Brooke’s Unhappy About Taylor’s Surprise Return, & Ridge Explodes When Deacon Appears at His House

In the Thursday, December 16, 2021, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Finn and Taylor get to know each other, Sheila wants Deacon to move back in with her, and Brooke isn’t happy to hear Taylor’s back. We also have Wednesday’s B&B recap where Brooke worried to Katie about her marriage and Deacon and Hope bonded over a love of martial arts.

Ridge tells Brooke that he walked out on her because he didn’t want to say something he’d regret. She thinks they need time alone and suggests at trip along the coast. “Sounds really nice,” he says. She knows there’s been distractions and they need to recharge. He lets her know that Taylor’s back. He’d have told her last night but she was asleep. Brooke’s shocked that she just surprised Steffy. She calls it strange but Ridge defend her. “She’s her mother, she can visit when she pleases.”

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Brooke learns he saw Taylor. She’s happy that he and the kids got to spend time with Taylor. He tells her they were so excited. Ridge calls it hard for Taylor since she’s committed to her work. They agree she’s impressive. Brooke asks when she goes back to “this really impressive work.”

Ridge laughs and thinks she’s going to stick around since she missed out on the birth of Hayes and the wedding. “Oh,” Brooke says, trying to smile but grimacing.  “Why now?” She’s sure she missed her family the entire time she was gone. Ridge asks if Brooke’s okay. She questions him and he asks if she’s alright with Taylor being home. She’s happy that they got together as a family and is sure the grandchildren are thrilled to see her as she is to see them.

If she understands that, she hopes he would consider the significance of Deacon in her life. Ridge doesn’t want to talk about that. He wants to go back to discussion about their trip up the coast. She thinks he’s conveniently forgetting how much pain Taylor caused her. He’ll never see the con artist the way she does.

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Taylor and Steffy clean the kitchen and talk about Taylor finally meeting Kelly and Hayes. She’s proud of her daughter. Finn appears and greets Taylor. They embrace and she congratulates him on his beautiful family. They hug again as Steffy smiles.

She admits if it was up to her, she’d never leave. They profess their love for one another. Taylor offers to talk with him about everything that has come out with Jack and Sheila. Later, Taylor shares memories of her kids and Finn takes of to the hospital.

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He may take her up on that but for now he wants to ensure his mama is okay. She urges the couple not to let go of each other, even though things might get harder before they get better. Nothing makes Taylor happier than seeing Steffy happy. They discuss Deacon’s return causing issues in Brooke and Ridge’s marriage. Taylor heard.

She doesn’t wish ill will on their relationship but she knows it’s hard on Ridge. Taylor recalls the scandal with Brooke and Deacon that rocked them all. There are so many painful memories. “And what does Brooke do? Welcome Deacon back with open arms. It’s not right and not fair to Dad.”

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At Il Giardino, Deacon mops and is told not to forget to clean the bathrooms. Sheila turns up and asks if he uses a sponge or toothbrush when he cleans the toilet. He asks why she’s there. She asks why he’s there cleaning when he could be living with her. Is he doing this just to get close to Brooke? Deacon’s trying to clean up his act.

Normally he’d be drinking. He wants a place in his daughter’s life. Sheila doesn’t believe it’s only about his kid. She sits at the bar and he tells her that his relationship is going well. He lets her know he was at the cabin and learned they’ve martial arts in common. She’s surprised and comes at him. He gasps in shock and she begins to laugh. She thinks the Karate could come in handy with Ridge. Sheila admits she’s jealous of him. 

He feels for her but Hope’s ready for a relationship with him. Sheila thinks Finn does want one with her but that Steffy’s doing “everything in her power” to stop it. Deacon can’t blow this by getting into her affairs. She knows his presence is causing trouble between Ridge and Brooke. Deacon says that’s not what he’s going for but Sheila thinks he’s looking for another chance with the blonde. He says nothing.

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Deacon knocks on Brooke’s door and walks in. He asks if she’s ready for her Karate lessons. Brooke cringes. Ridge wants answers and Deacon says they are family and yesterday they were a happy one. Brooke explains he taught her a few moves yesterday with Hope. Ridge yells that he knows Deacon’s intentions. He hopes his plan to be in Hope’s life never happens. He knows Deacon want so be with his wife.

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