General Hospital Comings & Goings; Charles Shaughnessy & Cameron Mathison Join GH

Who is returning, who is out? Find out what’s coming up for your fave Port Charles residents for the summer of 2021.

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Briana Nicole

Briana Nicole Henry revealed her exit from General Hospital today on her Instagram page as Jordan said goodbye to her family in Port Charles on September 14. The actress stated, “I suppose it is that time isn’t it. As I celebrated my third year of being on General Hospital yesterday, I also watched my last episode as Jordan Ashford air. People kept asking me how it felt to have ended my time on the show, and it wasn’t until yesterday that it really sank in, as I watched Jordan’s goodbye to her family and knew the tears you saw were real tears between not just colleagues but friends.

I decided it was time for me to move on from @generalhospitalabc and I got nothing but love and support from everyone involved. Not to mention was given the most beautiful send of that left me quite literally shaken.

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I’d like to take a second to thank every single person in my @generalhospitalabc family that helped me make GH my home over the last three years, especially @fvalentinigh. From the crew, to my castmates to our security guard Emma, there were multiple people on any given day that brought such a smile and warmth to my heart.

When I started GH it was my first opportunity as a series regular, and to get the opportunity to throw myself into Jordan for the last three years and work with some truly incredible actors has been an honor. Thanks for holding space for me to grow. I am a better actor because of the time I spent within those walls and will forever be grateful for the way the show nurtured and challenged my ability.

To the fans, it took me a while to win you over, but once you saw my heart you made me feel so much love. I hope I brought something unique and honest to your beloved character of Jordan Ashford, she’s one helluva woman. Until next time loves 👋🏾.”


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Easton Rocket Sweda

Easton Rocket Sweda took on the role of Olivia’s son Leo Falconeri on August 23. The child actor is a recast from Aaron Bradshaw, who debuted in the role in 2018.

easton sweda leo to general hospital

Charles Shaughnessy

Charles Shaughnessy joins General Hospital as Victor Cassadine. The actor who is well known not only for being Mr. Sheffield in The Nanny, but Shane Donovan on Days of our Lives, will first air on September 2. Incidentally, folks can see him in Beyond Salem on September 6 as Shane Donovan. Spoilers within that link.

charles shaughnessy general hospital nanny

Jeff Kober

Jeff Kober left General Hospital briefly as Cyrus Renault in the June 16th episode when he’s sent to maximum security prison. He was seen again on Wednesday September 1, which was a surprise.

cyrus and britt general hospital

Wes Ramsey

As of August 23, Wes Ramsey is back on General Hospital. Alive, as Peter August, though Port Charles folks assumed he was killed.

is wes ramsey out as peter general hospital

Phoebe Kuhlman

Phoebe Kuhlman debuted last week as Chloe Jennings. The real Chloe, that is, who was held in captivity with Drew (Cameron Mathison).

Easton Rocket Sweda

According to Starkidz, Easton Rocket Sweda is playing Leo on General Hospital.

Genie Francis

Genie Francis will be taking time off from General Hospital as Laura Spencer when the actress takes a summer break. She told TV Insider, “And, there are some really great storylines planned for the fall – but for now, I’ve decided to take the summer off. I am very much looking forward to spending the time with my family and relaxing a bit. I promise, though, I will be back to Port Charles before you know it.”

Rif Hutton

Rif Hutton exited General Hospital Friday, August 13 in a final way when his character, Lenny Caufield died of pancreatic cancer. Hutton debuted on the ABC soap in January.

rif lenny exit general hospital

Cameron Mathison

As Soaps Spoilers revealed Cameron Mathison will be joining the cast of General Hospital. He’s known for playing Ryan Lavery on All My Children and for being the host of Hallmark’s Home & Family. Production started on July 9 and he will begin airing on August 16, and we’ve since learned that Mathison is portraying Drew Cain, a role that Y&R alum Billy Miller originated. Mathison’s voice is heard in a phone call to Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) in this EW exclusive video clip. In an interview, the actor stated, “Drew’s been on the show before with a different actor. So I’m reprising the role. I don’t see Sam. I actually call her to say I’m in trouble. He reaches out for a good reason. She’s obviously incredibly important to him. They’ve got a child together, which the audience already knows, and that daughter is everything in the world to him. He reaches out to Sam because he really believes that help will follow.”

cameron mathison to general hospital
Paul Archuleta/GETTY


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Gigi Birmingham

Gigi Birmingham was cast as Hayden Barnes’ (Rebecca Budig) mother Naomi Dreyfus. She will first be seen on August 6 on General Hospital, in a role which was once portrayed by Bold and Beautiful’s Robin Riker (Beth Logan). Could Budig be returning soon, since her on-screen mother is back?

