Bill and Li Rescue Finn, But Sheila Easily Escapes with a Little Help from Mike

In the Thursday, July 28, 2022, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Liam tells Hope what’s happened, Taylor worries she and Ridge may disrupt Steffy’s recovery, and Finn flies off to find Steffy.

We also have Wednesday’s B&B recap where Finn finally talked Sheila into letting him go as Li burst in and reunited with her son.

Bill bursts into the hideaway and is shocked to see Finn alive. Li rushes in and throws her arms around her son. Sniffling, she says no one could stop her from coming back to him.

sheila pissed li alive bold

“How the hell did you survive that?” Sheila demands. Li says she and her son can overcome anything she can throw at them. Bill tells Sheila she will never hurt anyone again.

Sheila says she never wanted any of this to happen and she didn’t cause the crash. Li blames her for everything and Bill has to hold Finn back.

Sheila runs for the door but Bill stops her and tells her she’s going back behind bars. She looks pleadingly at Finn.

bill grabs sheila before escapes bold beautiful

Bill ties Sheila to the bed and she begs her son to tell them how she saved him. Li reminds her she shot two people. Finn is confused so his mom explains his other mom shot Steffy.

Bill holds furious Finn back and urges him to let the police deal with her. “I am never going to speak to you again!” Finn vows.

bill stops finn from shivving sheila bold beautiful

Li encourages them to go to Steffy. Bill’s reluctant to leave her with Sheila.

At home, Liam is trying to get through to Baker. Eventually, he does. He explains that Li and Bill have gone to catch Sheila and Finn. Hope arrives while he’s explaining this. “What?” the cop says. He finds this hard to believe.

liam calls baker on bold

Liam promises to text the address once he’s got it.

He sits down with Hope and explains everything he knows. He stutters through vague explanation and hopes his dad doesn’t do anything stupid.

Bill sends him the hideaway address so Liam sends it on to Baker.

When Bill calls, he confirms that Finn is alive and he’s going to get him to Steffy. Liam and Hope pace and try to call Ridge with no luck.

Back at the hideaway, Finn tells Li he loves her and leaves with Bill. Sheila calls after him but he’s gone.

Sheila tells Li that she got what she wanted. Her son is alive and reuniting with his wife. This doesn’t convince Li.

Mike wanders in as Li tells Sheila she will never see Finn and his wife again. Mike knocks her out and cuts Sheila loose. She gives him a kiss and says they need to rendezvous later.


After she runs out, Li trips Mike. He threatens to lay her out as she bars the door. Baker runs in with his cops and Li announces that Sheila has escaped.

Bill and Finn are on the Spencer jet. Finn doesn’t know how to thank him for all he’s done. He tries calling Steffy but gets voicemail.

finn calls steffy bold

“Steffy baby it’s me, Finn. Your husband is alive… I’m on a plane… We’ll be together soon.”

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On the jet, Taylor rests her head on his shoulder and tells Ridge that she dreamed about Finn being alive at a barbecue with a clown and some s’mores.

taylor cuddles ridge bold

The pilot announces they have lost Wi-Fi until they land. Ridge doesn’t like being unavailable with all that’s happening.

They rehash Steffy leaving for Europe. He’s still sure being out of the country is the perfect place to be with Sheila running around.

taylor talks dream ridge bold beautiful

Taylor worries that their showing up could throw off their daughter’s progress. The pilot announces they are ready to land.

She misses her daughter so much she wants to squeeze her.