After Blasting Chelsea For Telling Connor the Truth Without him, Adam Asks Nick to Step Aside With Sally — & Tucker Reveals Why He’s Back

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Nick and Adam have a heart-to-heart after Chelsea blows up at Adam, and Tucker and Victor discuss Tucker’s motivation to return to Genoa City, while Nikki and Phyllis scheme.

In the previous episode, Esther was offered a job, and Victor, Victoria and Nick wondered why Tucker returned to Genoa City.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for October 4, 2022 episode airs in the USA on October 5. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Nick interrupts Sally’s work at Newman Media to say, “Sup.” He looked it up online and it means what’s up.

sally sees nick office Y&R

She tells him she’s working on the research reports and he takes off. Chloe appears and talks about Sally’s personal life and encourages her to keep up the good work at keeping the doors closed for Nick and Adam.

Sally’s letting Adam go and putting him out of her mind.

She’s not focusing on Nick but living in the present. Things are fun she says, maybe progressing.

chelsea mothers sally Y&R

Nick has Chloe’s vote. Sally calls the brothers so different and defends Adam while Chloe thinks she’s in the middle of the men.

She knows Sally doesn’t want to admit her lingering feelings. Sally doesn’t think that relationship would have worked.

Chloe reminds her that Nick’s their boss. Sally thinks it’s too late to worry about that.

Chloe wants her to consider where this is going but Sally wonders why she has to bother. Chloe thinks now is the time.  

sally not admit feelings Y&R

Adam wanders into Crimson Lights and demands to know what the hell Chelsea was thinking.

Connor called him, very upset. Chelsea admits the conversation didn’t go as she hoped. Adam wonders what she was thinking telling Connor without him.

She feels bad enough as it is. “Whose fault is that?” Adam asks.

She snaps that he chose business but he assumed she’d wait for him before she dropped a bomb on their son.

She couldn’t wait any longer and was worried Johnny would tell Connor. Adam suggests she tell the school or take his phone away.

Chelsea yell adam coffee YR

Not take away his right to be with his son when he learned this.

He assumes she did this because things went so poorly with Johnny. She’s offended.

She claims she didn’t go rogue. Vicky and Billy agreed to this. Adam doesn’t know if she persuaded them to let her do this.

Chelsea says her only concern was her son. Adam says to stop calling him “your son.” He’s not. Chelsea stands up and yells that he is.

They argue and Nick intervenes. Adam asks her not to make more decisions regarding their son.

Nick asks his brother not to have a private conversation in public. Adam asks why it’s his mission to interfere in every aspect of his life.

Nick denies that and calls his brother arrogant. Adam agrees with him.

nick intervenes Y&R

He’d like to discuss things with him the way they were able to after Faith’s transplant.

He tells Nick exactly what he walked in on with Chelsea. Nick agrees with Adam that she shouldn’t have done it. No wonder Adam’s worked up.

Nick agrees that he should let the kid stay at overnight with a friend. Give him space. It’s a difficult thing to navigate.

Adam knew he’d understand. Nick apologizes for jumping to conclusions earlier.

adam talks bro kids Y&R

Adam wants to get to the root cause of their current issues but Nick doesn’t want to and asks why they should.

Adam confesses it’s because he’s still in love with Sally and still envisions a future with her.

Nick thinks his brother should listen to her. She’s been clear about what she wants. Adam knows and asks if Nick thinks he could ever love her.

If he doesn’t, he’d like his brother to back off. He wants to give Sally everything. “Because that’s what she deserves.” He asks Nick to consider it and goes.

Later, Nick calls Sally to ask if she’s free tonight.

nick listens bro Y&R

Allie strolls into Noah’s new club on opening night with a kiss.

They dance when he has a chance.

allie noah kiss club Y&R


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James Hyde to Y&R

At the ranch, Nikki lets Phyllis know that the Bentley that Diane was tooling around in L.A. with is the same make and model as the Bentley Tucker gave Kyle.

Phyllis wonders if they were romantic in L.A. They ponder that and are both grossed out.

Who would want to be with Diane? Nikki thinks he’s the benefactor for the UK company, Wild Beauty Incorporated, considering that was Ashley’s old nickname.

Phyllis learns that his name isn’t connected to funding young artists. Nikki only thinks that means he has a secret agenda.

Maybe Noah can help them. He was in the UK for a while.

nikky wonders bentley Y&R

Diane becomes nervous when Victor knocks at Tucker’s door at GCAC. Tucker hides her and lets Vic in.

He compliments how good Victor looks and figures he’s been hitting the heavy bag. He lets him in and Tucker says he’s there to visit his son.

Victor laughs. If he cared about family he’d have visited Devon before crashing the wedding in a helicopter.

He chuckles and asks for the man’s real agenda. Tucker says he hasn’t had an agenda since he went on a spiritual journey. Victor laughs some more, finding that amusing.

tucker hides diane Y&R

Tucker thinks it could benefit Vic. Vic tells him that Diane Jenkins is back in Genoa City as well.

She claims she turned over a new leaf. He believes that more than Tucker claims to.

Tucker pretends he knows nothing about Diane but assures he has no agenda.

He jokes that Victor probably wouldn’t believe anything he said. Victor laughs more and thinks his time in the ashram did McCall well.

He digs his sense of humor. When Tucker says he wants to approach Devon, Vic suggests he not do it in a helicopter, which sends Tucker into laughter.

Tucker admits he’d like to see and make amends with Ashley.

tucker ashram Y&R

Victor’s curious and wants to be there when that happens.

Tucker says he made mistakes and wants to apologize. Vic suggests that he just go back to where he came from instead of bothering Ashley.

Tucker will remember that. The men shake hands and once Vic’s gone, Diane bursts from the washroom and demands to know why he’s playing with fire.

vic shake tuck hand Y&R

Tucker hasn’t had this much fun in some time. Diane’s worked hard on herself and he’s just putting them both in danger.

She calls him cheeky and brazen and Tucker laughs at her choice of words. 

He tries to reassure her that their secret is safe and calls her dramatic. He suggests they amend their deal. All she needs to do is let him know when Ashley returns. Once she does that, she’ll be free.

diane frets tucker Y&R


Nick and Sally show up at Noah’s club. When they’re out of sight, Noah gapes and hopes Summer doesn’t see them together.

Meanwhile, Sally says she’s happy that Summer’s vow renewal went well. As far as she’s concerned, the past is the past.

Nick’s glad. He’s noticed Sally has changed. They lock eyes.

Later, Noah gets word that Summer and Kyle are staying home. He relaxes and goes for a spin with Allie while at their table, Nick loves Sally’s scent.

He leans in and gets a whiff and she asks him to take a minute to figure out what’s going on between them.

sally nick party Y&R

Nearby, Noah and Allie run into Audra who tells him it’s been a long time.

He looks like he’s seen a ghost.

At the ranch, Phyllis tells Nikki she’ll do some hacking to figure out what’s up with Diane and Tucker.

When Victor appears, Phyllis takes off. Nikki fills her husband in on what’s going on. He thinks they can kill two birds with one stone. He lets Nikki in on his visit with Tucker.

vic say tuck home YR

Chelsea goes to the roof and outside and thinks before she starts screaming, with tears streaming down her face.

chelesea cries YR

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chelsea admits Billy angry Y&R