Jack Storms Out on Billy, Then Tears Into Adam, While Chance Realizes How Well Devon Knows Dominic

Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for Friday, December 17, 2021 episode, which airs in the USA Friday, December 20. (Recaps live by 5:45 PM EST daily.) In the previous episode, Sally & Chelsea sized each other up. In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Chance is the odd man out when Abby and Devon talk about experiences with Dominic, Nick and Phyllis exchange Christmas gifts with each other, and Jack’s angered by Billy’s obsession with Adam and Victor.

At Society, Abby returns from seeing Pamela, the chef who is insisting on bringing out her appetizer. Amanda and Devon turn up. Abby tells them they’re having a celebratory drink. Amanda thinks he must be feeling easier about being in public. He admits he is.

Abby convinces them to stay by promising to show new photos of Dominic. They talk about the live stream in Spain and all the photos and videos Devon helped Abby make. They reminisce about the last few weeks with the kid. Chance is grateful to have a glimpse of what he missed. He has a lot of lost time to make up for.

Devon reminds him he has baby’s first steps and Abby chimes in. “I wouldn’t be surprised if his first words were Dada.” Devon looks away and Amanda glances at him. They talk about how they went online to learn how to treat the baby and as Abby and Devon laugh over what the baby likes and dislikes, Amanda notes that Chance looks down. Chance wants to go. Abby jokes that he’s anxious to try the baby tips. 

abby chance date young and restless

At Crimson Lights, Elena still hasn’t responded to Nate about him asking her to move in with him. She claims she has an answer but also some concerns. She’s not sure he can handle living with someone who doesn’t like the smell of food cooking in the morning. She only keeps cold breakfast foods in the house. Food makes her sick in the morning. He shrugs that off. She talks about her crazy hours and that she doesn’t like to share closets. He can clear out closets for her.

He laughs that she’s worth it and is grateful she shared this side of herself with him. He reciprocates by telling her that if they lived together, she has a right to know he has a baseball collection that comes with him wherever he goes. She laughs and thinks it’s “cute.” She’s seen his tower of boxes in the spare bedroom.

He likes to make a homemade avocado mask when he’s alone. She bursts out laughing and thinks it explains a lot. She also asks if he’d make one for her. She’ll reciprocate by helping him organize his closets. She agrees to move in with him.

nate elena move in young restless

At Grand Phoenix, Phyllis gets on a call to Summer about sending Christmas gifts to them and Harrison. They disconnect and Nick arrives with a gift. It’s awkward. She assumes it’s for Summer but it’s for her. He didn’t have to give her anything, she says, unless it’s something she left at his place. He tells her he got it for her a while ago. It’s custom made. He second guesses bringing it. Maybe he should have held on to it until things were less strained.

She admits his gift is upstairs. She brings him to her room and she says, “This doesn’t have to be awkward, right?” He thinks they should be past this stage. She opens her gift. It’s a beautiful bracelet with a locket that holds a photo of him and Summer. It reads, With Love, Nick. He opens his gift. It’s cologne with his name on it. “Essence of Nicholas?” She worked on it with a company that customizes scents. “Nobody else will have that scent.”

Nick can see she put time and effort into it and thanks her. She admits she worked with them for months. She tears up as he tells her she’s the only person in his life who would do something like this. Phyllis hopes they never lose their connection. “It’s hard to find someone who gets you.” He hopes they don’t lose their connection, either.

nick phyllis gifts christmas young restless

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Victor finds Adam in the office alone. He asks how things went with Chelsea. Adam says it was odd being with her at the condo. Connor knows nothing about what happened but he made it clear that they’ve no future together. Adam says Chelsea met Sally and has decided to take the job at Newman Fashion.

Victor thinks it’s good for him to keep an eye on her. He asks if he has learned who sent the anonymous videos. Adam is fairly confident that he knows who it is. Victor wants to end the vendetta about Billy but Adam doesn’t want to show mercy. Victor understands and asks only to be kept in the loop.

adam angry father young restless

Lily’s sad that Billy wrapped up their photo party. He tells her Jack’s coming to talk about the plan. He asks her to stay. Jack appears and maintains he won’t fund a bid on ChancComm. Billy tells his brother that’s not what he’s doing there. They tell him about what Billy’s up to. They discuss how they’re being sued for reckless disregard of the truth. Billy can’t let that perception stand. He needs to reclaim his dignity. They want to “expose Newman for double-crossing and trick them into exposing themselves.”

Billy shares that he’s faking being addicted to make their deepest secrets come true. They don’t care what lies they share with the world, or what damage it causes. Jack is astounded. That’s his plan to give them a fake story and hope they run with it? Billy says yes, they’ll write about his addiction and write about it, and when the time is right, he’ll turn the tables and sue them. Lily thinks it’ll force Adam and Victor to admit what they did.

billy lily share news young restless

Jack is pissed. Lily was his last hope of stopping Billy from obsessing. “You have other options!” They’d welcome him back to Jabot or he could work at Chancellor. Jack learns the kids are going to boarding school so they won’t be harmed in this. Jack doesn’t want any part of this.

He basically thinks it’s the same old Billy and storms out. Billy worries he’s come across as a selfish jerk. He knows it will affect his family and Lily’s. He hopes it doesn’t reach her kids. He’s concerned about her colleagues. Nothing is more important to him than her. If it’s too much, he tells her to say the word and he’ll drop it.

Her friends and family will they’ll tell her she’s enabling addictive behavior. She’ll find a way around it. Once it’s over, she wants him at Chancellor. He wants that too. They kiss and he says he’s grateful for her support. Later, they get ready to go out together. He’s ready to take their plan to the next step.

billy love support young restless

Back at Grand Phoenix, Nick and Phyllis agree to a video chat with Summer and Kyle at Christmas. Jack appears and Nick invites him to the chat. He agrees and Nick tells him Phyllis will set it up. He goes and Adam turns up. He eavesdrops and tells Jack he didn’t mean to push Billy over the edge. Jack doubts that.

They both know what he did to Billy and why. Adam thinks he’s only getting Billy’s side. Jack rants that Billy has children. Victor’s grandchildren. Isn’t that a concern? Phyllis snaps at Adam, siding with Jack, who calls it revenge. “For what?” Adam asks.

Jack says not to play dumb. It’s for the expose Billy did on him. Adam shrugs that he owes Jack no explanation. He takes off and Phyllis asks what’s going on. Jack says, “Warfare. Constant, endless warfare.”

jack phyl nick talk christmas young restless

Back at Society, Amanda and Devon congratulate Elena and Nate as they share their happy news. They’re moving in together. Amanda invites them to sit together.

elena nate moving in news young and restless

At home, Abby noticed that Chance was quiet at dinner. They discuss how he’ll have his own memories of Dominic, soon. Victor arrives and is grateful that those bastards who  bombed the safe house were found. She hugs him and goes to tend to the baby. Victor and Chance shake hands. Vic asks what his plans are now that it’s all over with. He shares that his GCPD spot is open for him.

At home, Amanda thinks Chance must be glad that the targets of the investigation are taken care of. Amanda brings up his short visits with Dominic. She suggests he may want to ask for one on one time with him. It’s crossed his mind but he’s not sure how it’d go over. Chance is already struggling.

devon talks dom spending time young and restless