General Hospital Spoilers December 20-24: A Surprising Reunion, Alexis’ Holiday Party Gets Raucous & Trina Crosses with Spencer

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for General Hospital from Monday, December 20 to Friday, December 24.

Coming up! Laura returns to Port Charles. She comes face-to-face with Cyrus who has an urgent message for Laura, his half sister. He explains that he’s found God, but Laura’s skeptical. Meanwhile, Obrecht spills Nina’s secret, hoping that it’ll give Scott leverage when he represents Nina in her hearing.

Monday, December 20

Scott’s concerned about Nina’s impending hearing.
Nina seeks Phyllis’ ear.
Willow feels raw as she’s reminded of her past.
Carly checks in with Michael.
Spencer gets an unexpected visitor at Kelly’s.

nina stunned peter shows up general hospital soapsspoilers abc

Tuesday, December 21

Today is Port Charles’ tree lighting ceremony.
Santa Claus’ appearance at General Hospital results in a surprising reunion.
Drew and Elizabeth see each other for the first time since his return to town.
Spencer catches Trina and Nikolas in conversation.
Finn brings Violet to holiday tea with Anna.

liz finn talk kiss general hospital

Wednesday, December 22

Sonny and Carly revel in holiday time with their family.
Monica hosts guests at the Quartermaine mansion.
Brando is by Sasha’s side as she’s released.
Epiphany meets Marshall when he volunteers at General Hospital.
It’s a bit raucous at Alexis’ holiday gathering.

brando reassures sasha gh

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Thursday, December 23

Nina’s preliminary hearing begins.
Obrecht pressures Scott.
Josslyn and Cameron get interrupted.
Trina crosses with Spencer at Kelly’s.
Nikolas has a breakfast meeting at the Metro Court Restaurant.

trina listens esme general hospital

Friday, December 24

General Hospital is pre-empted today due to the holiday. A repeat episode will air from February 23, 2021.

Jax is conflicted.
Michael and Willow process everything that has happened over the past few days.
Maxie offers Nina her support. 
Britt makes a plea to Obrecht.
Anna reaches out to Peter.

anna death not good enough peter general hospital

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