problem.

Coming up  – no dates

Abe overhears Paulina making a surprising revelation.
Jack saves Julie when she’s trapped.
Steve tries to dig into Calista’s past.
Brady encourages Chloe to move in with him.

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