Gladys Confronts Sasha About Her Drug Problem and Demands to Move in With Her, and TJ Easily Finds Marshall

General Hospital recap for Wednesday, May 18, 2022. In today’s GH episode, Brook Lynn punches her old producer, TJ and Molly look for Marshall, and Sonny tells Brando how bad things are with Michael.

We also have Tuesday’s GH recap where Ava threatened Esme and offered Spencer a deal.


At Leo’s party on the Metro Court patio, Chase tells Brook Lynn that he has been thinking. So has she and she wants to go somewhere else to “talk” about it.

Linc pops up and announces that he and Brook Lynn have unfinished business. She tells him he’s gross and needs to go. Linc is surprised to learn that Chase is a cop.

He compliments him on his voice and then reminds her that he owns the song he sang. She insists he doesn’t own any of her music but he claims their contract says otherwise.

He’s been shopping her old songs around and is close to making some deals. If she re-signs with him, she can find out who with. She refuses to discuss this.


Linc says he should have recognized her potential before and asks her to his room to explore her talents. She punches him in the face. “I like it rough, but only to a point,” he says, telling her to call him when she cools off.

After he takes off, Chase says she should have let him punch Linc. She reminds him he is almost off suspension and there’s no way she’ll let him blow that.

Brook Lynn realizes Linc might still own her music and it’s her fault. He blames Linc for it and is glad she cut ties with him. Taking her hand, he offers to help her.

She requests an ice pack. When he stares into her eyes, she looks away and says she needs he call her lawyer before running off.


Curtis stops by Portia’s office at General Hospital. She throws her arms around him, sobbing. She explains that the school report on Trina was bad. Taking her hand, he says the fight isn’t over.

He needs to talk to her. He announces he was going to leave to search for his father but not if she is dealing with all this. She wonders what’s made him want to find Marshall.

He explains that his father isn’t the only one who has been lying to him. She’s surprised to learn that Stella and his mom were in on the deception all along.

curtis tells portia about lies GH

Curtis never thought Stella would lie to him but she’s sure she was just trying to protect him and then it was too late. Portia tells him things aren’t too late for him and his father.

He wonders if Marshall will open up more now that he knows more. She encourages him to find his father and then come back home.

Jordan interrupts and asks Curtis if he’s spoken to TJ since he went to Brooklyn.

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TJ and Molly are in Brooklyn waiting to meet Mr. Purdy from a music repair shop. TJ hopes he actually shows up and gives them information about Marshall.

Mr. Purdy arrives and checks that dinner in on TJ before sitting down. He repeats that he can’t remember anything TJ asked about on the phone.

TJ shows him the clarinet. Purdy remembers fixing it but doesn’t know the guy who brought it in. He claims that the guy had no family. TJ begs him for help.


When TJ shows him the note Marshall left for him, Purdy admits he knows him. He offers to ask around about him, but whether or not Marshall wants to get in touch is up to him.

When the couple are alone, Curtis calls and offers to come to Brooklyn. TJ wonders what made him change his mind. Curtis thinks it’s worth it to keep him from walking out of their lives again.

After he gets off the phone, Molly tells TJ there is something poetic about him and his uncle bringing their family back together. They make plans for the night. Marshall strolls in.

Back at General Hospital, Jordan turns away as Curtis kisses Portia. He asks her to tell Trina to keep her head high and takes off.

Jordan notes that Curtis is very protective of Portia and Trina. It looks like he is finally getting the family he wanted.


At The Grill, Gladys confronts Sasha about the pills she got from the paparazzo. Sasha plays dumb but it doesn’t work. Gladys knows she’s back on drugs.

Sasha tries to hush her up and reminds her they should be doing this in public. Gladys says her health is more important than the company. If she won’t talk to her, she will go straight to Brando.

Gladys takes Sasha back to the office. Sasha denies that she made a deal for drugs with the paparazzo and makes excuses. None of this is convincing her. Gladys saw all the photos on the memory card.

“Were you high when you hit Harmony?” she asks. Sasha insists she wasn’t, but admits that she did need some “help” after her son’s death. The stress from the IPO launch only made it worse.

Sasha couldn’t handle being alone with her thoughts and needed to push through the pain. Gladys understands. Sasha repeats she was sober when she was driving and swears it on her son.


Gladys believes it and hugs her. However, Brando needs to know what’s been happening. Her daughter-in-law insists she is all done with drugs and this is over. Telling Brando would be pointless.

Having dealt with addicts in the past, Gladys finds that hard to believe. She reminds Sasha that Brando also has a history of addiction. Sasha says she would never hurt him and doesn’t want to burden him.

Gladys is sure it would not be a burden but Sasha worries about how responsible he would feel. He still needs to heal and he won’t if he’s worrying about her relapsing. She’s realized how much she has to lose and can’t let him down.

Sash offers to do whatever is necessary to prove that she is serious about this.


In the garage, Brando admires the car Sonny brought in. He asks what’s up. They chat about Brando’s love of cars and how Mike taught him about engines.

Sonny would loved to have worked on cars with his dad. Sometimes fathers and sons don’t connect. He tells him about Leo’s performance and his recent run-ins with Michael.

Brando asks if things are still rough between them. They work on the car and Sonny assures him that one day he’ll be able to have this kind of experience with his children.


Sonny admits that Michael is more than angry with him. He’s actually trying to take him down. Brando suggests he will come around. He hopes he does, for his own sake and thanks Sonny for everything that he’s done for him.

They chat about Sasha. Brando is just trying to be there for her and thanks him for his confidence boost. Sasha and Gladys drive up. They announce that Gladys is moving in with them.