Tracy Demands 75 Percent of Deception, Maxie and Lucy Realize BLQ Betrayed Them, and Sam Has Cody Committed

Wednesday, August 30 GH recap: Dante visits Sasha, Nina prods Gladys for more of an explanation, and Sonny warns Selina to back off from The Savoy.

Tuesday’s GH recap: Gladys came clean to Nina, Tracy walked into court for The Deceptor case, and Curtis moved home.

At the court house, Maxie and Lucy are confused when Tracy announces she’s there to make her claim on The Deceptor. Lucy assumes this is revenge for what happened between her and Alan.

tracy says this can all be resolved quickly

They bicker until the judge arrives and the case kicks off. Jackson explains they have extensive evidence to back his client’s claim that Tracy had the original idea for The Deceptor.

jackson makes his opening statement

The defense says the verifiable evidence has not been seen by her and this is a frivolous lawsuit that should be dismissed. The judge calls them up to show their evidence. BLQ grimaces at Tracy.

judge evaluates evidence

The judge decides there is enough evidence for a trial and schedules it for six months from now. Lucy flips out.

Maxie and BLQ try to be positive and Lucy and Elise talk about the fact that all sales on The Deceptor will have to be stopped. Coe is sure the company will go bankrupt if that happens.

Lucy asks Tracy what evidence she has and assumes this is all malicious harassment. Tracy says this is her own fault, but says the lawsuit can go away if she gives her seventy-five percent of Deception. Maxie BLQ’s jaws drop.

lucy asks tracy what she wants

Lucy is furious. Tracy claps and tells her that being left with twenty-five percent is better than nothing, which is what she’ll have if this goes to trial.

Tracy walks out with BLQ following. She watches her grandma chat with Jackson until the lawyer walks off. BLQ scowls at her and then plods off.

blq scowls at tracy and jackson

Back in the courtroom, Elise asks Maxie and Lucy how Tracy could have got her hands on proprietary information. Maxie assumes it was an inside job: BLQ. She reminds her that the Quartermaine downloaded all The Deceptor secrets.

maxie lucy sure blq stole secrets

Maxie is sure it was her but it doesn’t sound like something she would do. Lucy is sure that Tracy was holding something over her head.

In an elevator at General Hospital, Sam tells Cody that his loyalty to Sasha is admirable but his plan is crazy and could go sideways. He’s sure this is the only way.

sam and cody in an elevator

They go to see a doctor and Cody puts on an act. Sam says he’s been erratic and walking in traffic. It’s not just aggressive walking, he’s also been climbing out windows.

Cody says he doesn’t want to be on the planet anymore. The doctor asks to speak to Cody alone. Once she leaves, the doctor asks if he’s having suicidal thoughts. Bell paces and flounces around, laughing as he talks about how exciting it is to walk against don’t walk signs.

That made him feel high so he hadn’t to go further. That’s why he climbed out his window.

cody talks about the excitement of walking

The doctor says that if he is suicidal, he’s obligated to take certain actions. Why was Sam worried enough to schedule this appointment? Cody explains he used to be a stunt man and he specialized in skydiving.

cody tells doctor about skydiving

He used to wonder if he’d have the guts to jump and not pull his chute. Then he would never have to worry again. Cody weeps.

Out in the hallway, Sam spills her coffee on Dr. Montague when she bumps into him by accident. The coffee gets on his phone. When she sees it, she spots Gladys’ name.

sam and montague talk poker

They chat about cards. He tells her that he plays in a regular poker game and hands her his business card. If she wants to get in the game, she just needs to give him a call.

sam bumps into dr montague

After he walks off, a nurse tells her that the doctor is ready to discuss Cody.

After Sam has signed off on the paperwork, she has Cody committed. She whispers to him that if Sasha ends up getting hurt because of him, she will kill him.

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Dante stops by Ferncliff and requests to speak to Sasha. As he heads down the hall, he bumps into Sasha’s nurse. She informs him that someone has been smuggling illegal drugs in to Sasha.

dante stops by ferncliff to see sasha

The cop enters Sasha’s room and tries to wake her.

dante visits sasha at ferncliff

Later, the nurse checks on Sasha, who wakes up and begs her not to let Dr. Montague see her again. He’s the reason she’s in this state.

sasha begs nurse not to let montague near her

Selina stops by Sonny’s office and informs him that the poker game that has been running at The Savoy is dead unless he steps in to save it. She explains that Marshall banned the game and she’d like Sonny to have a word with him.

selina stops by sonny's office

Corinthos won’t say anything to Marshall and he doesn’t want her to either. If he hears that she’s interfering with The Savoy, he will be very unhappy.

She didn’t mean to offend him and adds the future of the club is in doubt with or without the poker game. He asks her again not to pressure Curtis and his family.

sonny says that's the end of the story

Selina claims that’s not her style. He knows her too well to believe that and tells her to be transparent about who she is doing business with.

selina says that's not her style

He assumes she’s smart enough to have a deal on the side. After he declares the conversation over, Dante arrives. On her way out, Selina tells Dante she hopes he finds out who shot Curtis.

Once he shuts the door, the detective asks his dad what they were discussing. Sonny won’t say and his son won’t probe. The cop tells him there is bad news about Sasha.

dante says the news isn't good

He explains that she’s totally out of it and someone has been smuggling drugs to her. Sonny knows that mental health issues can make you crash. It seems like someone had triggered her.

The cop asks him to let him dig into this on his own.

dante and sonny talk sasha

Gladys returns to the Crimson office and admits to Nina that she needs the fifty thousand dollars for Sasha’s doctor or he won’t let her be released from Ferncliff. Nina isn’t convinced and needs more information.

nina doesn't believe gladys

Gladys explains she plays poker with the doctor. She thought he was a friend but he’s turned on her and is holding Sasha hostage. When Nina suggests they go to the cops, Gladys says that would be a bad idea.

Nina is sure that something else has been going on that made Sasha crack. Gladys says that the doctor has been playing mind games with Sasha. When Corbin won’t explain, Nina orders her to get him on the phone. He doesn’t answer.

gladys asks nina not to go to cops

Nina wants to call Sonny but Gladys begs her not to, insisting they need to deal with this themselves. This is all too crazy for Nina. When she tries to walk out, Gladys grabs her.

nina has to make a choice

Nina demands that she tell her the doctor’s name. Gladys can’t tell her because she will tell Sonny and then the doctor will disappear. Then they will never know who he has been working with and they may never get Sasha out.

Gladys’ phone starts ringing. It’s Selina so she won’t answer. Selina leaves a message ordering her payment in full by the end of the day.

Gladys says the easiest way to deal with this is for her to pay off the doctor. Nina agrees but only if the money is for that alone. If Sasha is harmed in any way, she swears that Sonny will be all over it.

Gulping, Gladys promises to repay her.

gladys is desperate for help

Back at Ferncliff, the nurse tells Dr. Montague that Sasha has become delirious and accused him of drugging her. He immediately goes to Sasha’s room and threatens her.

montague threatens sasha

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