Chelsea Doesn’t Trust Sally and Puts Her on the Spot — & Sally’s Behavior Causes Adam to Ask if She’s Marking Her Territory

Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for Thursday, December 16, 2021 episode, which airs in the USA Friday, December 17. (Recaps live by 5:45 PM EST daily.) In the previous episode, Sally was revealed as the mystery woman. In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Adam puts Sally on the spot, Chelsea decides it’s time to make a decision, and Lily gets a surprise at home from Billy.

Sally asks if Adam’s asking if she knows who is sending him the anonymous videos of Billy “acting like a jerk in public.” She thinks he’s really asking if she’s sending the videos. Adam shrugs. It seems like something she’d do. Sally claims she’s turned over a new leaf. He doesn’t believe that. “There’s a part of you that likes to go rogue,” he says. She thinks he should value that trait. He does. But not when it goes against his best interests.

She asks him how he’d feel if the anonymous videographer was her. He grins. He’d thank her and tell her to “cut it out.” She’s putting herself in a tricky situation. He could spot her and figure out. He’ll be angry and take action. Sally thinks she could protect herself if she was the anonymous videographer.

The Abbotts are all bark. Adam denies that with the exception of Kyle. He admits the information is a good start in his battle. Chloe interrupts. Chelsea is ready to meet her at Crimson Lights. Sally’s dying to meet her. Adam hopes they can convince Chelsea to take the position. Sally will do what it takes to win her over.

sally adam discuss anonymous videos young and the restless cbs soapsspoilers

At Grand Phoenix lobby, Lily works. Billy calls and she explains she’s prepping for a meeting. He thinks she could use a break. He asks her to come home. She likes that idea and they get flirty.

billy plans for lily young and the restless cbs soapsspoilers

At home, Chelsea looks at a photo in the gossip rags of Adam and Sally. She calls Chloe, who just stepped into the Grand Phoenix. She says Connor’s at a Christmas party and she thinks it’s time she met Sally Spectra.

Chelsea calls chloe young and the restless cbs soapsspoilers

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At Crimson Lights, Sharon talks about Christmas with Rey. He likes seeing her so happy. She loves having all three kids for Christmas. He talks about being away from his family though he’s excited to be with hers. They agree to invite Nicholas and Christian. She loves his generosity.

Rey says there are limitations, which don’t include Adam. Chelsea interrupts with an awkward hello. Sharon’s shocked to see her. She tells them she just returned to GC today and her mom is doing well.

rey sharon talk christmas list young and the restless cbs soapsspoilers

She speaks highly of Rey. They laugh about how her mother digs Rey. Chelsea admits she’s unnerved being back. Sharon understands. Chelsea admits she’s not sure if she’ll stay past the holidays. She thinks many would be happy to see her go. Sharon bears her no ill will. Chelsea’s grateful she even let her into Crimson Lights after she injured her a few years ago. Sharon forgives her. Rey forgives her for what she did to him as well. She seems to be in a better place.

Chelsea feels she’s made a full recovery and the courts agree. Chelsea thanks them for another chance. They talk about where she goes from here. She talks about meeting Sally Spectra.

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Sally and Chloe arrive as Chelsea says that she wants to know if she and Sally will share sparks that will help in working off each other. Sharon says Sally gives off sparks wherever she goes. The woman appear at the table and introductions are made. Chelsea sizes up Sally. They get coffee and head to a private table. Rey and Sharon agree that Chelsea seems well. If she wants to be with Connor, she’ll have to stay in Genoa City.

Rey would hate to see things fall apart for her. Rey says he’s seen signs of the old Adam. He hopes that they can get along. Sharon calls Rey her rock. She and Nick got along this year because of him. She asks how she got so lucky. Later, Sally says she looked to Chelsea’s bridal work for inspiration on Victoria’s dress.

They talk about Sally’s energy and how they agree the camera will love her. Chloe thinks they could build something extraordinary. Chelsea admits she’s not sure she’s even going to Newman Fashion or staying in GC. Chloe reminds her she built this for Chelsea. Adam won’t let her leave with Connor.

sally meets chelsea young and restless

Chelsea asks Sally to answer some honest answers before she makes a decision. Rey looks over at them and asks Sharon if she misses working in the industry. She’s happy with her life right now and studied hard to be a therapist. She enjoys it. Besides, selling a latte to Sally is as much time she wants to spend with her. Rey gets it.

At their table, Chelsea says she knows all about Sally’s past and is sure Chelsea knows about hers. She wonders why she’s not the biggest liability. Sally deflects and could wonder the same about Chelsea. Sally has made mistakes and is sure Chelsea gets it. Chloe tries to get them to focus on the present but Sally thinks they’re alike. Chelsea’s impressed with Sally’s candor.

sally tells it like it is young and restless

Lily arrives at home. Billy has the place set up to take photos. He tells her to have some champagne and says he thought they could do roleplaying. He appears and she sits in front of the camera. He takes a few snapshots of her. He wants to give her a new headshot.

She asks if he has the right qualifications. He assures her and tells him it’s time to shine. She bemoans having to do this. She came home to relax. He tells her that he wants to support her new career. He interviews her as “Study Wonder.” Lily laughs. “Oh boy.” He asks what she had for breakfast. She tells him yogurt, granola and coffee. He asks her to take him through her morning. She talks about when she gets to her desk and how she’s a morning person.

billy interview lily young and restless

She thinks running a corporation is like raising kids. She calls her ex-coworker a handful but she misses working with him. They talk Catherine Chancellor, and Jill Abbott, and Neil Winters as her role models. She talks managing people as her strengths. He asks how much she loves the man she’s with. She banters with him and they smile at each other. He gives her a few props and takes photos of her and tells her she’ll be fine when she’s interviewed.

lily pic taken young and restless

Adam receives Sally, Chloe and Chelsea in his office. They tell him Chelsea’s decided to work for him. He’s glad. She’s the best designer he knows. Sally looks upset.  Chelsea makes plans with Adam for later and Sally sits on Adam’s desk and asks if she can talk to him about something. When the other women leave, Adam asks Sally, “What do you think you’re doing?”

Sally tells him how well things went and that she won Chelsea over. Adam asks if that’s the only reason she stayed behind for. He hopes she wasn’t marking her territory. “Ouch,” Sally says. They talk about continuing to get videos from his anonymous investigator.

adam angels young and restless

Chelsea and Chloe arrive at the condo. Chloe’s excited to get started but Chelsea isn’t happy about Sally and asks how Chloe is going to keep her in check. Chloe tries to reassure her friend but Chelsea thinks Sally has a plan that probably includes Adam. She asks what dynamic she has with Adam. Chloe lies that they’re just co-workers and she won’t overstep. Chelsea knows Sally’s out for number one.

chelsea akss how sally check young and restless

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Tessa asks if Mariah’s heart is set on having a biological baby or if she’d consider adopting.

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Billy promises to make Adam pay. Adam says, “You do that.” Billy turns and falls into the Christmas tree at Society.

Lily goes to Billy’s side. “Oh my God, Billy!”

Victor can use Noah. He calls him his right hand man.

Traci stands at the door with Christmas gifts. Abby opens the door and they yell in happiness to see each other.  

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