Ashland Reveals to Victoria, ‘Billy’s Not Wrong, There’s Something You Need to Know’

Soaps Spoilers has the Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for the Friday, September 10, 2021 episode, which airs in the USA Monday, September 13. In the previous episode, Billy learned a secret about Ashland. In this episode, Ashland starts to reveal all, Sharon and Sally have a run-in, and Chelsea learns what Adam truly wants.

At Grand Phoenix, Nick and Phyllis flirt and he goes off to work out. Jack shows up with an apology. “You’re with Nick now and I was —” Phyllis interrupts. He was telling her what was in his heart. He doesn’t need to apologize for telling his truth. Jack clarifies for possibly making her uncomfortable. He still feels the same. She’s glad he got that off his chest. Nick makes an appearance. “We’re just talkin’ about stuff,” Phyllis says. Summer texted and it’s time to get ready for their civil ceremony. They’re thrilled. “There’s a lot of love in the air,” Nick comments as Jack looks at Red. Later, Phyllis shows Nick some wedding gown ideas for their daughter. He thinks they’re pretty, but doesn’t really care. She’ll give him a fashion show with her own dress later. “Sounds fun,” he says, clearly preoccupied.

phyllis nick brown dress young and restless

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At home, Ashland looks at his phone after someone texts a mysterious message about him being hard to track. Victor arrives. He wants to get to know him better. “It’s not always about business, you know.” Ashland’s surprised at the words coming from The Mustache. They discuss Ash’s treatments. He’s feeling better after them now. Vic asks about his early career, claiming to be intrigued. Ashland read Victor’s story and says he jumpstarted his life as a teen. He was close with his well-meaning parents but his story’s not as gripping as Vic’s. Ash doesn’t look back in his past.

ash victor chat pasts young and restless

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Billy finds Victoria at Society. He learned Nate was invited to her wedding but he wasn’t. She reminds him he’s always digging for dirt on her man. Billy invites her to fess up about Ashland’s secrets and he’ll be out of her hair. They talk about Nate being Ashland’s new BFF. Victoria calls it far from scandalous. Ashland’s donating to the hospital and they’re friendly. Billy tells her there’s no death certificate for his parents and no information about him, either. Victoria sneers. “I’m going to have to call the cable news media! Oh. I know, maybe he’s an alien from Mars.” Everything was on paper back then before things became electric. “That’s what Lily said,” he tells his ex. Victoria knew she was smart and wonders what she’s doing with him. She warns that he’d better not say any of this to their children and storms out.

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At the house, Mariah tries to help Abby with the baby, who is in his carriage. Abby tells her she’s doing just fine. Mariah tries once more and is shut down. Abby leaves and Tessa appears, noticing her girlfriend’s mood. “Aw honey, what happened?” Mariah says she was sad watching Abby and Bowie Dominic walk out the door. She doesn’t even know why. She tears up. “I worry I guess?” Tessa thinks it’s natural after what Stitch put her through. She has a lot to put behind her. Tessa wonders if she’s letting Abby share some of the blame for Stitch kidnapping her. Mariah is angry with herself for thinking these things but no, she says she doesn’t blame her. Tessa thinks it’s important to talk this out. Mariah reveals she’s terrified of Stitch. What if he risks it and returns? Tessa says the police will be looking for him. Once Chance is back, Stitch will realize he has no chance with Abby. Mariah wants to be brave but she’s so afraid. She sobs that she used up her bravery in that room. Her mind is filled with chaos. Tessa knows her love needs space. She asks to go somewhere for a distraction but Mariah doesn’t want to. She needs time alone and leaves the house.

tessa comfort mariah young restless

At his office, Adam’s on a call with Chelsea. He wants to tell Connor where things stand between them. Chelsea thinks a lot is up in the air. She thought with time things would get better. Adam thinks they should go their separate ways. Chelsea thought they’d try for Connor’s sake but if this is where they stand, they should talk to Connor. She asks to wait until she returns but has no idea when that will be. “Anita’s taken a turn for the worse.” She fell again and reinjured herself. Her mom has nobody else to care for her and won’t let her hire a nurse to pitch in. Adam urges her to insist. Maybe it’s Anita being Anita. Chelsea seems surprised he thinks she might be faking. She suggests he come to Minnesota. He refuses. He’s not being cruel. She disagrees and disconnects.

chelsea talk adam break up young restless

Sharon returns to Crimson Lights. Rey’s waiting. He asks if she was running errands. She says she was with Adam, who needed advice on how to talk to Connor. Sally watches from outside as Rey says he thought others could have given him guidance but he knows it’s in her nature to want to help. It’s one of those things he loves most about her. He asks if Adam will ever be out of their lives. He hates to leave her like this but  has to go back to work He doesn’t think anything will change. Once he’s gone, Sally appears and wants to order something different. She invites Sharon to surprise her. Sally was surprised she was running this place. She remembers her as working in fashion. Sharon doesn’t miss it and has a master’s degree in Psychology. Owning and running this place makes her feel content. Sally can see she has it all, including a handsome husband. Sharon makes her an ice latte and Adam strolls on in. He claims Chloe’s looking for her. Sally asks if she should wait for him but he’s not going back. “My loss,” she says. She goes and Sharon comments on Sally’s demeanor toward him. She has a crush on him! Adam pretends he doesn’t know. He’s focused on his son and business. Last thing he needs is another complicated relationship. “Maybe it’s the complications that make it easy.” Adam’s fine being alone.

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Uncle Jack finds Abby with Dom in the park. He says hello and calls the kids a miracle. He asks if Chance is enjoying the photos of his son and is upset to learn he doesn’t even know he’s a dad. Jack offers to try to get through to him but she doesn’t think anyone can if Christine can’t. She doesn’t want to put his security at risk. He knows what it’s like. Her heart is broken waiting, she confesses. She knows everyone at home will love him.

jack park kid young restless

At Grand Phoenix, Nick talks about being content and likes their fun and flirtation, but asks Phyllis if it’s all they have. She thinks they’ve a good balance. They paid their dues so this is easy. They don’t have to work so hard anymore. He thinks they’re lucky they’re on the same page. She feels lucky and grateful. They hold hands as Jack walks up and watches momentarily before turning around.

At the office, Sally does retcon about whether Adam has a thing for Sharon to Chloe, which pisses Chloe off. “They have a complicated and profound relationship,” she says. She blames Sharon for the breakdown of Chelsea and Adam’s relationship and doubts he’ll ever get Sharon out of his system.

Abby returns home with the kid and Tessa tells her that Mariah’s struggling. Abby thinks she seems fine but Tessa knows she’s seen it. It’s getting worse. Abby wonders how they can help as Mariah eavesdrops at the door.

abby hears mariah struggling young restless

At home, Victoria’s reeling from Billy’s chat. Ashland appears. She tells him about her encounter with Billy, who is convinced he’s hiding something. She tells him it’s what he didn’t cover that has him concerned. She fills him in that there’s no evidence of his birth or his parents’ death. Ash gets a text. “You’ll regret ignoring me,” he reads. Ashland says Billy’s not wrong. There’s something she needs to know.

ash about to come clean young restless