GH Spoilers Oct 30 – Nov 3: Molly and Kristina Are Over Their War

Full list of spoilers Monday, Oct 30 to Friday, Nov 3, 2023.

What’s coming up on General Hospital?

Maxie delivers big news, Lois encourages Eddie, and Ava gets an offer.

In the weekly spoiler video, Halloween could turn dangerous as Charlotte disappears and Anna goes after an intruder.

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Monday, Oct 30

Monday’s GH: TJ saves Mason

Austin drowns his sorrows.

Sonny has a warm reunion.

Laura and Ava catch up.

Ava learns Nikolas is alive.

Ava calls Austin with the news about Nikolas.

Liz and Finn get closer.

Olivia defends Eddie. 

Olivia’s put on the spot. Does she prefer Eddie over Ned?

Sonny and Lois catch up.

Liz and Finn have sex.

ava asks austin what he knew

Tuesday, Oct 31

Tuesday’s GH: Spencer warns Cyrus

Anna makes a move.

Laura seeks Sonny’s help.

Cyrus pays an unwanted visit.

Esme’s afraid of Cyrus.

Spencer protects Esme and the kid and tells Cyrus off.

Laura is told that she has company and rushes home.

Trina has a nightmare that Cyrus is kidnapping her and Spencer doesn’t save her. 

Valentin and Charlotte strike a deal.

Maxie lets Anna live at her old house.

adam asks if girls are okay

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Wednesday, Nov 1

GH recap: Eddie has a memory

Halloween kicks off in Port Charles.

Ava gets an offer.

Robert and Scott clash.

Carly issues a warning.

Lois encourages Eddie.

Lucy and Scott try to figure out what she should do about her stock.

Carly gets a visit from Cyrus who wants a job.

Avery dresses up as does Leo.

Charlotte sets the oven on fire.

Valentin takes Charlotte to see Kevin.

Lois likes listening to Eddie sing.

ava thanks carly

Thursday, Nov 2

Thursday’s GH recap: Charlotte makes a reveal

Felicia delivers a gift to Anna.

Trina commends Spencer.

Charlotte is on a mission.

Sonny reassures Michael.

Maxie delivers big news.

joss kicks adam out

Friday, Nov 3

Friday on GH! Anna shoots Charlotte

Drew is released. 

Willow opens up to Michael.

Laura and Kevin debrief.

Alexis senses a shift between Kristina and Molly.

Sam checks on Carly.

Valentin is alarmed.

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