B&B Opinion: What’s Wrong With Brooke Logan – and How to Fix It

Who Is This Clueless Woman Pretending to Be Brooke Logan?

Can we talk about Brooke? Because I think we need to talk about Brooke. Whether you love her or just love to hate her, there’s no denying that Brooke Logan is an integral part of the fabric of The Bold and the Beautiful. The “slut from the valley” has been driving story since her first appearance in 1987. 

Since Stephanie Forrester’s death a decade ago, you could even argue that Brooke is now the lead female character of the show.

Some who acknowledge but hate her might call it “The Brooke Show.”

You don’t have to like Brooke, but we can all agree that she’s currently being written for the plot, not true to character.

This should never happen in any television show or film to any character.

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Brooke used to be written as a spitfire, but now she’s written as utterly clueless, which inspired this meme from Friday in Canada. AUTigers4Ever won runner-up!

We suffered through months of Brooke wondering why she got drunk and kissed Deacon, I was patient. A big moment is coming when Brooke will end up on top again, I told myself. But no.

Even Liam’s mansplaining couldn’t help her.

I want to see things go terribly wrong for Brooke because that’s good soap opera storytelling. Even when things blew up in her face, Brooke always had a plan and a goal.

She was in control… most of the time.

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Sex bomb vs housewife  

Remember when Brooke was a total sex bomb that every man wanted? She tore through the Forrester men like a lawnmower, shredding lives and making drama for decades. That should never change. 

She’s as gorgeous as she ever was, but now Brooke has become a simpering housewife waiting for her almost-cheating husband to come home. 

Not even Dollar Bill is sniffing around.

When you’ve lost your backup man, something is wrong! I could buy Brooke’s happy homemaker routine if there was a shock reveal that Brooke was putting on a housewife act that she knows will get Ridge to come home.

That would be fun and put Brooke in control!

Brooke sitting on the couch and wringing her hands over Ridge and patiently waiting for him to “fully commit” to her is not fun. It’s not even a story.

At the very least, after 8 long months, she’s back at work.

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The Dressmaker

I’ve never understood the appeal of Ridge. He started off as rich and sexy, and that was enough for Brooke to go after Ridge and everything the Forrester name brought.

 But in the B&B tradition of waffling men, Ridge has never been able to make a lasting commitment to any woman.

She knows this, as did Caroline or Morgan or Ashley or Katie or Caroline II or Quinn or Shauna.

What is it that keeps her worshiping this man? Is it the chase?

ridge says bye taylor bold beautiful

History tells us that Ridge wants whichever woman he’s not married to until he marries her. So why does Brooke keep falling for it?

Daddy issues? The chase, as we already suspected or is the “fully committing” that good? We’re talking about sex.

What are your thoughts on this?

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Brooke needs a trustworthy friend

Brooke needs a friend that doesn’t bow to the Forresters and will give Brooke a good shake when she needs it.

If she had a friend outside the Forrester sex cult, someone who pointed out that she has lost her self-respect in pursuit of Ridge, I could enjoy this more. 

Instead, we get this weird pod person Brooke who is always alone and talks in sweet whispers and is happy just to be waiting for Ridge. 

As I live and breathe, Brooke has gone total Stepford Wife.

If Brooke was written not for plot but true to character, she’d realize that the guy she’s with may be trying to get her to break up with him.

That he talks about how great his ex is and doesn’t prioritize her and gives her blank stares instead of rehashing their issues.

The vibe I’m getting from Ridge is that he’s looking for a way out of his marriage to Brooke but doesn’t want to look bad by ending it himself.

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The Bridge game needs to end

The latest round of “who will Ridge choose” requires that Brooke be written like Taylor and Taylor be written like Brooke. Because there are only two types of women on B&B – the wife and the mistress.

Typically, every female character will be both over the years.

Since Brooke is now the caring wife, she’s dropped a few IQ points and can’t see that Ridge and Taylor are eye-humping right in front of her.

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Reducing Brooke to a moron who doesn’t recognize that Tridge is on the horizon is a disservice to the character, story, and to the actors. It’s frustrating to viewers who want more than just Ridge’s disgusting game of musical women. 

I don’t really care which woman Ridge ends up with. I do at least want the characters to be true to themselves as it’s being played out, but since this is only a half-hour show and we’ve seen Bridge for years, why not try something new?

If not Tridge, then how about Ridge ends up alone for a while? Let the women end up on top for a change.

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A story idea for Brooke & Taylor

Brooke being all kind and understanding and supportive of Taylor is not a soap opera. Where’s the conflict for her? I think Brooke and Taylor need another one of those classic soap moments where adversaries get stuck in a room together and are forced to hash out their differences. 

Think Krystle and Alexis of Dynasty locked in a burning cabin. Vicki and Dorian of One Life to Live trapped in the Llanfair basement. Marlena, Kate and Vivian of Days of Our Lives stuck in the DiMera tunnels.

Here’s my idea. Security is upgraded at Forrester Creations offices but Charlie screws something up. Circumstances lead Brooke and Taylor locked in an office overnight without any way to call for help or get out until morning.

They talk about their history, their rivalry and their kids. Viewers get flashbacks and tears and even acknowledge that Taylor looks a bit different now.

At daybreak, Brooke and Taylor come to understand that they’re more alike than they realized and that they’re both stuck in a never-ending cycle of being traded off by Ridge.

taylor vs brookie bold beautiful

When they’re freed the next morning, Brooke and Taylor tell Ridge that they’ve made a pact to stay away from him. Both are determined to find a new path in life that doesn’t include being Mrs. Ridge Forrester.

But can they? Drama ensues…

What do you think? Does the writing for plot versus writing true to character frustrate you? Is Ridge still worth fighting for after 35 years?

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Best and worst lines:

Brooke: “I don’t want Ridge to have to choose between our family and his family with Taylor.”

Taylor, about Brooke: “She probably fell on purpose.”

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