Brooke Lays Down the Law With Hothead Ridge, Telling Him Off as Liam Startles Hope by Suggesting They Move

In the Monday, December 6, 2021, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Liam surprises Hope by suggesting they move, Brooke lays down the law with Ridge, and Sheila laughs at Deacon’s expectations. We also have Friday’s B&B recap where Deacon eavesdropped on Ridge kicking Hope out of the cabin.

In her cabin, Ridge insists to Hope that he doesn’t want to kick her out, but she won’t turn her back on Deacon and that’s left him in an impossible situation. Whenever he sees him, he sees the way Brooke betrayed him. If Hope wants to be with her father, it has to be someplace else. Deacon eavesdrops on all of this and shakes his head.

liam angry reaction booted out cabin bold beautiful

Liam drops in on Brooke at her place and she tells him how much she loves having him, Hope, and the kids so close by. She knows that he has reservations about Deacon, but she thinks they need all to respect Hope’s wishes. “Ridge is going to have to find a way to make peace with Deacon,” Brooke says.

Liam walks into the guest house and tells Hope that he bumped into Ridge on the way. Hope informs him that Ridge is determined to keep Deacon off the property and gave her an ultimatum. This sounds extreme to Liam.

Hope can’t believe that Ridge would force the kids to move out. There’s no way Brooke would allow this and will be devastated. Moving out will crush the kids. They have so many wonderful memories there. “Maybe Ridge is right,” Liam suggests. She’s so appalled she has to sit down. He urges her to think of it as an opportunity to try something different and points out they could use more space.

Hope says things won’t be the same elsewhere. Liam reminds her of how much tension there is. He hates the thought of never using the stove that drives him crazy, but they can make memories somewhere new.

brooke yells daughter not moving out bold beautiful

Back in the main house, Ridge tells Brooke that all he wants is peace for the family. He told Hope that she would have to live somewhere else if she wants to spend time with Deacon. She’s appalled that he told Hope to move out. Waving his arms, Ridge declares they have to do all they can to protect the family from Deacon. He’s sure it’s only a matter of time before Deacon starts chaos again. “This clown is predictable,” he says.
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Brooke repeats that Deacon is Hope’s father not some random guy and this is her home. This is also Brooke’s home; Ridge just lives there. He can’t believe she’s throwing that in his face. They bicker and she repeats that her daughter is not moving out.

Brooke concerned Ridge booted her kid out bold beautiful

Brooke knows what he wants but marriages aren’t smooth sailing. She accepted Thomas and everything that happened. It’s his turn to accept Hope. Once again, she says he’s not kicking anyone out. Liam and Hope enter and announce it’s best for them to move out. Brooke thinks that’s ridiculous and no one is forcing them out.

deacon refuses sex with sheila again bold beautiful

Deacon bursts into Sheila’s. She says he can’t keep showing up to eat her food and drink her booze when she gets nothing in return. As he grabs an apple, she tells him that Brooke will never turn on Ridge for his sake. She can’t believe he’s cocky enough to think he has a chance with Brooke again. Deacon says he’s irresistible but she’s sure there’s more. “I’m sensing a shift at Case del Brooke,” he snickers.

Deacon explains that Ridge is such an egomaniac he doesn’t want him anywhere near Beverly Hills and he’s giving Hope the boot because her ties with him are running his relationship. That means there’s trouble in paradise with Brooke. Sheila laughs at the idea of him getting back into Brooke’s bed.

She never thought he was this much of a fool. There may be trouble in paradise over there, but they could have their own paradise right there. She’s feeling a little naughty. He’s not interested. Sheila can’t understand why everyone is so hot for Brooke. Women like that don’t fall for guy like him. Deacon remains convinced that Brooke backing Hope could work in his favor. Sheila senses he’s determined to drive Ridge over the edge.