Y&R November Opinion: Teleporting, Noah’s Secret Falls Flat, Chance is Alive — & Mariah’s Non-Reaction Puzzles

Y&R’s storylines continue to puzzle and fizzle.

This month on Y&R, we watched the Sutton Ames case come to an end. Well, we didn’t exactly watch it come to an end. It ended off screen, where it started some 40 years ago. Good riddance to that. Two good things came out of the story. Naya and Imani. Hopefully we’ll see a little more screen time with these two.

Noah returned with a big secret, but it appears as  his secret is merely that he’s depressed that he and his girlfriend split up. Not to diminish his heartbreak but after hearing about a secret, we expected so much more. Maybe there’s more that he hasn’t revealed yet.

We watched Abby seem to unravel as the news of her husband’s presumed death got around. She took one sleeping pill and viewers got all excited, and hopeful that we were about to get an addiction storyline but I was a little glad they didn’t go there. Addiction storylines are Y&R’s go to trope that gets old pretty fast. Instead, she took a flight to Spain to find her beau, without calling Nina to tell her to stop grieving since Chance is really alive. Yep.

In other parts of Genoa City, Phyllis and Nick broke up and Phyllis realized she might have feelings for Jack in a standalone episode that could be described as truly funny with Gloria taking her on a tour as Golden Glo.

Meanwhile, Adam and Sally seem to be a no-go, or are they? With Chelsea returning soon, there’s sure to be some tension between the women, possibly over Sally if Adam sees her as a love interest.

Billy was so intent on revenge that he gambled and lost when it came to Gaines, and the vultures started circling. Victor and Adam played a good game with Gaines, but half the viewers were not sure from minute to minute if Gaines was playing both sides. I’m just glad it’s over so we can get into a new storyline. Take a look at the gallery of a few other highlights and lowlights of what happened on Young and Restless this month. Chime in with your own likes and dislikes in the comments.

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