Brooke’s Surprised When Ridge Offers to Move in With Eric To Watch Over Thomas and Douglas, While Deacon Catches Sheila Stalking Finn

In the Tuesday, September 6, 2022, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful,  

We also have Monday’s B&B recap where Deacon called Sheila delusional, Steffy tried to get her husband to dish on his feelings for Sheila, and Brooke and Liam hoped that Hope hasn’t changed her mind about Thomas.

At the cliff house, Steffy and Finn kiss as Sheila moves away from the window where she’s been stalking him.

She’ll never take this for granted. Steffy doesn’t think Sheila can take this from them.

finn steffy while shela outside Bold

They move away from the window and she hides. Sheila tells herself that she’s still there and loves Finn so much.

Once Finn is alone, Sheila moves to open the door and someone grabs her. It’s Deacon.

He snipes that she’s got some nutso fantasy. She can’t see Finn. He thinks she’s dead.

Everyone thinks she’s giving a bear indigestion.

She can see he’s worried about her. “Get out of here,” he says. “Go.”

deacon manhandles sheila bold beautiful

She does and Steffy turns up. She asks why he’s there. “Um,” he says.

He saw Finn at Il Giardino and just wanted to come around and see how they were.

She says they’re fine and is glad they don’t need to worry about Sheila.

deacon lies steffy bold beautiful

She asks him to come inside but he said what he wanted to say and takes off.

She heads in and tells Finn that Deacon was there. They both agree it was weird. She talks about the nightmares she has and he tries to comfort her.

They embrace.

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B&B opinion: Whitewashing Thomas’ abuse

B&B comings and goings

At Brooke and Ridge’s place, they discuss Taylor being at Eric’s place. She makes a face.

“Oh please,” he says. He hopes to find common ground where Douglas is concerned.

Ridge calls Thomas a good guy with a big heart.

Ridge hopes she can embrace it the way Hope has.

Brooke reminds Ridge that Hope’s Douglas’ mother and Ridge argues that nobody wants to take that away. She’s been a great mother. He tells her that Thomas and Hope will work this out together.

Brooke gets crusty and wishes she felt differently.

She wishes she could trust Thomas the way he does. She apologizes.

Ridge hopes he can prove himself. Eric, he, and Taylor are helping him ensure he’s okay. If he had done it earlier, maybe he wouldn’t have made those stupid mistakes.

Brooke doesn’t think Ridge is responsible for those mistakes.

They argue about whether or not Thomas should be with his kid. Ridge offers to move over there and keep an eye on Thomas and Douglas until Brooke sees what he sees.

“So you would move over there away from me and leave our home?” She asks. He says it won’t be for long.

She doesn’t want him to. Hope should be monitoring Douglas. Brooke just got him back and doesn’t want him to go away, especially her own concerns. He takes her concerns very seriously.

She loves him for that but they need time to reconnect.

ridge says hope doing great job Bold beautful

The longer they’re apart means there’s more distance between them. He calls it “just an idea.” She reminds him of what happened with Deacon and Sheila and that they didn’t face it together. They need to face things together. She reminds him of the kiss in Monaco. They need to take their relationship more seriously and love and respect one another. She asks if he wants that. He smiles and kisses her.

ridge kisses brooke home bold and the beautiful

In the cabin, Thomas reminds Hope he is there to get the back-to-school stuff for Douglas.

Hope’s baffled. He reminds her he texted about it. She didn’t get his notification.

He admits he wanted to see her. Since he’s alone, he also wants to talk about “us.”

She asks for clarification and he says he wants to talk about their roles as Douglas’ parents.

thomas wants best for dougulas bold

She laughs. “Right, right.” He asks what she thinks he meant. He asks if they’re on the same team. She’s not so sure. He knows she’s worried about Douglas and where he’ll live. She calls it a huge change and reminds him that Douglas has already had a few upheavals. She believes he needs stability.

Thomas thinks he can give the same thing. He only wants Douglas’ well-being.

She thinks he wants to take the boy away but he wants to be there for him in the morning and at night. She knows he can be a good dad. He’s grateful.

She asks them to slow down and thinks he’ll come to realize that Douglas’ place is still there. He looks upward.

She wants Douglas to stay with her until they work it out. Thomas says she means so much to him and he’s confident that they can make this work.

hope knows thomas can be good dad bold

Deacon returns home and asks if he has to lock Sheila inside. She asks if he’s into prisoner warden games. He’s angry.

She just wanted to see his son. He reminds her she doesn’t get to have a relationship with Finn unless she wants to do it behind bars.

Since there’s no beer, he says he’s off to get one. “Stay,” he tells her.

deacon yells sheila staay bold

She says it’s not going to happen and laughs to herself. She fantasizes that Finn’s home and she greets him.

He’s overcome that she’s alive and races into her arms where she vows she’ll always be there for him. At home, Sheila smiles happily at her fantasy.

finn embrace sheila fantasy Bold beautiful