Brooke Confronts Taylor About Kissing Ridge and Sheila Covers for Deacon with his Parole Officer

In the Monday, August 22, 2022, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Thomas moves into Eric’s, Hope frets to Brooke about Thomas, and Eric worries this situation could cause problems for Ridge.

We also have Friday’s B&B recap where after a marathon of sex, Sheila told Deacon how she faked her death and he freaked out when his parole officer arrived.

Deacon and Sheila start panicking at his place as his parole officer, Jordan, pounds on the door.

Once Sharpe sends nine toes to the bathroom, he lets Jordan in.


“You got nothing to hide?” Jordan asks. Deacon claims he’s just embarrassed because he didn’t have time to clean.

He assures him that he’s a family man now and on the up and up.


Sheila knocks something over in the bathroom. Jordan asks who that is.

She puts on a southern accent and calls through the door to say she’s his ladyfriend.

Jordan worries that she could have a record. Deacon insists it was just a one-night thing.

The parole office gets a call from his kid’s school. Before he leaves, he assures Deacon he’s on the right track and if he’s found the right person, he should give it a shot.

Once Jordan is gone, Sheila comes out and asks Deacon to slip into a hot bath with her.

As she puts clothes on, she tells him she doesn’t want to run. She wants to be close to her son to make sure he’s alright.

Deacon tells her that he’s better off without her. This is all Sheila has left. Finn is a good man and her last chance to make something out of her life.

deacon worries jordan find sheila bold

He makes it clear that she can’t stay. There is not a reason in the universe that would change his mind.

“I have money. A lot of it. Don’t ask me how,” she says.

At the cabin, Hope tells Brooke she’s having a hard time not freaking out about Douglas going to stay with Thomas for the weekend now that he wants his son back.


This is disrupting Douglas’ happy home and Hope can’t understand why Thomas and his family are starting a fight. Brooke blames everything on Taylor.

“I’m going to handle this right now,” she declares, marching off.

At Eric’s, he tells bikini-clad Donna that he doesn’t want her lounging by the pool because he’ll be too distracted to work.

They canoodle until Thomas and his parents interrupt.


Eric is excited that he is now staying there. They all look forward to Douglas finally spending time with his father.

Taylor thanks him for helping to make it easy for Thomas and his son to reunite.

She hopes that they really bond there. He thanks his mom for helping him reach a better place.


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Thomas drops by the cabin to pick up his son.

Hope informs him that Douglas is not there. He’s over at Eli’s.

That gives them a chance to talk.

thomas talks loving douglas bold beautiful

They chat about how excited Eric is for this.

Thomas knows this is all sudden and assures her it’s not a big deal.

Hope admits she’s concerned that he wants a lot more than an overnight with his son.

Thomas does think his son should live with him fulltime. He’s his father. He wants to step up and be the father he’s always wanted to be.

Hope would be happy to give them more time together on Douglas’ schedule in his home.

hope worries about douglas leaving bold beautiful

Back at Eric’s, he and Ridge discuss the situation with Thomas and Douglas. Ridge is sure this will be good for them. Eric worries this could cause conflict between Ridge and Brooke.

Brooke hobbles into Steffy’s to confront Taylor. She makes it clear that she knows she kissed Ridge in Monaco. Taylor is happy to explain everything that happened.

brooke sneers at taylor during confrontation bold beautiful

Brooke is happy for her family, but it was out of line for her to celebrate by kissing her husband.

She reminds the doctor she promised not to interfere in her marriage. Taylor claims she’s only offered Ridge comfort and support.

Brooke thinks she wants more. Taylor wants more for Ridge. He’s unsettled after all Brooke has put his through. He’s always stuck in the same situations over and over.

Ridge wants to stop spinning his wheels and be with the children he has neglected fro Brooke’s sake.

Brooke says Taylor needs him, not the children.

Taylor doesn’t need him, she wants him.

tay changed bold and beautiful

Brooke claims she’s not threatened by the kiss, but by the way Taylor has injected herself into things like the friction between Thomas and Hope.