Nick Reads Ashland the Riot Act About His Past, and Threatens Him, While Phyllis is Offended By Nikki’s Opinion

Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for Friday, December 3, 2021 episode, which airs in the USA Friday, December 6. (Recaps live by 5:45 PM EST daily.) In the previous episode, Chance was overcome with joy meeting Dominic. In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Nick reads Ashland the riot act, Sally gets Billy to stop drinking, Chance and Abby have sex, and Chelsea is angry when Adam brushes her off for a meeting with Sally.

Ashland thanks Nick for coming to Newman. He wants to clear the air, though Nicholas doesn’t look amenable. Ash brings up Victoria and Nick shuts him down. Ashland reminds him he’s family now. Her family means a lot to her and he’d like to get the tension out. That won’t change Nick’s mind about him. Ash asks what he’s done so wrong. “Are you kidding?” Nick says. “You let your best friend die and then you stole his identity and then you robbed your mentor of her fortune so you could begin your career.”

He knows the story is true and he’ll never think it’s okay because he thinks he’s an opportunist with no moral standards. He guesses the family is giving him a pass because he’s sick. “If I were to find out tomorrow that you were no longer dying, I’d have to wonder if you were ever sick in the first place.” Ashland says he appreciates his brother-in-law’s honesty. Nick says he feels worse.

ash defends self nick young and restless

At Crimson Lights, Victoria is shocked to learn Abby found Chance in Spain. Victor fills her in on what went down. She wants to check on them but Vic says there’s a welcome home party tonight. Victoria needs to talk to Ash first and decides she wants to talk about the ChancComm situation.

She talks about Ashland being her partner and how Adam doesn’t like being bested by him or anyone else. Victor looks around and wonders where he gets that from. He says they all feel that way and then admits he doesn’t care about ChancComm. He thinks the company should go to the best competitor.

victoria shocked chance alive young restless

At the Chancellor estate, Chance opens the box of military items and stares at it for long minutes. When Abby appears with Dominic and asks if he’s okay, he shares that he’s where he wants to be. “Home.” He’s sorry for what she and Mariah went through with Stitch and the birth.

Abby brushes that off and tells him her dad wants to throw him a party to welcome him home. Chance looks more nervous than a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. He isn’t sure he’s up for it but she talks it up and he decides he wants to feel life again. First, he wants to feel her again.

He kisses her and sets the baby monitor on the table before he kisses her cheek and her neck. He takes off upstairs with Abby without the monitor. After sex, they get dressed for the party and feed the baby. Abby talks about how wonderful Devon has been to them, caring for their boy. She takes the baby upstairs and they get ready to go.

chance sex abby young and restless

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In the lobby of Grand Phoenix, Nikki thanks Phyllis for letting them have the welcome home party for Chance. Phyllis is just glad to help out. She’s shocked that he’s alive. Adam turns up. He asks Nikki if his dad is avoiding him. Nikki says that he’s preoccupied with Chance being alive. Adam’s shocked. He didn’t know Chance was alive. Nikki apologizes for being so casual. She assumed he told him. She invites him to the party. Noah appears, looking for Victor. He tells Nikki he’ll try to make the party tonight. Adam lets Noah know he was the one who called him for a meeting to discuss his work. He’s thrilled with it. The men take off to the office to discuss it at length.

phyllis nikki chance party young and restless

When they’re gone, Phyllis warns Nikki that the last thing she wants is Adam having an influence over Noah. Nikki says he’s been having issues since he returned and he’s tolerant of Adam but doesn’t like being micromanaged by Adam with his own designs. Phyllis doesn’t get why he left London. His career was going so well.

Nikki insists that careers aren’t the only important thing in people’s lives. Phyllis takes offence, thinking she’s insinuating that she was too busy for Nick. Nikki sighs and says that’s not what she meant. She’s sorry it didn’t work between them. She hates seeing her son in pain but comments on how Phyllis seems to be doing just fine.

