Days recap: Mike Takes Jenn to Rehab, Marlena Laughs When Kristen Has a Favor, and Rex and John Ask Rolf For Answers

Days of our Lives Peacock recap for Wednesday, October 5, 2022.

In today’s Days episode, Kristen asks Marlena for a favor, Mike confronts Nancy, Leo wants Craig back and Rachel gets bratty.

In Tuesday’s Days recap, Gwen forgave Jennifer, who said she was heading to rehab with Mike, and Nancy and Craig agreed to be friends.

nancy and craig bye days peacock



Nancy sees Mike Horton in Horton Square and claims it’s nice to see him. As she smiles he says, “Really?” She must have amnesia about what she did to him.

He doesn’t have time for old enemies. She’s sorry he thinks of her that way but he admits he hasn’t thought of her in years until he was at Abigail’s grave earlier.

He recalls her being Wesley’s partner in crime and asks if she and Clyde were in on Abigail’s death together. She swears she didn’t know what Clyde did.

She reveals she only saw what she wanted to see when they first dated. She was in rough shape from learning Craig’s gay. He thanks her for sharing.

She believes she’s paying for the things she’s done. Mike had no idea and admits there was a time he thought he was gay as a teen. He’s not but the thought terrified him. They’re grateful times have changed.

Mike lets her know he’s loved to New York City and is headed there today. Nancy is going back soon and offers to show him around.

Mike agrees and they exchange numbers. “We’ll make a date,” Mike says. 

nancy meets mike again days

At Alice’s, Jenn and Jack snuggle on the sofa. She’s anxious for Mike to get there so she can head to rehab and start all over again.

Jack gets it. He packed up their books and things. She’s confused.

He’s going with her. Gwen needs him right now. He can come later.

Jack loves his wife and embraces her. She thinks she should have gone to rehab the first time around. He comforts her. Mike turns up, ready to take Jennifer to rehab.

After Jennifer says goodbye to Doug and Julie, she returns to the men and cries that it was hard on Doug. She hugs Jack again and leaves with her brother.

jenn hug jack rehab days

Outside the pub, Leo sees Craig and owes him an apology.

Craig smirks and Leo offers to buy him a beer. Craig remembers him ordering champagne when it was on him.

They head inside and Leo justifies accusing him of murder.

Craig can’t believe he actually thought he did it.

leo invites craig drink days

Leo realized he convinced himself that he had a psychotic break over losing him. “Leo. I dumped you!”

He teaches Leo how to apologize and Leo says he’s sorry he doubted the man he loves. He thinks Craig must still have feelings for him.

Craig admits he does, but he overheard his conversation with Gwen about needing money for legal fees.

Leo explains he tried to blackmail Jack but it blew up in his face. Craig assumes he wants him to be his sugar daddy. Leo acts shocked.

Craig says Leo can be fun but it’s not enough. He needs someone in between Leo and Nancy.

They agree to keep in touch and Craig pays the tab and takes off.

Craig beer leo days

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Brady strolls into Salem Inn for High Tea with Rachel. He puts on a British accent and Chloe tells her they have her favorite strawberry jam.

Rachel tosses a muffin that bounces off Chloe’s head. Rachel hates it and she hates “her,” and blames her for not being able to see her mom.

Brady admonishes her for being bratty and she pulls out a note in her lunchbox that states that it’s Chloe’s fault.

She storms off to the bathroom and Chloe tries to calm Brady down. They need to think about what Rachel’s going through from her point of view. 

bratty rachel days peacock

They kiss and agree they’ll get through this. After Brady and Rachel leave, Nancy turns up with a present for Chloe.

She lets her mom know that Kristen blew up the tea party and what went down. Nancy’s exasperated.

nancy stay salem days

She was headed back to New York but can see Chloe needs her. Chloe opens her present and finds a beautiful gold bracelet. She’s thankful and tells her mom she’ll be fine. She needs to go back to New York. Nancy agrees if Chloe will visit soon. They embrace and say I love yous.

nancy hug chloe days

At the hospital, John brings a shake for Marlena who is losing her appetite.

Rex gives him an update. The orchid used in the treatment no longer exists. They can cancel their trip to the Amazon.

John says they need to find Rolf then. Stefan’s been going around town saying that Rolf is the one who brought him back to life. Rex offers to find him and question him.

rex john talk orchid days

Kristen visits Marlena in her room to see how she is. Marlena’s fine. Kristen says it boggles her mind that Orpheus gave her the same disease Roman had.

Marlena’s shocked. How does she know? Kristen flashes to Rolf telling her and lies that she heard the nurses discussing it.

Marlena has faith that John and Roman will find the flower that will cure them. Kristen has a favor. Marlena begins to laugh.

“To say you were self-absorbed would be like saying the Titanic took on a little water.” Kristen doesn’t like that Brady’s cutting her off from Rachel altogether.

She asks Marlena to talk to him. Marlena thinks Brady will decide what’s best for her since he has full custody. 

kristen talks orchid days

Kristen leaves and overhears Rex calling Stefan about a matter of life and death. She takes off.

John brings Marlena the coffee milkshake and she lets him know about Kristen’s visit. “What a bitch,” he exclaims. While they talk, Marlena falls asleep. He leaves and Brady turns up.

Marlena wakes up and lets him know Kristen asked for her help in letting her see Rachel. Brady’s glad. For now, he feels it’s best to keep them apart.

Marlena asks him to document everything just in case. Brady doesn’t want her to worry. 

marlena milkshake days

Rex and John visit Rolf in his lab. They ask for his help and explain what’s going on. Rolf wonders where Orpheus got a hold of the toxins and recalls “Something about an orchid.” As he lies, they tell him he’s their only hope to find the orchid.

Rolf laughs and finds it a miserable position to find themselves in. Brady offers to pay for it. Rolf flashes to holding the last orchid and refuses.

Meanwhile, at home, Kristen waters the plant. 

john rex visit rolf Days


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