Sasha Rips Into Gladys and Gets a Confession, Olivia Nearly Kisses Eddie and Spencer and Trina’s Trip Hits a Snag

Wed Sept 27 GH recap: Spencer and Trina’s trip is almost delayed, Blaze and Kristina meet at the Savoy for Eddie’s gig, and Cody worries about how dangerous Gladys is.

Tuesday’s GH recap: Drew was out of surgery, Chase arrested Cody, Carly attacked Ava, and Sam deceived Gladys, causing her to try to skip town.

BLQ and Olivia arrive at The Savoy, amazed that Eddie’s world is taking real form.

Olivia still feels like Eddie finishing his song will finally bring him back to them. Even when he was recording it, she could feel him coming back.

blq asks olivia if that's a bad thing

But she worries that she could be getting her hopes up and this could be nothing.

olivia looking worried

BLQ says that even if he doesn’t come back, at least he’s gotten used to them.

Olivia worries he might not like them enough to stick around.

Spotting Blaze, BLQ rushes over to her and explains that Eddie is actually her father.

blq hugs blaze at savoy

Backstage, Eddie thanks Marshall for agreeing to let him play.

Marshall tells him Curtis had had the publicity machine in motion.

Lots of people are coming.

ned prepares to perform

Eddie has something to stay but Marshall has stepped away.

He returns and tells him he can’t wait to hear his new song.

marshall tells ned how excited he is

After he walks off, Eddie mumbles if only he knew.

He gives his band some instructions on the set list.

BLQ runs in, telling him how excited she is to finally see him perform after years of hearing about it from her mom.

blq and ned backstage

She nearly hugs him, but steps back, and hurries off.

Meanwhile, Olivia tells Blaze that everyone is on edge tonight about Eddie’s performance.

BLQ returns to tell them that Eddie is not nearly as nervous as they are.

olivia blaze blq talk ned

Once Olivia bustles off, Blaze marvels about the whole Eddie situation.

BLQ misses her dad but admits she’s starting to like Eddie.

TJ and Molly (now played by Kristen Vaganos) arrive and chat with Curtis.

molly tj curtis and portia talk surrogate

After they walk off to get drinks, Portia comes over and he tells her about packing the place.

When Molly and TJ return, they say they wanted to tell his mom the surrogacy news but didn’t get the chance.

They joke that if they want everyone to hear about it, they just have to tell Aunt Stella.

Marshall approaches his son and tells him that the place is crowded because everyone wants to see him.

Curtis isn’t so sure but it’s nice to be back in the mix.

curtis back in the mix

His dad thinks he should be happy he didn’t sell.

Curtis makes it clear he hasn’t decided on Selina’s offer yet.

Willow arrives with Michael and Kristina.

She’s happy that she’s out on the town again while he worries.

willow happy to be out

Kristina warns her brother that if he keeps fretting he could end up as “Type A as Molly.”

kristina makes fun of michael

Molly and TJ freeze when they spot Kristina coming over.

She awkwardly tells them that she’s happy about their surrogacy news and then immediately walks off.

kristina congratulations molly at tj

Backstage, Eddie tries to finish his lyrics.

As he sings, Olivia stands at the door to listen before entering.

olivia wished ned luck

She’s amazed that he’s not nervous at all. This is in his blood. It’s what he lives for.

She gives him a bandana from Leo with dinosaurs on it. Their hands touch and eyes lock.

When he gives her a hug, he senses something is wrong.

She quickly backs out, telling him she hopes he finishes his song and finds out who the siren in the sea is.

olivia hugging ned

At the penthouse, Spencer calls to confirm concierge service.

Esme pops up and tells him he can’t leave.

esme tells spencer he can't go

In the dorm, Joss tries to keep Trina calm as she packs for her trip with Spencer.

She tells her how excited she is to explore with him.

trina says it's spencer's fault she's late

He calls and informs her that they can’t go. Ace’s daycare called and there’s a chance he has chicken pox. He can’t leave.

