Mariah’s Phone is Found in Stitch’s Room — & Abby Pleads With Stitch ‘All is Forgiven, Just Tell Me Where They Are’

The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for the Wednesday, August 25, 2021 episode, which airs in the USA Thursday, August 26. In the previous episode, Devon shares suspicions of Stitch. In this episode, Abby takes matters into her own hands, Mariah panics during an intense moment of her labor, and Kevin and Rey get a shock.

In the room where she’s being held captive, Mariah appeals to the kidnappers to get her to the hospital. She tells the camera that the contractions are getting stronger. They need help. She cries out and sobs that she has to give birth without medical care. She feels the baby moving around and tells him to relax before she goes into another contraction. She recalls how Bowie made her life miserable for a while and then how he kept her sane while locked up. She hopes he knows he’s loved. He’s one of a few people she truly loves and he’s going to be fine. She has another contraction and realizes she needs to prepare to give birth. But how? She gathers the water and blankets and sings Tessa’s song. She bursts out into tears. “I miss her so much.” She feels like she’ll pass out and panics. She puts on a robe and then screams as she falls to the floor with another huge contraction.

mariah labour cry young and the restless

Victor arrives at Abby’s and she tells him about Stitch’s involvement in her life and how she seemed to think he might have wanted to reunite with her and Devon’s theory on him behind the kidnapping. Victor recalls that when he first returned, Stitch said he was concerned about her being alone with Chance out of town. Victor had told him that they were happily married. Abby says she used to love him but could it be true? “Could stitch have something to do with Mariah’s disappearance?” Victor tells her not to pay attention to people’s feelings when it comes to her child. She says he was working at a doctor in Iowa City and Max’s condition deteriorated. Victor asks why he’d do this. She has no idea, which she hopes means he’s not behind it. Victor thinks it could be revenge for leaving him but Abby gasps. She’d have seen that. She can’t fathom this, and worries for Mariah.

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Denise shows up at Devon’s place with no news regarding Mariah’s disappearance. He tells her about the grey-haired man who bought up the maternity protein bars and the other clues that Stitch told them about. Denise can tell something’s niggling him. He admits his thoughts are on Abby’s ex. He fills her in on all the hot gossip about Stitch. Denise finds the position of Chief of Surgery suspect. Denise says they need to get the goods on him. As a PI they never ignore their instincts.

denise PI young and restless

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At Crimson Lights, Kevin and Rey look at the footage from the convenience store. Nobody was there but Stitch, and then suddenly, the footage disappears, though the camera is on. There’s a gap of 37 seconds. Maybe the old man entered during the gap. Rey wonders if they altered the video. Kevin would have to do a deeper analysis. He finds the older man and thought the angle is weird, they notice his cart is empty. Stitch left before he got a look at the guy’s cart and there was no way he saw the man’s shopping list. Rey wonders if Stitch made the whole thing up. Later, they learn the “encryption team” came up with a way to unlock Mariah’s phone and they have her location.

kevin rey clues mariah  young and restless

Sharon and Tessa talk at the park. Sharon cries though she’s trying to be optimistic about Mariah being found. Tessa has appreciated her optimism and says her disposition is darker than hers. She has to visualize her girlfriend coming back to them safely. She explains to Sharon about her psychic connection with Mariah. Tessa notes that she doesn’t have Devon’s money or the power of two families that Abby has so she feels she’s sitting on the sidelines. “All I can do is use my love to send strength and comfort.” Sharon says it can’t hurt. She shares with Sharon how to do it but Sharon’s not sure she believes in that. “I’ll try.” She concentrates on a memory of the day she first learned Mariah was her daughter and how her daughter finally called her “mom.” Tessa recalls Mariah’s apology backstage at the concert that took her guts to bare her soul that way. “It’s those same guts that are gonna bring her home to us.” Tessa says she believed in the power of their love and now Tessa’s returning the favor. Mariah taught her so much about love and forgiveness. “Whoever has her. Whoever is scaring her, I will never forgive them and I hope they get what’s coming to them,” she says, fiercely. They pray.

tessa cries  young and restless

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Devon arrives at Abby’s. He tells Abby and The Mustache about his PI looking into Stitch’s background. The men want to confront Ben now. Abby doesn’t like that idea. He’s staying at the Grand Phoenix, Devon says. They refuse to let Abby go with them but will tell her what happens. He asks his darling to be careful and the menfolk head out while the little lady stays home. She texts Stitch to come to her house and he leaves Society and heads out. Abby tells him how worried she is and how helpless she feels about Mariah. Ben tells her everything will be okay. He hugs her and asks her to tell him what to do.

stitch at society young and restless

Stitch arrives at Abby’s and asks if there’s news. She says there isn’t and is grateful he saw that man in the store. Stitch wishes he could have been more helpful. Maybe his lead can still pay off. She’s not sure about that or anything else. He’s sorry. She cries as she says she feels better when he’s around. She hugs him and he melts into her embrace. She asks if he came back for her. He reveals he’s always felt a connection to her. She admits it’s been such a blessing having him back. She wants to be a sounding board for him. “You can tell me anything,” she says. She won’t get angry. He can’t believe how understanding she is. She knows him and can see it in his eyes. “Guilt.” He feels bad for what happened but it’s not his fault. He cries. He’s a doctor and should have seen what was going on with his son. The loss of their baby wasn’t his fault. He admits he returned for her. He needed to make things right. His life has been so hard and wanted redemption. He believes she can put him back on course. She agrees. “All is forgiven,” she says, “just tell me where they are.”

stitch sobs young restless

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Victor and Devon turn up at Grand Phoenix. Devon tells Vic that his PI let him know that Stitch was fired from his job months ago in Iowa City. Rey appears. They tracked Mariah’s cell phone there, to GP. They agree, “We should check Stitch’s room.”  They head inside and Devon calls Mariah’s phone when they can’t find it. A ringing comes from Stitch’s gym bag.

mariah phone found young and restless

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