Brooke and Ridge Share a Kiss After He Says He Wants to Break the Cycle of Hurting Each Other

In the Wednesday, May 18, 2022, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Taylor worries about her future with Ridge, Bill reminds everyone of the love he shared with Brooke, and Ridge wishes he could have protected Brooke from Sheila.

We also have Tuesday’s B&B recap where Ridge felt terrible about not listening to Brooke while Steffy told Taylor she was meant for Ridge.

brooke says COME HOME TO ME bold and beautiful

At her house, Brooke tells Ridge that she never would have sabotaged her sobriety or their relationship. He knows but Sheila saw an opportunity and took it.

She asks if this means he is finally coming home to her. He has been supporting her through all of this and she can see how it has affected him.

Ridge wishes he could have been there on New Year’s to protect her. She assures him he did. “I always will,” he says. Brooke says she’ll always need him.

Right now, she needs him to say he’s coming home. He doesn’t answer. They go back to talking about how everything is Sheila’s fault.

ridge upset what sheila took from brooke bold and beautiful

She wants to forget what happened and reminds him she loves him. It’s time to make up for lost time by moving on.

He would love to move past that night… but she ended up with Deacon. They have a cycle and they need to break it.

Brooke wants them to work through this together but he thinks they will just keep causing each other pain. She wants to start fresh.

He doesn’t see how he can do that. Taylor has been nothing but kind to him. He has two great women in his life and she is asking him to hurt one of them.

Brooke says she can feel the love she has for him. He admits he may love her more now thanks to what Sheila did to her. But he needs some time.

He’s realized staying at Steffy’s isn’t right so he’ll move in with his dad. She reminds him that’s where they first met.

ridge kisses brooke bold and beautiufl

Ridge claims he is doing what he’s doing because he loves her so much. Brooke says they are soulmates and will get through this. “You are my destiny,” she says. They kiss.

taylor has tea steffy bold and beautiful

At the cliff house, Taylor brings Steffy some special tea. Steffy needs her family around her. Her mom is proud of how much strength she has shown.

Steffy wonders how she is handling the truth about Brooke coming out. Taylor tries to downplay it but admits she’s worried about how things could play out with Ridge.

She hopes he won’t go back to Brooke and hates to think that what they have rebuilt is all because of Sheila. Her daughter assures her that what they have cannot be erased just because of Sheila.

Her daughter tells her not to let Sheila tarnish anything. They rehash Brooke’s slip from sobriety.

Steffy doesn’t think she is completely blameless and hopes her father doesn’t forget how Taylor has shown him what real love is.

When she accuses her mom of being Team Brooke, Taylor insists she wants Ridge back but things are complicated. Steffy still thinks he will only be happy with her and their family.

Steffy is sure that her father has finally seen that this is where he belongs and she needs to trust he will be back.

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liam sits talks family bold and beautiful

In the cabin, Liam gets a text saying Hope is on the way. Bill and Wyatt wonder if they should clear out. Bill admits he and Hope both want Brooke’s happiness… only he thinks she’ll never find that with Ridge.

Liam knows his father is looking out for Brooke but she’s deeply in love with Ridge and always has been.

Bill knocks on his son’s head and asks if anything is going on in there. He reminds him that he and Brooke were deeply in love once.

hope pretty in black bold and beautiful

Hope returns, surprised to see it’s a full house. Her husband explains that Bill is worried that Brooke is wasting her life on a man who doesn’t deserve him.

They mull over how Brooke lost her sobriety. None of them know what happened. Hope says that what happened between her mom and Deacon was innocent. She wishes Ridge would accept it and move on.

wyatt wonders why brooke drank bold and beautiful

Bill wants to puke when they start talking about Ridge and Brooke being destined to be together. He reminds them of Taylor and Ridge’s history.

Bill rails about how fast Ridge dropped Brooke and ran to Taylor. Hope can see he still cares about her mom. Wyatt says they all want what’s best for Brooke but there’s no point is discussing this without her.

As Bill and Wyatt leave, he urges Hope to appeal to her mom. She’s sure that Ridge is what her mom wants.

Once Bill is gone, Hope admits she was pleasantly surprised to hear how he was supporting her mom. Liam admits his father isn’t entirely wrong.

Ridge hasn’t been entirely fair to her mom. He doesn’t love that he ran off to Taylor. Hope still isn’t ready to give up on Ridge and her mom.