Gigi Birmingham Hayden mother naomi General Hospital

Risa Dorken

Risa Dorken took to Instagram to share, “Always really grateful to be scrubbing in (and putting on the badge) at GH. Catch today’s episode!” She returned Monday, July 12 to General Hospital as Amy Driscoll in scenes with Austin (Roger Howarth).


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Nicolas Alexander Chavez

Spencer Cassadine got a new face when General Hospital decided to age the character a little. Nicolas Alexander Chavez will now portray Spencer as of Thursday July 1.

Chavez new to GH as spencer
Timothy John Foster

Wes Ramsey

Wes Ramsey is reportedly out at General Hospital as Peter August, as of June 16, but is he really gone for good? Soaps Spoilers will report back if there are any changes.

is wes ramsey out as peter general hospital

Kimberly J. Brown

Kimberly J Brown will be joining the cast of General Hospital next week in the role of Chloe, a nurse that Peter hires. She’ll work from May 10-28. The actress confirmed on June 4 that she was finished filming on the show. Wondering where you’ve seen her? Brown worked on Guiding Light as Marah Lewis, Joshua Lewis’ (Robert Newman) daughter and Annie Dutton’s step-daughter. Annie Dutton was portrayed by General Hospital’s Cynthia Watros — Nina! Brown also starred in the Halloweentown movies as Marne, alongside Debbie Reynolds.

kimberly j brown to general hospital
Kimberly J. Brown

Sean Blakemore

Sean Blakemore is making his way back to Port Charles as Shawn Butler on April 21 after almost five years.

sean blakemore general hospital return

Roger Howarth exits General Hospital as Franco Baldwin on Tuesday, March 9. Though the character is gone, killed off by Peter August (Wes Ramsey), the actor will return as Austin. A Franco look alike. He’ll first appear May 27.

roger howarth out at gh

Amanda Setton will once again return to General Hospital as Brook Lynn Quartermaine soon. She’s coming off maternity leave according to Soap Opera Digest. Setton was last seen August 4, before Briana Lane filled in for the actress. Word has it that this return will come sooner, rather than later but so far no return date.

amanda setton returns general hospital
Monty Brinton/ABC

Original post, February 11:
If you recall, Daytime Emmy-award winner Chad Brannon played the ex-drug dealer and mob goon, Alexander (Zander) Smith on ABC’s General Hospital from September 2000 to March of 2004. He died in Emily Quartermaine’s (Natalia Livingston) arms after being shot in the chest. He returned in 2009 for a brief time as Aaron, and unfortunately, Soaps Spoilers isn’t positive who he’ll be returning as this time around.

Chad brannon back to general hospital
Jill Johnson/JPI

The actor took to Instagram to talk about how excited he is to be back at General Hospital. Take a look at this video.


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Soaps being soaps, this means we’re never 100% positive that characters who are killed off in front of our eyes are ever truly dead. General Hospital is keeping quiet about who Brannon returning as, so we can only speculate who he’ll portray. Will Zander return from the dead, or will he return as the ghost of Zander? Does this have anything to do with Sonny’s  (Maurice Benard) storyline? Perhaps he’ll reprise that role of Aaron or someone else? There’s always room for a twin brother. It’s not as though GH hasn’t gone down that road before, most recently with Jon Lindstrom portraying Dr. Kevin Collins and his evil twin brother Ryan Chamberlain.

For those who can’t recall, he’s the father of Cameron Webber (William Lipton), with Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst). Possibly his return will bring Cameron and Liz a new storyline. Viewers have been complaining that there hasn’t been one for them in a while.

According to EW, Brannon begins taping February 12 for a return in March.

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