Phyllis snipes that Nikki doesn’t know what’s going on inside of her head. She excuses herself when Victor appears. He shares his update with Victoria about Chance’s return and she shares that Adam thinks he’s avoiding him. Victor has a glint in his eye when he tells Nikki he thinks things will get heated when Victoria goes up against Adam over ChanceComm. Nikki shakes her head at him. They hope Nicholas shows up tonight for the party.

victor-baby nikki young and restless

At Society, Sally sits with Billy at the bar. He tells her he doesn’t want her company. She lets him know she’s just trying to  be nice. “Oh come on,” he says. He knows something is going on between her and Adam and because of it, he can’t trust her. She snarks at him for drinking before happy hour. She sits and tells him they don’t have to talk but it’ll let him look a little less pathetic if he lets her stay. He thinks she is dating Adam but she denies it. He shouldn’t believe anything he rads in the tabloids. “Especially  yours.”

Billy says it’s good for her since there’s nobody more capable than pulling apart your soul than Adam. Sally looks worried and asks if he’s okay. She orders him coffee and tells him she’s an expert on being a pariah. Billy thinks he’s taken the status to new heights or depths. He’s managed to lose trust of his stalwart believer. His mother. Sally asks how but he won’t say since he thinks she’ll take it back to Adam. She offers to lend an ear but he’s good. She takes her food order and goes.

billy drinking wallows young and restless

Back at Newman, Nick bellows to Ashland that if he finds out that he hurt his sister, he’ll have an enemy in him for life. Victoria appears in the door. She snaps at her brother for threatening her husband. People change. Nick says she doesn’t understand. She tells them both Chance is alive and he and Abby are at home. Nick didn’t know. “That’s incredible,” he says.

She tells them about the party and wants them all to put aside the tension and be there for them. She thinks he should look at himself for the animosity between him and everyone else. He takes off saying, “See ya at the party.” Ashland defends Nick. He’s not wrong about the things he’s done. He’s impressed at the love they have for one another. Victoria’s surprised at his peace making. “Maybe death has changed my perspective,” he says. Victoria doesn’t want him to talk negatively.

victoria pissed nick young restless

At Newman Media, Noah refuses another job from Adam. Adam respects it but asks him to consider it. Noah’s having a hard time buying that Adam’s being welcoming. Adam understands. Noah appreciates the thoughts on his design though. Adam thinks the lesson is not to write anyone off. People can surprise you. Sally wanders in and apologizes for interrupting, later. Noah remembers her from Italy. She asks if he’s visiting. He has relocated. Adam is trying to convince him to work for them.

noah refuses job young restless

Sally loves his aesthetic and would love it. She asks him for Newman Fashion but he’s not looking for work. Sally tries to convince him to work for the division but he takes off. Adam comments that she had a strong approach. She says it usually works. She tells him she ran into Billy by accident. She asks if his plan was to do serious psychological drama.

sally interrupts adam noah young restless

Adam snarks that Billy’s no victim but he didn’t intend to give him a nervous breakdown. Sally says he was drinking and depressed. She felt for him. Adam calls it interesting. He takes a call from Chelsea and asks her to let him call her back. He’s in a meeting with Sally. Chelsea’s pissed off and disconnects. He sighs and asks Sally if they can do this later. She goes.

chelsea angry adam disconnects young restless

Billy arrives home and kisses Lily. She asks where he was. He doesn’t say but turns talk to her. She’s already working on Chancellor files. She’s got back to back video chats with everyone who works there to find out what they do. She’s overwhelmed. She doesn’t have the experience for this and worries she’s made a mistake. Billy gives her a loving and supportive pep talk and tells her he couldn’t be prouder of her.

lily overwhelmed work young restless

Back at Grand Phoenix, Ashland and Victoria arrive and greet Nikki and Victor. Victoria’ not sure if Nick’s coming. Abby and Chance arrive and the family claps. He looks uneasy.

party home chance young restless