GH Spoilers Sept 25 – 29: Harmony Appears to Willow and Spencer and Trina Finally Have Sex

Full list of spoilers Monday, September 25 to Friday, September 29, 2023.

What’s coming up on General Hospital?

Coming up on GH includes Jake making a confession, Gladys getting frantic, and Willow being rattled.

In the weekly spoiler video, Drew fights for his life as Sasha goes out for revenge.

Get your GH spoilers two weeks ahead! GH spoilers September 18 – 22.

Monday, September 25

Monday’s GH recap: Charlotte remembers a mysterious letter

Liz updates Carly.

Carly’s upset about Drew needing surgery to save his life.

Nina watches Carly get the bad news.

Portia apologizes to Anna.

Sonny races to the hospital.

Valentin unveils a surprise.

Valentin has bought Charlotte a house.

Charlotte recalls getting a package and letter.

Jake makes a confession about being with Charlotte.

jake distraught about drew

Tuesday, September 26

Tuesday’s GH recap: Gladys is duped

Sonny voices his regret.

Anna and Sonny experience guilt.

Carly confronts Ava.

Carly apologizes and Ava accepts.

Chase makes an arrest – Cody.

Gladys is frantic when Sam dupes her and tires to skip town.

Finn encourages Anna.

Charlotte flashes to Victor telling her Anna’s not to be trusted and he’s who gave her the tarot cards.

sasha and sam like dante as a guy for sam

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Wednesday, September 27

Wednesday’s GH recap: Sasha rips into Gladys

Eddie and Olivia share a charged moment.

Olivia feels she almost cheated on Ned with Eddie.

Sam and Dante fill in Chase.

Scotty turns up at PCPD for Cody.

Michael is anxious.

Kristina is insistent.

We get a new Molly

Trina and Spencer’s trip is almost delayed.

Sasha unleashes her anger.

kristina makes fun of michael

Thursday, September 28

Thursday’s GH recap: Sasha is readmitted to Ferncliff

Gladys calls the cops on Sasha.

Drew wakes up.

When Montague is released, Cody attacks him.

Cyrus takes a meeting with Mason.

Joss plays with the kids, Donna and Avery.

Ava and Joss find common ground.

Mac offers reassurance.

Cody loses his cool.

Sasha feels betrayed.

Trina is excited to be in NYC with Spencer. They go on a date.

mac doesn't think it was a kidnapping

Friday, September 29

Friday’s GH recap: Trina and Spencer have sex

Sonny and Nina have a heart-to-heart.

Nina and Sonny will elope.

Michael confers with Carly.

Willow is rattled.

Laura makes a realization.

Nikolas appears.

Ava receives an unwelcome visitor. Mason!

Finn and Liz get naughty in the shower.

finn in the shower

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