Spencer & Trina Come Clean with Each Other, and Nelle’s Spirit Visits Nina Before She Fights With Willow and Carly at Her Grave

General Hospital recap for Tuesday, September 6, 2022. In today’s GH episode, Stella returns and is asked to officiate at the wedding, Selina wonders what’s getting between Curtis and Sonny, and Jordan digs some more into Trina’s genes.

We also have Monday’s GH recap where Trina grabbed Spencer’s love letter and Sasha lost it in public when Lucy asked her to step away from Deception.

At The Savoy, Marshall gets between Sonny and Curtis, reminding him this is a celebration. He suggests he leave. Taggert and Portia have been watching this. He assures her that this drama isn’t going anywhere.

Nina breaks up the little confrontation and leads Sonny away. Curtis assures his father he can take care of Corinthos. Marshall repeats his warning about letting someone like Sonny into his life.

marshall asks leave GH

Curtis tries to be reassuring and tells him he and Sonny don’t have a business relationship. He spots Selina.

Selina approaches Sonny and asks him to have a drink, asking if someone has done something to make him feel unwelcome. He claims he just wanted to talk to Curtis about Chase singing there.

selina sonny party talk GH

She tells him not to hesitate if there’s anything she could do to strengthen their relationship. He asks how well her relationship with Curtis is going. She says he’s been very accommodating.

Sonny suggests she not push him too far.

Jordan and TJ get a table and discuss Stella’s genealogy test. They all thought her close relative was in Port Charles until she learned they were in London. He admits the whole thing never sat right with him.

tj jordan not sit right GH

Stella pops up and starts quizzing them, interrogating TJ about getting thin. He promises he’s been taking care of himself. Portia jogs over and welcomes Stella back.

stella returns GH

“What is this?” Stella asks as she spots her ring. Portia explains she and Curtis are engaged.

Curtis joins them and tells his aunt they were going to break the news tonight. She demands an apology from her nephew and then gives Portia a hug.

They ask if she will officiate the wedding. She just has to fill out some paperwork and drop it in the mail. That makes her flashback to failing to mail the divorce papers.

stella questions portia GH

Stella says she would be honored. Marshall offers to handle the music. Stella reminds them they will have to provide proof of divorce. Curtis can’t remember ever having it confirmed.

He immediately marches over to Jordan. She doesn’t remember getting the papers confirming the divorce either.

Joss and Cam tease each other in the corner. She gets uncomfortable when he suggests she’s keeping secrets. He tells her that Spencer wrote a letter explaining everything to Trina. She’s almost proud of him.

cam joss secrets GH

On his way out, Spencer accidentally drops the letter he wrote for Trina. She grabs it off the floor and he demands she hand it back. He explains it’s his but she insists that they step away and read it.

spence sorry to trina letter gh

She wants to know why he is being so weird about it. He claims it’s not for her. It’s for the Trina who was his friend and she claims they aren’t anymore.

She says their relationship got toxic and wasn’t good for her. She felt like she was compromising herself. He understands and is sorry he made their friendship so confusing.

spencer opens up GH

Maybe if he’d been upfront, he could have saved them from all the destruction. Then maybe… He just wanted the chance to tell her how much he regrets messing up her life.

They both wish things could be different. “Spencer, I…” she starts, but Rory interrupts. Spencer takes off and she tells Rory she wants to enjoy her party with her date.

She goes to her dad and tells him that she just cleared the air with Spencer and told him they couldn’t be friends anymore.

Stella gives Trina a hug and congratulates her on being exonerated. Taggert decides to leave and gives his daughter a hug. After he takes off, Jordan brings up a case involving genealogy tests and asks if Trina has ever done one.

Curtis gets up on the stage and tells everyone about the first time he met Trina and how impressed he was by her resilience.

Cam is called up and performs a song dedicated to her.

Outside, Spencer burns the letter he wrote.

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Willow wakes up in bed, hearing a Wiley crying. She rushes down the stairs and finds Michael and Carly dead with Wiley and Nelle standing above them.

Willow demands she hand her son over but Nelle reminds her that he’s her son. Willow looks down and sees her hands are covered in blood so Nelle thanks her for getting rid of Michael and Carly.

kililng michael dream GH

Now she can disappear with her son and Willow will be left with nothing. She wakes up screaming before leaping out of bed.

Downstairs, Michael and Carly discuss how exhausted Willow has been. She runs down and throws her arms around him. Willow recaps the dream for them and tells them she’s cut back her hours to pace herself.

carly protective GH

They promise to make sure she has no stress during her pregnancy. She decides to go out for some air alone.

Once she’s gone, Michael admits he feels like there is something Willow is not telling him. She reminds him that Nelle died two years ago today.

Carly recalls it felt awful, then she was relieved until she got the blame for Nelle’s death. Michael tries calling Willow but it goes to voicemail. He worries she might be at Nelle’s grave and could run into Nina.

Carly flashes back to learning that Nina is Willow’s mother. He wants to go and check. Before he can, Wiley rushes in and asks him not to go. Carly offers to check on Willow.

Nina arrives at Nelle’s grave and puts flowers down to mark the two years since she lost her.

A vision of Nelle appears to her. She thanks her for ruining Carly and Sonny’s marriage.

nina willow grave GH

Tearing up, Nina says she never meant for things to go as far as they did. That doesn’t matter to Nelle. She dismisses any idea that what’s happened has hurt Wiley.

Sobbing, Nina tells her that her life would have been different if she’d had the chance to be her mom. They hug and Nelle tells her she could have followed in her footsteps. Together they really could have made Michael and Carly suffer.

crazy nelle anniversary GH

If they’d known who they were to each other, it could have been beautiful and they could have punished them all. That’s not what Nina wanted. Everything she did was because she was in pain. Just because they suffered doesn’t absolve them.

Nelle insists that it’s the perfect get out of jail free card. They are the same. Nina had every chance to be the mother she wanted to be and pushed her away. “I didn’t know!” Nina cries.

After she rubs her eyes, she sees Willow in front of her. Willow can understand why she feels sad over what could have been. That’s just human.

Nina accuses her of trying to erase Nelle from Wiley life. Willow reminds her she did terrible things. If she’d had her way, no one would have known who his father is.

willow finds nina sobbing GH

Carly arrives as Nina tells Willow to get off her high horse and stop refusing to acknowledge anyone’s pain but her own.

Carly storms over and declares that Nelle was a kidnapper and murderer. The only reason they are safe is because she’s dead.

After Carly sends Willow home, and then accuses Nina of being just like Nelle and refusing to take responsibility for her actions. She lists the crimes that Nelle committed and how she exploited her feelings.

Left alone, Nina sobs that it didn’t have to be this way.