GH Recap: Jason is Granted Bail as Dante Starts to Wake Up

Thurs Mar 28, 2024: Kristina and Joss argue about Jason’s guilt, Sam is reluctant to let Dante be transferred, and Sonny and Ava talk about parenthood.

Wednesday’s GH recap: Anna offered Dex a job at PCPD, and Sam lashes out at Jason before telling Danny he never has to see his dad again.

At the court house, Joss and Kristina discuss Dante. When Joss says this hearing is a waste of time and they should be going after who actually shot Dante, Kristina says they have.

joss tells kristina sonny wrong about everything

Joss says Jason would never shoot Dante and Kristina says the evidence suggests he did.

Joss is shocked to hear that Molly is prosecuting this. Isn’t that a conflict of interest?

kristina lectured by joss

Liz arrives as Joss tells Kristina to wake up because her father is wrong about everything.

After Joss flounces off, Kristina apologizes to Liz. The nurse knows everyone is upset. Kristina says people will have to choose sides.

Michael finds his mom waiting in the hall and worrying about Jason. He assures her Diane will get him out on bail.

carly asks what michael did

Diane pops up and tries to reassure them, claiming this is just another job.

Olivia and Drew arrive. They say Dante is still stable.

Drew keeps the peace between the women. Olivia tells Carly to open her eyes as she’s led off.

drew and olivia bump into carly

Carly is sure things will change when everyone hears Jason’s side.

Michael has something to tell his mom but can’t do that now.

michael and carly at arraignment

Joss shows up and then Nina.

Sonny’s former wives bicker and then Nina thanks her for getting her job back at Crimson.

nina thanking

Carly doesn’t care about that magazine right now.

In the court room, Molly and her mom talk about being nervous for the case.

alexis checks on molly

Olivia asks Drew what’s going on with Carly. He explains that they broke up when he realized she would always put Jason first.

The court convenes and Jason is brought in. Carly smiles at him. Danny arrives.

jason in court

Molly announces the attempted murder and conspiracy charges. Jason enters a plea of not guilty.

The ADA asks for bail to be denied and Diane denies he is a flight risk.

jason and diane at arraignment

Molly points out the brutality of the crimes and the evidence places him on the scene.

Diane says the PCPD has a long history of bias against her client. The judge is aware of all that and sets bail at 5 million.

judge allows bail

Danny walks out with Liz following him.

Jason turns to Carly, takes her hand and hugs her. Nina and Drew stare at them.

carly hugging jason in court

Kristina tells her sister she was a pro.

Drew calls Alexis over and informs her that Nina is back at Crimson. Technically, she is still her publisher but won’t have time to deal with her.

Once Alexis walks off, Olivia welcomes Drew to the club of people forced to work with Nina.

Alexis tells Molly that she presented the case well and the judge was clearly impressed.

Molly asks her mom if she was ever relieved to lose a motion. She admits she thinks Jason is innocent.

molly wouldn't put it like that

Molly tells her about her fight with her sister. Her mom tells her that it’s people like her who make the system work to the limited degree that it does. That perks Molly up, who hopes her mom gets her license back.

Out in the hall, Kristina catches Nina waiting for her dad. She hopes they can work it out.

kristina gives nina support

That nearly makes Nina cry. They both want Sonny happy.

They are surprised he’s not there. Kristina is sure he feels alone and this might be a time to reach out.

Nina is determined to prove to Sonny that they belong together.

nina thanks kristina

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Michael Joss and Diane arrive at the PCPD. She goes off to do paperwork while Joss and Micheal talk about how great Jason is.

diane michael joss at pcpd

She’s glad that Sonny didn’t show up and complains that he never deserved Jason’s loyalty.

Once the bail is paid, Jason is released and Diane reminds him to stay in town.

diane tells jason not to leave town

Jason tells Michael he can’t go home yet.

Sam sits at Dante’s bedside in General Hospital and reads until she starts losing her voice.

sam reading to dante at gh

Portia pops in and they step outside. Sam says the hospital wants to move Dante to Turning Woods. She wants that stopped.

sam and portia talk about dante

Portia has to look into this but thinks it might be best for him to be transferred somewhere he can get appropriate care.

sam asks portia for something at general hospital

Sam is interpreting this as meaning the doctors are giving up hope. Would she be okay with this happening to Curtis?
Portia leaves to get some answers and Sam returns to Dante.

She kisses his hand and tells him he’s going nowhere.

sam holds dante hand

Stella arrives and Sam realizes they’ve never really met. They introduce themselves and Sam wonders if she should apologize to Portia.

stella apologizes to sam

Stella apologizes to her for the hospital blindsiding her with their decision.

Sam never thought she’d see this hospital give up on a patient.

sam tells stella hospital gave up

Stella insists this is not giving up, it’s just recovery and that may take some time.

Turning Woods is where Mike went to pass away. Stella says he had a long fight there and she’s sure Dante is a fighter.

For him to keep that up, he needs a place that will give him strength. She’s sure it must be exhausting for her to be stuck in limbo.

Sam can hear what she’s saying but sending him to Turning Woods feels like admitting defeat.

She explains that Lulu is also in a care facility. If Rocco learns that Dante is in one too, he will assume he’s lost him.

sam doesn't want to give up

She won’t allow that.

They go back to Dante. Sam admits he’s not her normal type. She usually goes for the bad boy.

Weirdly, the good guy ended up being the most dangerous. She thinks he’s the best.

sam talks about dante danger

Sam thanks Stella, who repeats Dante will get the best care at Turning Woods. She’ll talk to Rocco and make him understand.

Sam will talk to Sonny and Olivia about it.

Sam naps by Dante’s side until he moves, knocking over her water. She leaps over, saying he’s coming back to her.

sam wakes up

At the penthouse, Ava tells exhausted Sonny that he is pushing himself too hard. She assumes he’s going to Jason’s arraignment.

ava assumes sonny going to arraignment

He’s not going. The last thing he wants to see is the man who put his son in a coma.

Ava suggests there could be another explanation. He says that even if he didn’t pull the trigger, he was involved with the people who were.

sonny exhausted

The Jerome knows there are a lot of questions. Sonny just cares about his son making it.

What hurts the most is knowing his choices have put him in the hospital.

She points out that he’s a cop and takes risks.

He knows that Dante has made compromises to maintain their bond. She can see how much they love each other.

sonny beats himself up about dante

Sonny says his son is a good man and has always given him a second chance. He’s better than he will ever be.

Ava tells him that a good father should never lose hope in his child. He needs to believe in his heart that they have plenty of time left.

Sonny admits that he’s glad she’s there to talk to him. Who would have guessed? Sometimes people aren’t who you think they are.

ava tells sonny he's a good father

She gives him the get well card that Avery made for Dante.

avery card for dante

Sonny chuckles and tells her a Dante story and tears up as he hopes Avery has more days with her big brother.

Furious Carly shows up, demanding to know why Sonny wasn’t at the arraignment.

carly shows up at sonny's

Sonny isn’t convinced Jason isn’t the reason his son might die. She says his son is only alive because of Jason.

Carly says he’s jumping to conclusions and insists he owes Jason the chance to explain.

He declares that he owes him nothing.

sonny says he owes jason nothing

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