Hope’s Uncomfortable at the Forrester Family Party & Douglas Talks About His New Sketchy App

In the Wednesday, September 7, 2022, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Liam urges Hope to remain cautious about Thomas, Eric is thrilled to have his family in the house, and Brooke suspects that something is up.

We also have Tuesday’s B&B recap where Brooke was surprised when Ridge offered to move in with Eric to watch over Thomas and Douglas and Deacon caught Sheila stalking Finn.

Taylor walks in on Finn and Steffy making out in the living room of the beach house and apologizes.

steffy finn invitation bold beautiful

Steffy suggests they have a party at Eric’s to celebrate her imminent reunion with Ridge.

When Ridge returns to Brooke’s, she starts kissing him and telling him how handsome he is. He’s still think of moving to Eric’s. “No!” she insists.

ridge new dress design bold beautiful

She wants him nearby and doubts Hope will Douglas stay over there much longer.

Steffy calls and asks his father to a family get-together at Eric’s. He agrees to go. Brooke assumes Taylor will be there and asks if she’s invited too.

Ridge says she’s welcome but she knows that Steffy didn’t invited he so she’s staying home. She’s sure he will be back for more kisses. He takes off.

ridge kisses brooke home before shows dress BOLD

At Eric’s, he chats with Thomas and Douglas and tells them of Steffy’s idea for another family get-together. They thank Eric for letting them stay. He reminds them that this is their home.

eric gives grandson baseball cards BOLD

In the cabin, Liam asks Hope why she doesn’t tell Thomas that Douglas needs to come home today.

hope custody talk with liam bold and beautiful

If she thought the child was in danger, she would.

ut he’s having a great time and she needs to handle this carefully to avoid a custody battle.

Liam says he will support whatever she does, but he just wants to make sure she doesn’t let her guard down. “I never do,” she assures him.

Thomas calls and he and Douglas invite her to the family party. She offers to stop by.

hope invitation to party B&B

When she gets off the line, she tells her husband how excited Douglas sounded.

He wonders why he wasn’t invited and asks if she thinks it’s possible that Thomas’ old feelings for her are being rekindled.

He just wants her to be safe. She appreciates it but doesn’t think she or Douglas need protection from Thomas.

He assumes she will be bringing the child home. “We’ll see how it goes,” she says as she walks out.

Brooke wanders in and Liam fills her in on what’s going on. She says Ridge is on his way to Eric’s too. They are both suspicious that something is up.

brooke talks liam aabout forresters bold beautiful

Brooke thinks Taylor and Steffy are eager to take advantage.

Plus, Thomas and Steffy want their parents back together and will try to lure Ridge away.

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Back at Eric’s, he’s startled when Douglas uses an app to speak in Donna’s voice.

He tells Eric that it’s a new app that samples someone’s voice and then you can use it to say anything you want. 

douglas has a new app bold beautiful

Zende shows up. He heard there was a party. Ridge strolls in and says the riff-raff is on the way. Steffy, Finn, Taylor, and the kids wander in.

They fawn over Hayes and Eric tells them how much it means to him to have them all there. He raised his kids there and it brings the house alive to have them there, filling it with love.

With food and drink, they sit around and chat. Thomas announces that he invited Hope, which leads to some coughing.

Eric says she’s welcome.

forrester party at erics bold beautiful

Steffy and her mom worry she will bring up Douglas staying. Thomas says they are just trying to make things work and he wants Hope to see this is an amazing place to be.

Hope arrives and Steffy says they’ve been warned she was coming. Douglas is playing with the other kids upstairs.

Hope thanks them for including her. Thomas says she always will be. She’s family.

Later, Zende stares and Finn and Steffy and tells them how amazing they are.

Taylor recalls how magical the day of their reunion was and remembers kissing Ridge is Monaco.

Hope and Thomas come down from visiting the kids. She agrees that Douglas spending time there is good for them. Ridge goes on about how great his father is. This is the Forrester Shangri-La.

He thanks Hope for everything she has done for Douglas and then compliments Finn on what a great father he is. He and Taylor are very proud of their kids.

Ridge tells the kids they are who they are because of their mother. The family is not the same when she’s not around.

They’ve had a few rough months, but they are stronger than ever.

They toast to the Forresters. Hope looks uncomfortable.

awkward thomas and hope at party bold beautiful