GH Recap: Jason Tells Anna He Was an Informant on Pikeman Assigned to Eliminate Sonny & Ava and Sonny Get Close

Tues Mar 26, 2024:  Anna is stunned, Carly is determined to get to Jason, Ava comforts Sonny, Curtis is suspicious, and Gregory’s symptoms become more pronounced.

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Laura watches Curtis trying to stand from his wheelchair.

She’s impressed. She tells him she’s worried about Heather’s surgery.

laura proud of curtis GH recaps

She’s not minimalizing the terrible things she did but feels for her.

She thought she’d check in on Curtis, who says he’s determined to walk as soon as he can. 

He says he just heard about Jason and he’s not sure how he feels about this.

Laura can’t believe Jason would target Sonny. Curtis says maybe that’s not what happened.

They were close. That means maybe Curtis was the target. They ponder that. 

curtis wonders if he was the target

If Jason tried to take out Sonny, he’s the one who put him in the wheelchair. 

By the nurses’ hub, Chase worries about Dante since his condition hasn’t changed. 

Brook Lynn reminds Chase Dante’s not a quitter. They discuss Sam being at his side around the clock.

She doesn’t know yet that Jason turned himself in or about “the damage he’s done,” according to Chase.

They rush to Gregory and Finn’s side when the men come up from the elevator.

He’s having a difficult time breathing and just came from seeing his doctor.

chase worries about gregory's ALS Gh recaps

When Chase tries to help him to walk, he barks that he’s fine and doesn’t need his sons to hold him up.

In fact, he wants them to back off!

They’re just worried about him. He knows, thanks them but says he’s no invalid.

He won’t be treated as such.

He thinks they should take Rocco to a movie to help take his mind off of all this.

finn worries

Chase likes that idea. Gregory goes to call a car to take him home. Alone.

Once he’s gone, Finn says they may want to consider moving up their wedding date.

Chase says that’d be really hard.

gregory wants to be alone

Finn knows but despite what Dad says, he’s not okay. BLQ agrees with Finn.

They should move up the date.

She doesn’t care about the catering or any of that.

Just that they get to spend the rest of their lives together.

Chase is happy to hear. She suggests they downsize the wedding. She’ll get a new dress.

They kiss and he calls himself the luckiest guy in the world. 

chase kisses blq

Michael drops by Sonny’s penthouse to see how he’s taken the news about Jason.

Ava and Sonny learn Jason turned himself in.

They need to help him. Sonny thinks Diane will do what he can and asks Michael to leave.

Michael won’t go and Ava warns him but he doesn’t listen and keeps at Sonny.

sonny blows up

Sonny blows up about being betrayed and blames Jason for his son being hospitalized.

Michael can’t believe his father would think Jason would try to hurt Dante.

ava thinks jason made an error

Ava thinks it could have been a mistake in the confusion.

It explains why he stayed to give Dante first aid.

Sonny agrees anything is possible. “Forgiveness?” Michael asks. Sonny tells his son he was an altar boy.

Michael didn’t know. The Father said forgiveness belonged to God and anyone else should put up or shut up.

Michael agrees. Sonny gets his message and asks him to leave.

michael asks to be forgiven

Once he’s gone, Sonny wonders how Jason could go two years without telling him he was alive. No matter what, Jason’s not the man he knew.

Ava thinks he stopped being that man the moment Sonny found him with Carly when he returned from Nixon Falls.

She doesn’t think Sonny can depend on him anymore.

ava touches sonny's face

She touches his face and tells him there’s someone else he can depend on.

They move in closer and gaze into each other’s eyes until Sonny says it’s getting late.

She goes off to bed alone. 

ava touches sonny chin


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At Bobbie’s, John tells Carly he’s sorry for assuming she was hiding Jason in her home.  

She’s surprised when she learns Jason’s in custody. She needs to see him.

She sings his praises while Jagger says the name Jason Morgan means nothing to him.

Jason Quartermaine is another story. He knew him in high school. They competed over the same girl.

Carly couldn’t care less. At least Jason didn’t grow up to be a liar. John may not have been transparent but she knew he was FBI.

john hot for carly

“Don’t go crying foul now,” he says. She isn’t and saves her tears for people who matter.

He’s not one of them. Does the FBI know about his past with Sonny?

She thinks he has no integrity and gives him the boot. He smiles and breathes out a surprised breath as she stomps off. 

carly surprised jason in custody

At PCPD, Anna goes to Jason to tell him she has questions.

He’s not legally bound to answer them but she does want to know if he shot Dante.anna visits jason jail general hospital recaps soapsspoilers

He didn’t. She thanks him, grateful.

She believes him but it won’t do him much good.

She asks why he was with the sniper but he refuses to talk without his lawyer.

She asks then why he met with Cates alone for an hour.

She doubts they were talking about high school. He’s confused.jason tells anna he didn't shoot dante GH recaps soapsspoilers

She says they were in love with the same girl.

Jason can’t remember anything from high school.

Anna tells Jason that John used to go by the name Jagger.

anna believes in jason GH

Jason’s confused. He’s heard the name but didn’t know it was the same guy.

He smashes the table with his fists and stands up, telling Anna he’s been working for John Cates since November 2021. 

Anna reminds Jason he can trust her so he tells her about the tunnel collapse and Britt.

Anna’s face falls and he asks what’s wrong.

She chokes up while telling him that Britt was murdered in 2022.

She’s sorry. Jason tears up and blinks away tears as he asks who killed her.

anna tells jason about high school

Anna says the person is in custody.

Jason remembers Britt’s great smile.

Anna’s glad he has a memory of her.

She didn’t know her that well.

Jason goes on to say that two FBI agents stopped him and placed him under arrest at the end of the tunnel.

He met at Quantico in a room with no windows. John Cates played a recording of proof of Rico violations and criminal conspiracy and offered him a deal.

anna sorry britt died GH

FBI wouldn’t charge if he acted as an informant on Pikeman.

As he tells her about this, she says she knows. He had to sign in as a mercenary soldier.

He was at the warehouse, as a part of the team sent to eliminate Sonny.

Anna’s pissed since Cates knew the whole time they were at the warehouse.

She asks where the sniper is. Jason says the sniper passed away. Pikeman’s people are thorough which is why Anna didn’t find him.

Anna asks why he didn’t stay with Dante until first responders arrived.

jason and anna talk britta

Carly arrives at PCPD to see Jason but the cop tells her he’s in with Anna. Carly watches from the two-way mirror.

Jason says he’d have been arrested if he stuck around. Cates wouldn’t have wanted that. He needed a place to heal and hide.

He thought he could go back to the FBI.

If Dante dies, he’ll get charged with capital murder and will be of no use to the FBI if he’s in prison for the rest of his life. Anna thinks by saving Dante, he saved himself.

carly to see jason


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