Ridge Hires Justin to Follow Quinn, While Katie Meddles in Eric’s Marriage

In the Wednesday, September 22, 2021, full episode recap of Bold and the Beautiful, Carter and Quinn discuss their new arrangement, Katie goes fishing for dirt on Quinn, and Ridge asks Justin to take on an undercover assignment. If you missed out, Soaps Spoilers has Tuesday’s B&B recap when Brooke and Katie were tearing down Quinn.

In her office, Quinn and Carter discuss Eric wanting them to be together. They make out and then discuss how nobody can ever find out. Carter thinks it’s only a matter of time before someone notices that they’ve locked the door while they were inside. Quinn becomes nervous. Nobody can ever know. They wouldn’t understand! She tells him to go. She doesn’t want to embarrass her husband in any way but admits she told her bestie, Shauna. “Quinn!” Carter says, admonishing her. Quinn says she needed to talk to someone. She’s in love with two incredible and different men. She’s conflicted. They kiss.

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In her office, Brooke says Eric refused to talk about his issues. Katie says it broke her heart to hear him doubt he was good enough for Quinn. Katie decides to go with him. “Well, if his cheating wife can’t be with him, I guess someone should be, right?” Katie runs into Ridge on her way out and Brooke explains where her sister is headed. “Katie stopped by Eric’s house and guess what? Quinn was out!” They talk about how he’s hold up in his house by himself and that none of this makes sense. Now that they’ve reunited, he seems lost. “He shouldn’t be,” Brooke says, not if he’s happy with Quinn. Ridge can’t get him to open up. Brooke hopes her sister can. They kiss and Ridge hopes Eric and Quinn can be happy like them. Brooke thinks he seems more chained to Quinn than ever. Ridge has no issue with that as long as they have their hands on each other. It’s as if he feels he did something wrong. “It’s absurd.” Justin arrives and Ridge tells him he has some undercover work for him. “It’s important. It’s about my dad.” He asks how well Justin knows Quinn. He only knows a few surface facts. Ridge calls his dad vulnerable. He doesn’t want Justin to be a lawyer. He wants him to do the kind of dirty work he did for Bill. Follow Quinn and tell him what she does, especially if it’s disrespectful. Justin asks if they think Quinn’s being unfaithful again. Brooke says she’d better not be. Ridge doesn’t think Quinn will see Justin coming. Justin’s on it.

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Katie stops by Eric’s. She doesn’t want to interrupt him if he’s with Quinn. Eric says she’s not there, and Katie tells him, “I don’t want you to think I stopped by to badmouth Quinn.” Eric knows. Obviously, she’s there to check on him. He thanks her for caring about him and he’s having a productive day working from home. Katie asks where Quinn is. She’s at work, he explains. Katie hasn’t seen her. Eric says that he and Quinn don’t have to do everything together to feel connected. Katie knows but at the end of the day, she likes to think of her home as an oasis. “Is that how you feel about your home?” Eric questions if she means since Quinn came back to him. Katie sits beside him and shares that she can see he’s lonely. Katie claims that she doesn’t want to meddle but she can’t help herself. Eric lets her know that he and his wife have an arrangement and it seems to be working. Katie thinks that sounds businesslike. He calls it a poor choice of words. It’s an understanding. Katie talks about how incredible he is and hopes his life makes him happy. “Does Quinn make you happy?” Katie feels bad. She knows what it’s like to be depressed and only wants what’s best for him. Eric knows that this is the kind of woman she is. Katie’s flattered but still asks if he’s happy with Quinn as his wife. He looks away. She isn’t judging him. She keeps pushing him and he flashes to telling Katie that he can’t make love to her but that Carter can.

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