Sheila Attacks Steffy & Threatens to ‘Remove’ Her When Steffy Orders Her Out of Finn’s Life

In the Thursday March 31, 2022, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Steffy confronts Sheila, Hope and Liam listen to the latest from Brooke, Bridget is back, and Taylor urges Thomas to back off.

We also have Wednesday’s B&B recap where Steffy told Finn that his mother was responsible for Brooke’s slip from sobriety and confronted Sheila.

steffy barks at sheila out of life bold and beautiful cbs

In the alley outside Il Giardino, Steffy tells Sheila that she hasn’t changed. She’s the same sociopath she’s always been. She knows how sick she is and what she did to Brooke.

Steffy lays out the whole champagne switch story and Sheila finally admits to it. She thinks Steffy should be on her knees thanking her for getting Ridge away from Brooke. “Don’t tell me this isn’t what you’ve always wanted,” Sheila says, getting in her face and adding, “You’re welcome.”

Steffy isn’t feeling thankful. Sheila explains that she took all the initiative and they were just sitting around leaving Ridge with a “drunken slut.” Now, Ridge is inching closer to Taylor and that’s what she wants. The family deserves to be reunited.

“You’re my family too,” Sheila says. One day, she is sure that Steffy will accept her the way that Taylor has. She has been so wonderful. Steffy thinks that she is as dangerous and manipulative as she’s ever been.

She’s putting an end to this. “I never want to see your face!” she declares, ordering her out of her family’s life. Sheila tells her she can’t tell anyone what happened and urges her to think of her mom.

steffy vs sheila bold and beautiful cbs

Steffy says she can’t spike a few drinks and be forgiven for her past. She asks how long Thomas has been involved. Sheila explains he just found out and they had the same conversation. Steffy doesn’t want her parents manipulated back together.

The only person who has been exposed by this has been Sheila. “You are never having a relationship with Finn!” Steffy says. Sheila warns her not to come between her and her son. She accuses Steffy of baiting her to act out and asks her for some understanding. Even Taylor has been open to the idea that she’s been reformed.

She asks Steffy what she would have done if Brooke was in her face telling her she could never be part of her son’s life. Sheila wouldn’t let Brooke get in the way and won’t let her either.

sheila attacks bold beautiful

Finn is the one child she could have a future with. The life she could have had with her too. That was something she really wanted.

Steffy says being loved by her is a curse and she will make sure Finn knows that. When she repeats that she will never be part of their lives, Sheila grabs her by the collar and shoves her against a dumpster.

Steffy attacked by sheila bold beautiful

If one of them will not have a future with Finn, it will be Steffy.

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brooke repeating herself wanting ridge bold and beautiful cbs

Hope and Liam stop by Brooke’s. She tells them she paid Ridge a visit. He visits her and is concerned. That doesn’t mean he will get past what happened. She still has to deal with the consequences. He thinks she needs to stop torturing herself.

Brooke doesn’t want to keep beating herself up. She thinks Ridge feels safer with Taylor. Her daughter suggests that’s temporary and reminds her they still have a chance as long as they are married.

hope comforting mother with liam bold and beautiful cbs

Brooke knows Ridge is hurt but still wants to be with her. Liam is sure they will be okay as long as they know they belong together. Brooke worries about Thomas and Steffy doing all they can to keep them apart.

ashley jones returns bold beautiful 2022

Bridget calls Brooke to tell her she is back in LA for awhile. She has to get back to work but will stop by soon. Brooke tells Hope her sister is in town. Hope tells her the only thing that matters is Ridge’s love and it will be enough.

Brooke worries an outside force could be working against them. This confuses Liam. It’s just a feeling Brooke has, like she is up against more than she realizes. She has the sense there is a bigger explanation to all of this.

At the Forrester Creations office, Taylor tells her son she knows how much he wants to see her back with Ridge. As Thomas asks what she wants, Ridge arrives outside the door and eavesdrops. When he enters, he asks her to answer the question.

ridge not knowing which woman he wants bold and beautiful cbs

Taylor asks Ridge what he thinks. She’s already made it clear how she feels and wants a life with him. But he doesn’t need any pressure from anyone. He doesn’t feel pressure… well, maybe from the kids.

taylor - wants this guy? bold and beautiful cbs

Taylor tells her son to ease up. They don’t know what will happen. Ridge could go back to Brooke any time. Thomas gets it. His mom wants him to promise to drop the parent trap.

He still thinks that they have incredible potential and are meant to be. Taylor and Ridge smile at each other.

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