Nina Is Horrified When a Vengeful Peter Exposes Her to Carly, and Valentin Says a Tearful Goodbye to Bailey

SoapsSpoilers’ General Hospital recap for Friday, December 3, 2021 episode. Recaps go live at approximately 3:00 PM EST. Today, Maxie has had enough of the lies, Valentin says goodbye to Bailey, and Peter exposes Nina to Carly. We also have Thursday’s GH recap where Maxie panicked about protecting her baby and Brando snuck Sasha in to see their child.

Carly and Sonny are in an elevator at General Hospital. She asks him to help her keep things together when they visit Sasha and Brando. When they step into the hall, they bump into Nina, which results in instant tension. Carly can’t even be around the other woman and storms off.

carly calls monica gh

Carly calls Monica and leaves a voicemail telling her how bad she feels knowing that she’s losing Jason all over again. In all their years of squabbling, she doesn’t think she ever thanked her for making Jason who he was.

britt carly remember jason gh

Carly bumps into Britt. Sitting down, she admits to the doctor that she’s only there to support Brando and Sasha but knows she can’t do anything for them. She’s sad and scared, unable to imagine the rest of her life without Jason. Britt assures her that he thought she was strong enough to get through anything. Sobbing, Carly explains he was always the one who gave her that strength. She knows how grief works but can’t imagine the day she’s over it. Britt knows how she feels. Carly thanks her.

sasha brando look at baby photos gh

In her hospital room, Brando promises Sasha that he will fight for their family. He’s confident that their son is strong-willed and will beat all the odds. They look at pictures until Britt shows in Dr. Fleming, the neonatologist.

After Fleming gets called away to an emergency, Britt explains they still need to give the baby’s brain time to cool. There is an entire team dedicated to caring for him. The waiting may be excruciating, but all they can do right now is send the baby their love.

Brando and Sasha continue to hope for their strong-willed son. She can’t tell him how good it sounds to finally have a family. Carly and Sonny join them and promise to help with anything they need. They tell the new parents how much fear they had to deal with after Donna was born with Spina bifida.

After they invite them for their next Thanksgiving, Brando tells them he’s named their son Liam Mike. Sonny says his dad would be honored. The men leave to see the baby and Carly promises Sasha that she will always be there to support her. Left alone, Sasha tells her picture of Liam he will be coming home with them.

Brando and Sonny visit the NICU. Sonny tells him that you are never more vulnerable than when you become a father. It’s hard not to let the worries dominate your life. But there’s nothing scarier than teenage girls. The one thing he’s learned from raising kids is that you have no control. He’s sure the baby will have Mike’s fighting spirit. It runs in the family.

peter questions austin gh

Austin checks Peter over in his hospital bed. August gloats that he’s survived Jason’s best attempt to kill him. He reads the doctor’s ID and recalls that he was the one who delivered his daughter. Peter guesses that he may have been the last person to see his daughter before she was abducted.

Austin doesn’t know anything and wouldn’t tell him if he did. He jabs a needle into Peter, missing the vein the first time and then stabbing him again before taking blood. “What is Maxie to you,” Peter asks. Austin believes in fate and is sure it will reunite him with his family. They exchange menacing squints.

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austin bickers with peter gh

Austin bumps into Britt. He just met her brother and, to her surprise, wants to remain his doctor. Dr. Westbourne has noticed that he has a peculiar habit to be around when things go wrong. She assures him that Peter is being guarded and will be locked away soon. Dr. Holt says Peter doesn’t sound like a guy who is losing. He sounds like a poker player with an ace up his sleeve.

Nina is horrified when she runs into Peter and his guards by the elevators. She’s appalled to see him out of Pentonville and is sure there’s a place in hell for him. “I’m sure I’ll see you there,” he sneers. He’s baffled that Carly hasn’t run her out on a rail yet. “Or doesn’t she know?” he taunts. Nina looks up and is horrified to see Carly stranding there.

valentin visits bailey gh

Brook Lynn and Chase debate Maxie’s concerns at the Quartermaine estate. She worries about what Valentin will do next. Valentin shows up at the door with Anna. He regrets getting the cop suspended. Anna stops them from rehashing everything that gone wrong. Barely able to utter the words, Valentin explains he’s only there to say goodbye to Bailey.

Anna reminds them that they encouraged Valentin to fall in love with that little girl. Chase insists that Brook Lynn feels guilty enough. Valentin is only there to say goodbye. He can’t tell Charlotte she no longer has a sister until he does this. Brook Lynn storms out with Chase running after her. When he returns, Valentin suggests the cop take the little girl far away before she’s turned into a Quartermaine.

valentin anna say goodbye bailey gh

Brook Lynn returns and hands Bailey to the Cassadine. Holding the child, he admits he doesn’t know how to say goodbye and kisses her head. He hands her a stuffed animal, the oldest thing he owns, and says that one day her parents can tell her it came from someone who loves her very much.

maxie drew catch up gh

Maxie is startled when she bumps into Drew in the kitchen. He assures her he’s not a ghost and she throws her arms around him. Sitting down with coffee, she wishes she could go back in time and stop Nathan from being killed. At best, she’d go back to before she fell for Peter. When Drew was in prison, he kept focusing on the future.

He went to see Sam and Scout as soon as he got back. Dante was with them. She assures him that was a slow process. Drew is trying to be okay with that, but seeing Scout made everything he went through worthwhile. Maxie admits that she would never go back in time because it would mean losing Louise. It sounds to him like she got her back. Maxie corrects that impression. She knows in her heart Louise will be home one day and that will make all the things she’s done worth it.

Maxie admires him for taking in Peter and coming out on top. She’d do anything to have that kind of power. Drew tells her the boogeyman has no power.

Brook Lynn and Chase run into Maxie and Drew in the foyer. Maxie is upset to know how torn apart Valentin is being. Drew admits that without his help, he wouldn’t be alive now. Valentin walks out, bidding “Au revoir mon ange” to Bailey before handing her back to Brook Lynn.

Maxie rushes out to the kitchen, declaring there have been too many lies and they need to stop before running out the door.

Outside, Valentin cries. Anna tells him it’s done and leads him away.