Young and Restless Spoilers July 25-29: Nick Thinks Victor’s Keeping Secrets, While Tessa Goes Into Surgery

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for the CBS soap opera, Y&R, from Monday, July 25 to Friday, July 29.

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Ashland attacks Victoria, and she strikes back while Nick gets into the mix. Meanwhile, Kyle delivers some bad news, Nick gives Sally unsolicited advice, and Nate and Devon struggle working together. From Friday’s episode, “An accident? Is anyone hurt?” Chance asks when he gets a call.

Meanwhile, Summer asks Phyllis, “How much of this wanting to work at Marchetti has to do with Diane being there?” Victoria’s phone rings. “That’s my security detail. If I don’t answer it, they are going to be here in a hurry,” Victoria warns Ashland.

“Well then! We are going to have to make this quick!” Ashland decides.

Monday, July 25

Monday’s Y&R recap: Ashland Locke dies (Robert Newman confirms Locke’s death in video.)

Diane makes progress with Jack.

Diane asks Jack for advice while they drink.

Nikki and Phyllis scheme and come up with an idea on what to do to get rid of Diane.

Phyllis decides she’ll try to go work for Marchetti and get Diane to sabotage her job or at least make it look like she is.

Ashland and Locke have it out. Their fight leads to tragedy and when Nick intervenes, Locke dies.

Locke’s body goes missing.

diane good day YR

Tuesday, July 26

Tuesday’s recap: Sally confronts Adam and kisses him

Victor does damage control.

Vic checks on his daughter.

Sharon counsels Adam.

Sally confronts Adam.

Adam kisses Sally but then denies wanting to be with her.

sally eavesdrops yr

Victoria and Nick make a shocking discovery.

Chance turns up and Vic and Nick walk him through what happened with Ashland’s death.

Victor turns up at Vicky’s for support.

Noah, Allie, Kyle and Summer hang out at Dive Bar.

sharon adam talk sally young restless

Wednesday, July 27

Wednesday’s Y&R recap: Ashland is found

Victor covers his tracks and protects Victoria at all costs.

Victoria explains to Nikki what happened with Ashland.

Sally breaks into Adam’s room at the hotel.

sally wants do over young restless

Sally tells Adam all about her history with her parents running off on her.

Sally asks Adam for a fresh start.

Adam refuses Sally.

Chance finds a car in a ditch.

Chance misses key evidence at Victoria’s.

michael calls vic about ash yr


Michael prods Chance for information on Locke’s case.

Michael accepts a new assignment.

Adam decides to go to Vegas.

adam goes vegas young restless


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Thursday, July 28

Thursday’s Y&R recap: Nick’s suspicious of Victor’s story about what happened to Locke.

Summer questions Phyllis’s motives when her mom agrees to make a chance and come work for Marchetti. Of course, Phyllis is doing it so she can take Diane down.

Nick delivers bad news.

Summer and Phyllis learn Locke’s dead.

Summer rushes home to Kyle.

Victor manages a family crisis.

chance examines ring young restless

Victor protects his interests.

Victor and Michael talk about how it could have gone down after Locke left Victoria’s place.

Chance questions Victor, and says there are holes in his story.

Chloe convinces Sally not to quit.

phyllis lies to summer young restless

Friday, July 29

Friday’s Y&R recap: Kyle tells Harrison that his father is dead

Nikki helps Nick with an ethical dilemma.

Nick still thinks he’s guilty for Ashland’s death.

Nikki and Sharon both think it’s like JT’s death where they thought he was dead but wasn’t. But this time, Locke was found.

Kyle protects Harrison.

Diane helps Kyle tell his son that his dad is dead.

harrison learns dad gone young restless

Kyle reveals to Harrison that Didi is his grandma while Jack cringes.

Tessa worries about surgery today.

Sharon gets together a care package for Tessa.

Mariah keeps a secret from Tessa. She too is worried about the surgery.

Adam decides to go to Vegas and then changes plans.

tessa worried surgery young restless

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