Trina gets off the phone and tells Joss, making excuses.

Her friend tells her it’s okay to be pissed off and disappointed.

trina and joss pack for trip

Trina throws a stuffed animal and they hug.

joss hugs disappointed trina

Back at the penthouse, Esme gets another text from the daycare.

spencer is stopped by esme

Spencer rushes over to the dorm and informs Trina it was a false alarm. He’s booked them another flight and they can leave now.
She jumps into his arms.

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At the PCPD, Chase leaves Dante and Cody in the interrogation room.

When Sam arrives, he guesses something is up.

Bringing her into the interrogation room, he asks the three of them what they are up to.

dante and cody try avoiding chase

Chase realizes that they lured Gladys out of there. Dante says they have reason to believe she’s been embezzling from Sasha.

They explain to Chase that Cody isn’t as guilty as he seems.

The detective thanks him for figuring everything out. If there’s anything he can do to help, all he has to do is ask.

Cody says what happens next is up to Sasha.

cody says it's up to sasha

Dante steps out and calls for a background check on Montague. Scott shows up, eager to see his client Cody.

scott corners dante to ask after cody

If he denied Cody a call to him, that could be grounds for a heavy lawsuit.

dante and scott talk cody

Back in the interrogation room, Cody worries to Sam about how dangerous and manipulative Gladys is.

sam listens to cody's worries

Dante shows Scott in. As the lawyer rambles, the cop leads Sam out, saying he’d never wish Baldwin on his friend.

She tells him how worried she is about Gladys.

As Gladys hurriedly packs her overflowing suitcase, Sasha shows up and startles her. Gladys claims she’s glad to see her.

gladys caught by sasha

Sasha thinks she was expecting someone else. Gladys tells her how afraid she was for her.

Noticing the suitcase, Sasha asks if she was planning to go somewhere.

Gladys claims she was going to look into Cody having an accomplice.

“Cody didn’t have an accomplice. You did!” Sasha accuses.

sasha tears into gladys

Gladys tries to get her tea and makes excuses but Sasha is having none of it.

She yells that she’s been stealing from her and she knows everything that has happened to her is because she was afraid of losing her meal ticket.

gladys getting upset

That’s why she got Dr. Montague to help her and they made her life a nightmare, nearly driving her insane. The worst part of it is, she actually thought Gladys loved her. How could she betray her when she trusted her with her entire life?

She’s sure that Montague was planning to kill her by staging an OD. Gladys bursts out that she did all she could to try to stop him.

sasha confronts gladys about everything

She never intended for any of this to happen but she was on a losing streak and just needed the guardianship to last a bit longer.

Montague never told her what the pills would do…and she never asked. She’s so sorry.

Sasha tells her to prove it by confessing everything to the police and testifying against Montague.

gladys feels bad

Back at The Savoy, Chase joins BLQ and Blaze. The three of them chit chat.

olivia drags blq away

Olivia rushes over and drags BLQ away, telling her she made an idiot of herself.

She wanted to kiss Eddie. it’s like she almost cheated on her husband.

olivia panics to blq about ned

“With your husband?” BLQ asks. Olivia doesn’t know what she means anymore.

Michael and Willow are shocked when they spot Tracy arriving.

Kristina bumps into Blaze and they chat. They are both third wheels tonight so decide to stick together.

Marshall goes up on stage and thanks everyone for coming.

He gives a shoutout to Curtis and everyone claps.

marshall announces ned

After doing some scat, he introduces Eddie.

Everyone claps and howls and Eddie and his band take the stage.

ned performs

After Eddie has sung, Michael walks over to Tracy and admires her spirit in showing up to support Eddie.

She orders him to get her another drink.

tracy asks michael for drink

Eddie dedicates his next song to Olivia, saying what a great friend she’s been. Claiming his new song is not ready, he sings an old song from the Eddie Maine catalog, about being all the man she’ll ever need.

olivia clapping for ned

Even Tracy seems to enjoy this performance and the room bursts into applause.

ned performing at the savoy

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